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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Aussie genius Jarrah White defeats NASA Reps in Moon Hoax Debate with his Moonfaker video series

Hi all,

The whole Moon Hoax Debate, which I thought had died off long ago, has been revived by this young genius from Australia named Jarrah White who has been kicking butt against NASA representatives such as Phil Plait of, Jay Windley, the Mythbusters program, and other "NASA Propagandists" as he calls them, in his "Moonfaker" video series on YouTube.

Jarrah White, who calls himself "The Grandson of the Apollo Moon Hoax Theory" (taking up the crusade of the late Bill Kaysing) is something you have to see to believe. He's the best Moon Hoax debater I've ever seen. His arguments and reasoning are thorough and scholarly. Everything he says is sourced and documented. He has documents on everything, even stuff from way back into the 60's. And he even performs scientific experiments, when he can, to back up and illustrate his arguments, showing and explaining each step to the viewer. Thus, he doesn't just make arguments, he SHOWS you the scientific facts and results through experiments right in front of you.

In his videos, he has unmasked critical errors and omissions of Phil Plait, the Mythbusters, and others. They are absolutely brilliant. I've never seen a young guy who is so thorough and logical against the establishment. His videos are all very professionally produced and his presentation is very professional as well. They are something you have to see to believe.

Here is his YouTube Channel where you can find his "Moonfaker" video series. He has hundreds of videos on the Moon Hoax and a few other topics.

Here are some episodes of his Moonfaker series. In this 3 part segment, he shows an untouched flag waving on the moon, where there is no air. Then he cites the Lunar Journal's 6 speculative explanations for the moving flag and debunks them all, with simple experiments, precendents and deduction.

MoonFaker: The Flags are Alive

Here he shows you EXACTLY WHY the Lunar Module on the moon must have had a blast crater under it, contrary to NASA defenders' explanations to the contrary. All the math, science and documented experiments by NASA and other organizations is shown to you in full detail, in a five part video series.

MoonFaker - No Crater

In this one, he gets to the bottom of the debate about whether the "C" rock in a moon photo right next to the "C" on the ground, is an original or the same photo with the "C" airbrushed out is, and whether it is a piece of hair or a marker. By simple research and deduction, Jarrah White shows that the NASA defenders are wrong and supporting an obvious cover up.

MoonFaker - Rocks and Crocks

In this funny one, he explains how in theory the astronauts should have been able to jump 14 feet in the air, according to NASA's calculations, yet the Apollo astronauts usually only jumped 20 inches off the ground, and why NASA's defenders' explanations for this do not fit.

MoonFaker - One Giant Leap

Here's another thoroughly researched one. Here he takes some famous photographs with lighting oddities and performs tedious experiments to see if NASA defenders' explanations hold up. In it, he even exposes deceit and factual errors by the Mythbusters program.

MoonFaker - Reflect on this

In this series, he dissects the moon rocks arguments, laser reflector arguments, and ham radio arguments

Exhibit D

There's more at his channel, including many videos dissecting and scrutinizing the recent LRO aerial photos of the moon, which seem to be far less accurate than even Google Earth is.

LRO Series

His Flagging the Gems series are also a must see. They reveal damning info that you have never seen before:

In a recent one, he even boldly confronts NASA representative and Astronomer Phil Plait himself at the annual "Amazing Meeting" (for pseudoskeptics) in Las Vegas and tries to question him on camera. In response, Plait ran away in fear. Logic would tell you that if Plait really believed the truth was on his side, he would have stood up to White and tried to refute him point by point if he really thought that White was wrong. The fact that Plait reacted with fear and retreated is very telling and indicative of someone with something to hide who does not live "in the light". Later, in front of a whole audience crowd of pseudoskeptics, White stood up and asked some critical unanswered questions that NASA had avoided for many years, which took a lot of guts and got him in the news. You gotta admire him for that, as very few people would stand up to a large crowd for the truth like that. Check it out here:

The only folks who won't like such videos are establishment defenders who mistakenly believe that "authority = truth" and worship "status quo and orthodoxy" as their Lord and God, and believe that one should never question authority.

Remember folks, a true skeptic is willing to challenge authority and orthodoxy, and apply his critical thinking and skepticism in that direction. Those who absolutely cannot are not skeptics, they are establishment defenders. Randi, Shermer, CSICOP, the folks, the Mythbusters, Penn and Teller, and the skeptics on my SCEPCOP forum are establishment defenders, not true skeptics.

These establishment defenders were taught in high school that "authority = truth" and therefore is never to be questioned, and that doing and believing what you're told leads to reward, while the opposite leads to punishment. They are unable to free themselves of their programming and conditioning, so in that sense, they are not "freethinkers".


  1. Jarrah is nothing but a snake oil salesman and you have been sold Wu!

    And why do you call him a "genius"....he is anything but a genius.....more like an idiot who seriously thinks that The Challenger Shuttle was allow to blow up......just to silence Christa McAuliffe!!!

    Now if you buy into that silly claim then you will fall for anything Wu.


  2. And the only counter-arguments are again ad hominem. The videos, photos, transcrpts etc. are clearly faked, edited, pre-recorded material. The moon rocks were meteorites from Antarctica and/or manufactured. Telemetry data are conveniently lost. Reflectors aren't even necessary for bouncing laser beams off the moon (yes, it was done prior to Apollo). The technicians didn't even bother to photoshop in all activity at the landing sites in the LRO-images (only did it for the the small official cropped image). The sun is a spotlight (just analyze the intensity gradient/spectrum within the "sun" in the Hasselblad photos). Same backdrop in multiple far apart scenes. A third! astronaut photographing the golf swing (Hasselblad). The list goes on...

  3. It didn't look to me like Plait "ran away in fear" - it was more like a man refusing to participate in JW's pitiful attempt at ambush journalism with his "spy pen" (which Plait spotted right away, BTW).

    There was no reason to expect Plait to stand in a crowded hall and "debate" someone who is known for misquotes, pseudoscience, and generally making things up out of thin air.

  4. plait was afraid, I have written him and he refuses to debate jarrah on oracle radio, same with windley ... why fear a man you insist could be so easily defeated? it's like the adl wont discuss the work camps ... TRUTH DOES NOT FEAR INVESTIGATION

  5. Jarrah White is certainly no genius.

  6. I'd have to say, Jarrah is quite thorough and does expend a lot of energy, but there are problems with his science.

    His technique is sometimes effective at convincing non-scientists, but I've never met anyone with any real science or engineering experience who bought what he's selling.

    One of his biggest Moon Hoax (tm) tenets is that humans couldn't travel straight through the strongest parts of the Van Allen radiation belts.

    And that's his trick. It's a big old red herring, a strawman, because if you map the flight path based on the dates of the flights, and where the magnetic poles were, you see that the path doesn't go through the "strongest" parts of the belts at all! Not even close, and not even in any of the belts for very long.

    These belts are formed mostly by trapped solar particles (protons and electrons) which are electrically active interacting with Earth's magnetic field. The thing is, these belts are donut shaped, actually, they're shaped like the glaze on a donut that has been rolled in glaze. Like the "ouside skin" of a donut, or the rubber part of a car-tire. The most intense radiation in the belts occupies quite a small 3D volume compared to the entire belts, nearest the magnetic equator, or a zone right in the center of the tire-tread.

    Jarrah seems to conveniently ignore the actual trajectories that the Apollo third-stage stack followed when it executed its trans-lunar-injection burn.

    The Apollo stack started off in orbit around the earth in an orbit identical to the moon's but lower in altitude. The moon's orbit orbit varies from the earth's equator by time, but can be as much as 25 degrees away from the Equator. The Van Allen belts are doughnut shaped and aligned with the Earth's magnetic poles. The zones of most intense radiation are near the magnetic equator, and THAT isn't precisely aligned with the rotational equator of the earth. So you have the number of degrees away from the real equator that the moon is, and just at the right time of day, you add the number of degrees the magnetic equator (which is a sort of wobbly ring, like a bent bicycle rim) is away from the real equator in the OTHER direction, and you have about 35-odd degrees, which is enough to just skim by the edge of the outer (stronger) belt during the short-ish time that the ship will be flying near it.

    So, at certain times, a trans-lunar-injection flightpath can be completely outside the zone of greatest radiation, in the magnetic centre of the outer belt.

    The lethalities of radiations are also a complex topic. There is a narrow band of Gamma radiation energy levels that is strongly lethal to people, because it couples into their DNA efficiently and distrupts it. But this takes time. You have to be exposed for a while.

    The Apollo astronauts would've encountered the maximum radiation of their trip (but by no means the maximum radiation present in the VA belts) for at most a few hours. And don't forget, they were sitting inside of a cocoon of air, plastic, and metal, and also wearing space suits. All of these things distrupt high energy protons, gamma rays, and high energy electrons. Sometimes they scatter into more dangerous particles upon hitting metal or plastic, and sometimes less, but the total energy of resulting particles is always lower than the original.

    The other factor here, by way of proof, would be that even if NASA thought the radiation might be bad for people, they KNEW the radiation would be bad for electronics. The last thing they needed would be for a critical transistor, say in the LEM Guidance Computer to get zapped by a stray energetic particle, and fail just at the wrong time. The mission would utterly fail. So, of course they, being scientists and engineers, would pay close attention to anything that would jeopardize the flight.

  7. I am an electronic engineer with a real education. Like many, for years I simply accepted the Apollo missions as fact, and anyone who doubted them an idiot. But that was only because I wasn't paying attention to the details. Starting only two years ago I've realized that there are too many unanswered questions. As George Bush, one of America's greatest liars (weapons of mass destruction) once said, "A country that refuses to answer questions has something to hide."

    NASA's approach has always been to refuse to answer questions, arguing that to do so would give too much credit to the question. This is the mark of the proverbial liar. The flight path of Apollo DID pass through a very strong segment of the Van Allen belts. Twenty-five degrees, or even forty-five degrees, from the equator would not be sufficient to bring the radiation down to safe levels.

    The wife with a cheating husband ignores the signs because of trust. But then one day she sees something that cannot be ignored and she suddenly realizes how the signs were always there but she was too naive and trusting to see them. Suddenly almost everything that her husband does or says points to his guilt. I think America's recent declaration of the Apollo sites as "no fly zones" is very suspect.

    The only thing that keeps the Apollo lie alive is the difficulty of confirmation. Jarrah White is brave individual to face the lie head on. He has had a great affect on me.

    1. I'm glad you said that refusing to answer questions is the mark of a proverbial liar. Because that's exactly how Jarrah White operates. Try posting a video on youtube detailing how his theories are flawed. You'll get hit with a DCMA taketown claim. White has no legal right to to do this, so why would he? He's afraid. He knows that he's in danger of being exposed as a fraud, so he tries to censor anyone who criticizes him. He's a hypocrite and a coward.

      And as for why NASA doesn't respond to people like White? Simply put, they already have. All the questions and accusations White has have already been answered. It'd be senseless to have the country's top scientists respond to every conspiracy theorist that pops up, when all of their "theories" have been thoroughly debunked. Their time would be better served working on actual science.

      So, in short, the guy you're praising is actually guilty of the very thing you're accusing the government of.

    2. "The flight path of Apollo DID pass through a very strong segment of the Van Allen belts."

      Please define "very strong" in such a way as to honour your claim of being educated. Being educated, it's up to you to figure out how to express that.

      "Twenty-five degrees, or even forty-five degrees, from the equator would not be sufficient to bring the radiation down to safe levels."

      This is a hand-waving argument. You don't indicate the actual angle of any of the flights, or the strength of radiation along the path, nor a curve-over-time of the exposure, and yet you claim the radiation level is not safe.

      By contrast, this fellow does. Any problems with his analysis?

  8. Don't really know where to start here. Since you think Jarrah White is a genius, you might want to list his scientific credentials. Oh yeah, he has none. He took some television production courses, so he can knock out an above-average YouTube video, but when confronted with the doctorate-level math and physics it took to get to the moon, he runs for the hills and blocks anyone from posting conflicting information on his channel. He sounds slick and knowledgeable, like any good con man, but just like the kids in special class, he's really so far behind, he thinks he's ahead.

  9. Jarrah White is an Astrophysicist.

  10. look them up for yourself since you're so clever instead of demanding others do the work for you. Oh can't. Probably because you're too busy whining to Mummy about how no one likes you....because you're a complete Pratt!

  11. Much of the "rebuttals" against Jarrah are ad hominem in nature. I am not at all surprised.


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