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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Will You Be a Robot or Bum? Is There a Third Alternative?


By Winston Wu (Founder of  

While at the hospital today I had some deep realizations. I think the collective mode of people in the hospital, who are in a "crisis state of consciousness" actually puts me in a higher level of awareness to see things at a higher level, thus these realizations. Here they are.

There are several types of people in this world:

1. Most are conformists who follow the crowd and believe what they are told. They are empty inside and find their identity in groups or organizations of some kind, whether it be cliques or professional groups. They do not think for themselves and have a blindspot toward taboo subjects.

2. Others are loners and have no friends, only acquaintances and casual contacts at work. They are often lonely, but genuine and authentic people, since they have not compromised their identities by joining a group.

3. Then there are the counter culture types who are anti-society, anti-capitalism, anti-materialism and anti-system/government. So they join a hippie group or "alternative group" and do drugs or smoke pot. These range from deviant screw ups to peaceful hippie types. But they still conform to their group and find their identity in them. They aren't always independent thinkers, but they are closer to it than the conventional conformist types are.

4. Then there are free independent thinkers (like me) who really don't fit anywhere and do not naturally conform to any group or establishment. We have friends, but they are usually scattered about in different places and times. And sometimes we break into cliques of like-minded people with similar interests or views, but when we do it's temporary in that we do NOT attach our identity to those groups, nor do we see them everyday or live with them. Instead, we "free-float" between cliques and friends according to our circumstances and location.

I was like that in high school too. I did not identify with or establish myself with any cliques or stereotypical types/categories of people. Instead, I free floated between people (when I could) and cliques, never really belonging to any of them. Thus my nature was evident at an early age.

In essence, we stand for the truth, rather than for any organization or country. In that sense, we do not really belong to this world, because this world is for followers and conformists. Yet we are still stuck physically in this world. So we either run off and live anonymous lives, or we create a purpose for ourselves, either by helping others, or trying to wake up the world to the truth of their condition to try to make a difference. Some do this by becoming lovey dovey peaceful hippies and New Agers who spread peace, love and positive energy everywhere, while others become militant revolutionaries and activists who believe they are fighting evil established forces in the world for the cause of liberating mankind from the shackles of illusion and oppression.

Of course, these are only general guidelines. Some people are a combination of the above, or float between the categories outlined above.

However, inherently the system is rigged so that those who conform to it become robots and slaves, while those who defy it face becoming bums or delinquents. Basically, if you conform to the system of servitude and slavery, you get rewarded with material benefits. If you don't, you get punished with deprivation of your material and essential needs. It's a form of "forced servitude", in which freedom is a total lie.

You have to understand that society is not there to give you truth or freedom, but to CONTROL you. Society is ironic in this regard, for on the one hand, it tells you that you are a free individual in a free society, while on the other, it tells you that you have to conform - and become a slave who lives to work. (Yet ironically, what's the point of working to make a living, if most of your living consists of working?)

It is very difficult not to be independent and free of the system, yet able to live a functional, fulfilling and meaningful life at the same time. To do so requires a higher level of consciousness and ability to think outside the box. It requires one to find a way to make a living on one's own terms, either through self-employment, as a freelancer, or some other way. Few can do that, but most can't and so are forced to submit to the slavery of the system.

It also takes a deep sense of higher purpose and calling to make a difference in some way, which fills one with such conviction that they are not afraid to go against the grain or defy conventional teachings.

I think most of us at Happier Abroad are of the last type I described. Plus we are not cliquish antisocial people either, which is why we are complaining about our society being that way. You see, antisocial people do not complain about other people being antisocial, just like a lion does not complain about other animals being lions. We don't complain about others who are like us. It's those who are very social and need to connect with others who complain about it.

Sadly, in a sense, our society has no use for types like us. We are expected to be busy working and consuming and not complain about social disconnectedness, lack of dating, or dysfunctionality in America. If we don't, then we are ostracized and not given any voice. Essentially the system ignores us, our problems and complaints as if they doesn't exist. That's the injustice we hate.

Anyway, we are all in this together, so let's try to work together somehow to bring awareness, freedom and help for the suffering.



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  1. If you want this 'conspiracy' stated in black and white, you'd do well to read THE MANIPULATED MAN by Esther Vilar (I still can't believe a woman wrote this)--KK

  2. It seems like "The manipulated man" is all most people will ever be. I think people can change in their life e.g. be a robot when your young & stupid, but then have a mid-life crisis & become a bum...but I guess most people will never raise their consciousness.

  3. This is a great peice of writing. I'm going to borrow from it! Gits Ferrari

  4. Do any of you ever feel anger deep down that the system FORCES you into becoming a slave in order to make money and live, while lying and telling you that you have freedom? There is no freedom. We all are supposed to commit to slavery/bondage and become robots who give our lives to corporations, just to eat and pay bills. If you don't conform to that, then you become a bum and punished with poverty.

    That is forced slavery and servitude. There's no way around it.

    Yet we are sold this with a package of lies about freedom and democracy.

    It's not true. We all know this deep down.

    Yet some accept it as the real world, while others refuse.

    You can get out of the system, but you either have to be a really good entrepreneur that can start your own successful business, or a freelancer who makes a little money here and there, or get really lucky at getting easy residual income somehow. A few can do that, but most can't.

    Most people have to choose between being robots and bums. That's how the system is set up. But of course, it's taboo to say the truth about it. You are supposed to conform to the hive mentality and believe what you are taught, for authority is truth, might makes right, and truth has no relevance or value to the system. It's all about conformity. If you conform, you get rewarded with material benefits. If not, you get deprived.

    It's all about conformity. Truth has no value to the system. That's the sad truth.

  5. Conformity is the product of social action. In social context, humans vary their attitudes and actions/inactions according to perceived (real or not) consequences and how it would affect others. i.e. rude behavior results in negative reaction, and therefore people refrain from rude behavior, making the assumption that the other person would not be receptive of it (which is not necessarily true, just as some are offended by a joke and others find it funny).

    The modern western society is the product of rationalization, where mass social action is based on teleological efficiency and not moral/religious, ethical, or emotional reasoning. This is actually ironic considering how we praise protestant work ethic as the basis of our productivity. In actuality, we've pretty much ditched religion and went with calculated efficiency. i.e. if there's enough customers who will come to your store on Sunday, then you open for business on Sunday, instead of going to church or say "Sunday is a day of rest". There are few exceptions, such as Chic-Fil-A, but they're very rare these days.

    In comparison, if you go to Muslim countries, when it's time for prayers, it's time for prayers. Religious morality over-rides efficiency and you work around the prayer schedule. Then they take naps between mid-day and afternoon prayers so they can stay awake for the evening prayers. If you go to a bank you might see opening hours of 9am to 12noon then 4:30pm to 6:30pm.

    If your social action is based on emotional needs, you will not be happy in countries where social action is based on calculated efficiency, or strict religious morality. To say that the system is "rigged" against you is both correct and incorrect, because authority (charismatic, traditional, or legal) cannot possibly appeal to everyone, it just doesn't work that way. If a society's social action is based primarily on short-term emotional needs, you'll simply have a different laundry list of things to complain about.

    There are people who are like grass, and then there are those who are like tree or cloud. If you cannot be happy in one place, then be a cloud and stop living like grass. There are many who have taken that path and happily traveling across the world. One Japanese women saved her $$ and went traveling across the globe on a motorcycle. She found many motorcycle fans around the world who followed her journey and offered her all kinds of assistance. The world is a big place and it's a pity that life is so short. You don't get a second chance at life, so make your days count


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