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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Applying Common Sense to NWO Conspiracy Theories

Much of all this info regarding conspiracies is ambiguous. One can only speculate regarding the agenda behind conspiracies because it's all a secret of course. However, let's try to apply some common sense here.

All this conspiracy stuff is too black and white, almost like a religion. The elite can't be all "evil forces of darkness" vs. us the "innocent good guys". That is too black and white, with an "us vs. them" mentality, and more like what religions preach. In reality, the world is very complex and is not that black and white. There must be some good people among the elite. They can't all be "the bad guys" like characters in some movie, can they? People in real life are not all good or all bad (like in the movies); they are a mixture of the two.

It's also hard to believe that so many people could be in on something and agree to it. In reality, it's very hard to get a lot of people to all agree without dissent to being in on the same agenda, especially people in power and high places since these types are used to getting their way, not being told what to do. The elite have very big egos, so imagine how much harder it would be to get them to all agree on some secret agenda.

Humans tend to fight and disagree, especially since they are governed by an innate moral conscience which is both in their DNA and in the "morphic resonance" energy field (coined by Rupert Sheldrake) that all living things share. It's too far fetched to believe that these "shadow elite" are all some collective hive mind that is plotting sinister things against the world, as though they were all "minions of the dark side of the Force".

Nevertheless, conspiracies do exist in that powerful people do get together and make plans in secrecy. No one disputes that. The only question is: What kind of plans, secrets and conspiracies are they? Are we talking about mundane secrets - such as "under the table" deals and alliances, "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" type of arrangements, and covert operations involving power and profits? Or are we talking about a secret Illuminati plan of world domination and microchipping the population under a New World Order global government? Is there a fantastic conspiracy involving UFO's, Aliens and secret technology? Or just politicians with mundane dirty secrets involving money laundering scams, under the table deals, arms deals, sex scandals, and other mundane types of unethical behaviors?

Even Zbigniew Brzezinski, one of the elite's long-time geostrategists, has admitted on public TV in an interview with Charlie Rose that "dirty secrets" and "under the table deals" exist among the elite, but denies that there is any "Illuminati NWO plot" to take over the world and instate a one world government. If there is a NWO plot though, then is every country in on it? Or just the US and UK elite and the Zionists behind them? It's too far fetched to believe that the governments of all 200 countries of the world would all agree to be in on something.
All we know for sure are:

- The media and government often lie and fabricate things.

- There is definitely a shadow government that works outside of the democratic process and public scrutiny, to implement big changes that the elite think tanks want that would take too long if the public were involved. The Iran Contra Scandal revealed that shadow governments do exist. This shadow government is involved in a lot of sinister operations, but for what purpose, we don't know.

- The US military industrial complex and elite class, or whoever runs the USA (it's certainly not the common people), are definitely war mongerers who have a history and pattern of starting ridiculous unnecessary wars that don't make sense. (e.g. Vietnam, Iraq, etc.)They do not tell the public the truth about why they start them, but only give BS copout excuses that don't add up. So we can only speculate and guess on their true motives. All we know for sure is that they love getting involved with wars for some reason. Whatever their true reasons are, they are likely to be very disturbing.

- Too many important figures who would have changed the world for the better had they lived, have been murdered by too many lone nut cases (e.g. JFK, RFK, MLK, John Lennon). Had JFK and RFK lived, the Vietnam War would probably have never happened, millions of lives would have been saved, people would trust their government more, and the CIA/Federal Reserve/Military Industrial Complex (which Eisenhower warned about) may not have hijacked the USA as it has today. So two lone nuts changed the tide of world history for the worse? Yeah right.

Also, if Ralph Nader didn't cost Al Gore the election in 2000, the Iraq War and War on Terror may have never happened, since Al Gore is not a war monger type, and millions of live may have been saved. (assuming of course, that the election was real and that Gore really wanted to win) I wonder how Ralph Nader sleeps at night, knowing that he could have prevented the Iraq War mess had he not stolen votes from Gore. How can one stupid act from one stupid man change the course of the world like that and destroy millions of lives? It's just too convenient.

- The formation of the European Union and attempt to create a North American Union as well, are indicators of a NWO plan, since the formation of these unions would be a logical step they would take in order to consolidate power into an eventual one world government.

However, the key unanswered questions are:

- What is the true agenda of the elite? Are they really seeking to establish a NWO and one world government and have the population microchipped? Or do they just enjoy mind-fucking everyone and reveling in the chaos they create and set up, which they derive a form of "dark ecstasy" from? (a theory proposed by conspiracy researcher and podcast host Jeff Grupp)

- What do they want? Is it just about power, control and profit? Don't they have enough of that? What more do they need? Do they have a more sinister and hidden motive?

- Are the elite of all countries involved in the NWO? Or is it just the US and UK?

- Could the whole NWO thing just be a diversion? Why else would they allow millions of videos about it on YouTube and millions of websites/forums about it to stay up? Is it all part of their plan to incite us into a revolution? And why would they let conspiracy leaders such as David Icke and Alex Jones spread conspiracy knowledge to so many disgruntled people and expose the plans of the elite? Icke travels the world doing public seminars to spread his message, yet nothing ever happens to him. Isn't that odd? Are they shills? Or is what they do part of the elite's plans? Or do the elite view them as too small of a problem to bother with, especially since anything that happens to a conspiracy leader will be interpreted as a "silencing act" by the elite?

- Even if a NWO or one world government succeeded, how long would it last? History has shown that Empires don't last long without public support. Not even Alexander the Great or Napoleon could hold an Empire together long term. Empires are easily toppled by a combination of many market forces. No elite group can stop that. The elite must know this. Any NWO would be short lived. So I gotta wonder what their real agenda is.

All of this is inconclusive and ambiguous. It's hard to say if there is a NWO plot or not, and if there is, what the plot is really about. The motives don't seem to make any sense.

Any thoughts or comments?

PS - Here is an interesting article someone shared with me:

33 Conspiracy theories that turned out to be true


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