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Friday, July 9, 2010

French vs. American attitudes toward men, love, sex, flirting, etc.

Check out this author interview who lived in France for 10 years and married a French guy. She reveals some awesome comparisons between the French attitude toward men, love, sex, flirting, etc. and the American. Wow. I think I'd fit in with French culture very well, based on what she said. Check out the interview. It's very eye opening and easy to follow, with so many interesting comparisons.

It's interesting that she noted that flirting in France is ingrained in the culture and NEVER considered creepy or inappropriate. Even old ladies flirt with young guys there and it's normal. It's never taken in a bad way. And there are no sexual harassment suits there over it. Also, the feminists there do not hate men, unlike in the US. In fact, French girls never make fun of men or diss them. And she noted that there will NEVER be a battle of the sexes in France. It's a much more "love friendly" culture. Also, French women are very religious about not gaining any extra weight, so there are virtually no fat women in France.

Wow. I love such atttitudes. I think I would fit in well with that culture.

Check out also this intellectual French guy critiquing feminism in America. His points are spot on.

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