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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Critical Review of Janet Hsieh 謝怡芬, Host of Fun Taiwan

Note: This article has been moved to my new Janet Hsieh Sucks Blog here:

The reason is that I did not want to keep having to update two versions of this article each time I made revisions, so I decided to just post the link to the other one. Also, I did not want to remove this post either, because of all the interesting comments below it. Please follow the link above. Thanks.


  1. Dear Wu Master

    I am an occasional blogger and someone who frequents Taiwan. I am aware of Janet Hsieh's show that you refer to in your most recent post. Indeed I've (as I do agree with you that she is atractive) made the occasional light-hearted comment about Ms Hsieh: purely for amusement purposes (for my own amusement, specifically - I do not have an impressive list of followers).

    I would just like to comment on some of your remarks within your article.

    But firstly - I'm confused as to whether you - the "Wu Master" - are indeed the Winston Wu that you so often refer to in the third person in this blog? If you're not, then you're certainly a dedicated fan of this person).

    As it is less disturbing to think that you are Mr Wu (and a person who likes to refer to himself in the third person), rather than a Mr Wu fanatic, I am going to assume the former in most of my repy.

    Right then.

    Below the article that I am commenting on, you list a number of items that you believe make this Mr Wu stand out. Including his ability to speak four languages, and his travel checklist that has within it twelve countries.

    If you deem the above so unique and extraordinary that you care to itemise them within your ten point list, then you may be impressed to discover that the Janet Hsieh you dismiss as "nothing unique or extraordinary", speaks five languages, in addition to travelling to thirty-six countries (as you pointed out within your post).

    And the Janet Hsieh that you posit is "not particularly bright or intelligent" graduated from MIT amongst some of the brightest minds in the world, whose medical examination scores ranked as some of the highest in the US in her examination year.

    You may also be pleased to know (as you seem quite offended by her waxing lyrical of her motherland), that she is indeed doing a series outside of Taiwan - with countries such as Hong Kong, Thailand and Australia on that list of travel stops.

    To touch briefly on your comments on Taiwan itself - you remark that there is a sense of unfriendliness towards non-locals within Taiwan. And you note that this unfriendliness is particuarly pronounced in the women there).

    Perhaps you've just been unfortunate in the people that you ahve encountered there? (Albeit you seemed to have better luck with the elderly). Or perhaps your apparent disdain for most things Asian (if not all things Asian... other than Mr Wu, of course) shows more in your outward demeanour than you realise? Or perhaps the Taiwanese girls that you met just didn't like you? (A hard pill to swallow perhaps for the person who claims to have dated "many beautiful women" outside his league (and race even) - as supposedly this is of particular importance to you that you had to include such statistics within the 'Top Ten Achievements of Winston Wu'.

    Here's an assumption of my own: rather than being a person who thinks outside this much-referred-to "box", I posit that you merely have reacted badly to people's sterotypical view of Asians, and have believed the criticisms of the Asian culture to such an extent that you have turned against your own kind to fit in better with those that have created such a stereotypical view.

    And that, Mr Blogger, is very much thinking inside the box.

    Right - I'm off to sleep on The Couch for a bit. Please don't wake me up.

    The Man On The Couch.

  2. Hi Man on the Couch,

    Thanks for your interesting comments. As to who I am, I prefer to remain anonymous.

    Ok, so Janet speaks more languages and has been to more countries than Winston Wu. But he has her beat in the other 9 unique qualities.

    I'll bet any amount of money you don't know a single Asian with even half of the qualities listed about Winston.

    Janet has not done anything unique. So she got good grades and went to MIT. So what? That is typical for Taiwanese Americans. I have a ton of cousins who are doctors too and went through medical school. It's part of Taiwanese immigrant culture to aspire to be a doctor.

    Frankly, I do not see a doctor as the most prestigious thing in the world like Taiwanese culture puts it.

    Lots of automatons get good grades. All you have to do is be a robot and a nerd/geek. Good grades does not give anyone greatness.

    Is Janet the first of her kind in anything? Wu is. See that article about him linked above. He is the first in the world to do several things in fact. Check it out.

    Yeah Janet has looks, popularity, money, and a great life. But her assets are ordinary and shallow. She does not revolutionize anything or have great vision to change things, society and people's lives. She does NOTHING to help end suffering in the world.

    She's just an attractive entertainer that nerdy ABC's drool over. That's nice yeah, but it's only surface level, and nothing that will stand out in history.

    Let me put it this way. 500 years from now no one will know who Janet was. But some will know who Winston Wu was. That's because Wu woke people up from illusion and loneliness. He gave people hope and shattered the illusion of the matrix. He WOKE people up to truth outside the matrix. Janet doesn't do those things. She is just a high grade ABC with looks, energy and conventional assets and attributes in life.

    Sure she may be a great girl by conventional standards. But she is not a legend, hero or savior in any way. She does not end any suffering in the world or fight evil or debunk lies, propaganda and illusion. She does not even think “outside the box”, nor has she shown she has.

    (continued in part 2)

  3. Part 2 response to Man on the Couch:

    Why don't you show me Janet's greatest essay or article and compare it to Winston's in terms of independent thinking, depth, truthfulness, and insight. You will find that she comes nowhere near his insight level. She is a politically correct hippie traveler who sees the world through rose colored glasses. She has no depth of insight into the deeper aspects of existence, or at least she doesn't demonstrate it.

    After all, she appeals to the mainstream, so she can't be too deep, insightful or unconventional. Reality holds many ugly truths that most people don't like to hear. In her position, she can't go there.

    Yeah she is smart academically. But I'm not impressed by that, unlike you. You worship the system. I don't. I'm more impressed by people who think outside the box. Those are my heroes.

    I am the type of person who believes that the Zeitgeist films are among the greatest films ever made. It reflects ideas from a TRUE THINKER and intellectual.

    As to Taiwan, you can't prove that anything I said was wrong. But I can show you concrete examples in person of everything I wrote about it. Taiwanese do not admit that they are antisocial toward strangers. That's their culture. Ask most TW couples and they will tell you that they met through school, work and friends. That's the old fashioned conservative way that Confucian Asians meet people. And it hasn't changed in Taiwan.

    So what did I say that was false about Taiwan? Nothing. I was describing the NORMS, not the exceptions. There are always exceptions to every pattern, so I am not generalizing 100 percent. I am merely describing NORMS, not exceptions. Remember that you hippies out there.

    Honest Taiwanese do not deny the things I said about Taiwan. See the letter in the post above by Amber as proof.

    It's only the hippies that do, cause they want to hear that people are the same everywhere and that all the world needs is love and respect.

    It's not that simple.

    See many more observations about Taiwanese people here:

    Finally, the term "Taiwan Fun" is an oxymoron. In reality, typical Taiwanese life is anything but fun. It is totally devoid of passion, interests, and freedoms. Rather, it is a cold bleak soulless robotic existence to corporate slavery (or slavery to your own shop) 6 or 7 days a week, giving away 80 to 90 percent of one's priceless life to bondage, rather than enjoying any kind of truly RICH LIFE. Work and money are the Gods of Taiwanese people. It's a horrible existence. I pity them.

    Anyhow, it was fun exchanging critiques with you, and reading and answering your comments.

    Thanks for your input. Enjoy your time in Taiwan.

  4. Small country? Sorry but Taiwan isn't even a country.

  5. Well WuMaster, let me call it as I see it. Although you wish to remain anonymous, it is clear that you are Winston Wu as only a few pages back, as you admit so yourself in your entry "How I went from total datelessness to everlasting abundance overseas!" In addition to recommending your own critique on Forums, you mention and praise yourself in the third person as if you aren't the very writer of this critique. How pitiful.

    I agree very much with what the Man on the Couch said. To put it plainly, you are bitter that you could not, as the youth of America like to say, "get some" and that you have been rejected by Taiwanese girls because they do not like you. My friend, being the intelligent thinker you are, you should already know that anecdotal cases overwhelm general truths. In addition, one single letter from this random girl named "Amber" does not do much to prove your case. I assume you receive a lot of fan e-mails everyday because you are so extremely popular, right? Because you are so great, right? Well, you must receive e-mails offering all different viewpoints right? You decided to choose this letter specifically to support your argument. You are suffering from confirmation bias.

    I could go on, but I will simply tell you that you need a major reality check. You claim to be an intelligent man who thinks outside of this "box," but your perceptions are clearly skewed by this false idea that you are some special and revolutionary person who will go down in history. You are not and you have made an everlasting poor impression.

    My last words to you are from Aesop: The smaller the mind the greater the conceit. I wish you luck in overcoming your conceit.

  6. Man on the Couch,
    Thank you for pointing out some factual errors in my blog post about Janet. I went ahead and corrected them in this revised version.

    Now I'm not saying that Janet is bad or anything. I'm sure she's a fine person. I'm just saying that she's nothing special. I know many ABC girls that are just like her, who are aspiring doctors, extroverted, smart, pretty, etc. Her interests are typical and conventional. She may be good looking, smart, and possess a great personality, but she is not extraordinary. She does not get compliments and comments like these, for example:

  7. Anonymous, that's your opinion. Many people disagree with you. See here:

    I'm sorry but it doesn't matter who I am. Taiwanese do not generally like to talk to strangers or people they don't know. They will not deny that. It's the stupid hippies that deny it. That fact is as obvious as 2+2=4. Go out anywhere and you will see that strangers do not acknowledge your existence. Sometimes elderly people will talk to strangers, but young adults, NO WAY JOSE! HELL NO!

    That is a fact. I'd bet anything on it. Go to any crowded place in TW full of strangers and you will see that you don't exist to them. These people are EXTREMELY INTROVERTED. It shows in their body language and face and vibe and collective consciousness of the TW land.

    Why do you deny it? Are you a dumb hippie who hides from reality?

    I am not the problem. I am very extroverted, articulate and have great communication skills. I have worked in sales and marketing jobs and talk to people easily and naturally. The truth is, TW is no place for an extrovert, for many reasons I've already explained.

    How about I take a camera and film all the cold stoic faces in TW around me? Will that get you to admit that you're wrong and face reality?

    You can't even put your name to your post, so don't talk to me about being anonymous or who I am. You hypocrite!

  8. zzz...who cares... i love Janet Hsieh!!

  9. Ewww.. all i can conclude after reading the above article is that someone's smellin like a big fat SOUR GRAPE! Face the fact that Janet is out of your league. Wake up n stop living in ur own lil world where no one else but urself think ur any bit of an "intellect".

    A true intellect knows something about humility and not fell the need to announce his pathetic list of 10 achievements to da whole world. A true intellect does not go around making generalisations abt an entire country and its people, certainly not with your fleeting experience of Taiwan.

    Ur an embarrassment to Asians and an embarrassment to Americans. And who da hell wd call himself WuMaster lol! Get your ego checked u loser.

    Oh btw juz thought u shd know, dun bother replying cos tis stupid website has wasted enuff of my time n i'll do myself a favor by not wasting even more time on this crap.

  10. Anonymous, LOTS of people think I am an intellectual. I have tons of hard proof. How much do you want to bet? I have many testimonials.

    Janet may be out of my league in terms of looks, but not intellect. She is nothing but a drone.

    My experience of Taiwan is not fleeting. It's a simple country with obvious behaviors. Orientals are closed, inhibited, repressed, and very stiff. Everyone knows that.

    Janet Hsieh of the Travel Channel got straight A's in school, got accepted into medical school (an Asian person's dream), and was a biology whiz. But became host of Travel Channels' Taiwan Fun instead. Now, society says she is smart and beautiful. Maybe.

    But look at the book she wrote and her blog. NOTHING intellectual at all. Just simple normal lighthearted stuff. NOTHING outside the box, deep, intellectual or soulful.

    Thus, she doesn't impress me.

    She may be academically smart. But she can't write like Ayn Rand, Madame Blavatsky, Thomas Paine, Mark Twain, Robert Ingersoll, Eric Fromm, etc. No way.

    She is only good at memorizing stuff that the system gives you. But the system can never teach you to think like the authors above.

    How many Asians do you know who can write like the authors above, think outside the box or say deep intellectual things? If so, where's the proof? Let me see his blog.

    See my point? Regardless of your probable smart alleck remarks, the facts are the facts.

    If I'm wrong, then you will show me some hard proof. If you can't, then the facts support what I say. Simple as that. No smart alleck remarks can dent that.

    1. In point of fact, you also cannot write like any of the authors mentioned. So I for one don't see your point.

      Also, you refer to your list of quotes. I think the point of reviews and quotes is that they come from an authentic and reliable source. Your quotes are from random people, not experts or critics, and lack authority.

      You refer us to the "Legend" page -- for anyone else, it's just a bunch of guys who can't get laid praising Winston for getting laid... It's really the saddest thing I've seen all week.

      You refer us to your "unique" accomplishments:
      1) not unique -- not mainstream, true, but not unique.
      2) same
      3) beating chess on level 4/5 is not "high level". That's the middle, half of 10...
      4) "atypical Asian" could be a euphemism, just so you know.
      5) See "Legend" commentary above -- also, not unique, just not common.
      6) FriendFinder and 100s of other sites are larger than Happier Abroad.
      7) I only got as far as "psi is a proven fact' and then I couldn't continue because I was laughing so hard. Oh, and "prominent" is used I think VERY loosely, sir.
      8) Interviews on radio, etc is not unique. Some people may think it's special, but it's certainly not a rare accomplishment.
      9) This is just sad, again, really pathetic. I feel overwhelming pity and compassion for you.
      10) This is truly a great accomplishment, no joke. You're living the dream.

      Boasting is hollow, especially when you're getting so enthusiastic about the marginally mediocre.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my comments.
      A Random Guy Online

      *You also refer us to the photo gallery and slide show of your conquests. I don't mean to be trite, but most of them look like prostitutes. I'm not saying they are, but they look like it.

  11. Anonymous,
    You miss my point. Yes Janet Hsieh is out of my league, but her personality is fake, not authentic. Her behavior looks programmed, not real.

    And my argument was that she is NOT unique or an intellectual. Look at the writing in her blog for instance. No great profound truths or insights at all. Just normal lighthearted stuff. Or maybe she is a deep person but can't show it cause the masses are dumb and she has to come down to their level?

    But look at my writings in comparison:

    In my writings, you will see that I think in terms of great truths and insights that are totally outside the box. I use the same line of thinking and reasoning as great thinkers and writers like Eric Fromm, Mark Twain, Sigmund Freud, Thomas Paine, Robert Ingersoll, George Bernard Shaw, etc.

    And that's why I quote them.

    The proof is in the articles I linked above. Don't take my word for it.

    Janet is just a nerd who is only smart academically. She has no free thought or great insight. And there is nothing unique about her that sets her apart from everyone else. There are many Asians that are like her.

    But NONE like me. I'll bet you any amount of money on that, that you won't find one Asian guy who is like me.

    So my point stands.

  12. My 2 cents:

    I agree with the blogger - Janet needs to work harder. However, there is no need for personal attacks since you may not know her personally.

    The show is very generic, and average. Kudos to the crew and cast for trying to spice up a small island which has little to offer in the way of packaged tourism.

    Taiwan has lost its soul (I am born, and bred here, but I have also lived abroad in Europe, Africa, mainland China for 20yrs) during the economic boom and modernization of the 70s-80s. The concept of tourism is very superficial and there is little unique to offer in the way of cultural diversity.

    Personally, if you prefer pure ethnic travel thrills, places like Vietnam and Thailand may offer more interest. Taiwan is stuck in a cultural limbo between quasi Japanese-South island-Han chinese culture. With mainland China opening up, Taiwan has even lost its lime-light as a "Chinese" experience.

    Janet nad her crew have very little to work with besides, well, the food. Taiwanese cuisine is great. No doubts about that.

    As for the people, well - western extroverts will have a hard time in Taiwan. That doesn't mean there is anything wrong with Taiwanese in general. During the booming 80s, this place was as vibrant and outgoing as Japane. Unfortunately, the vibe has dulled along with the economic slow-down. People here are indeed geared (automoton is a little harsh, but almost spot on!) towards achieving wealth and status, rather than living.

    This will change with time as people settle down from the giddy material-chasing lifestyle and mentality of the past. It will take a while though.

    But nothing will change the Confucian conservatism of the ladies and our dating etiquette. Its unfair to label us "deadbeat" just because we do not go wild like college kids in the US.

    Different cultures, different ways.

    In my opinion, the mainland Chinese are more energetic and daring right now because their nation is in a state of flux, just like Japan and Taiwan was 20 years ago. But once the become an established economy and the growth rate slows, people will settle down once again. The euphoria of a roaring economy does affect people and how they behave. Taiwan and Japan are on a pessimistic edge right now.

    As a final comment on the show - its time to stop flogging a dead horse (Taiwan), and move on.

    I love Taiwan, but I admit, there is very little to offer foreigners looking for travel thrills, adventure, or even relaxation in Taiwan.

    A good and dare I say, brave job well done! Now move onto something with more workable material. It should test Janet's mettle a little more.

  13. I actually agree with you. I don't watch her shows anymore, they are boring, she is trying to make Taiwan look like Wonderland. For someone who claimed to be MIT student, going to doctor school, learning martial arts, blah, blah, blah, she is here posting her pictures in men magazine, cheap tabloids magazines, and polluting buses and boards with her pictures, ads, etc, she is another narcissist Taiwanese here to tell them that she has done more than others. But with all her activities here in Taiwan and traveling to lots of places, doing interviews, her "medical career"is also another fake item that she is going to put in her pedigree. This is what I see in her, comes a Spanish degree MIT nobody to Taiwan and try to make a career here because in the States she is a nobody.

  14. How come I myself, a VERY TAIWAN TAIWANESE, can't agree with any single statement you give to Taiwanese people? Are you sure you are the one who see the deeper layer of everything? Have you ever heard a thing call "cultural differences"? When most of Taiwanese don't say HI with a big smile to strangers, it doesn't mean we are cold and unfriendly. Maybe you did meet some really unfriendly Taiwanese who knows, just like I did meet some really racist, but I will never conclude that Americans are all very racist! I would really want to type some more, but, right, as an English second language speaker, I feel shame while 我在反駁時仍用我的爛英文讓你嘲笑. I am not really a Janet's fan, but I did read her new book during this summer, and I believe if u read her book and really understand her experiences, you won't see her as a normal pretty ABC. If u still don't like her after reading it, the at least let me tell u that what she talks about Taiwan more convincing than what u wrote. Thanks for reading.

  15. Taiwan is not CLOSED. It might not be as opened as other asian countries, but, from what I've heard from the foreigners who've stayed in taiwan for a certain amount of time, taiwanese are known for their friendliness.
    I don't care what you think about Janet, but I am sure that beauty is not all she has. I was raised in Taiwan and am now in the States. It is very clear to me that Taiwan is not the DULLEST country and the people there are not SOCIALLY the COLDEST. Has it ever occurred to you that you are the problem? or maybe the Taiwanese denied to be close because they are SIMPLY FRIENDLIER than you thought they were?

  16. Hey Mr. Wu

    It seems very obvious that you yourself is the Winston Wu......who is stupid enough to put his own ugly photo on the front page. it's gross...
    anyway just want to say that, i felt extremely offended by all your comments toward Taiwan and the people. You should be ashamed with what you've posted on this wall, and apologize for it. You have no rights to despise a country or the people work hard everyday to fight for their own freedom. You are such a duche bag that should be executed with others communist pigs.

    Thanks for reading it, and fuck you!! :)

  17. So after reading several articles you wrote about Taiwan, I basically want to punch you in the face and tell you to shut up.
    Yes, you have been there and think it is an awful place since no one talks to you and you feel ALONE. Taiwanese do not automatically go up and say hi to you does not mean we are closed and cold. That just means we are just walking on the streets trying to hang out with friends or getting to their destinations instead of looking around all the place and talking to every stranger we meet on the streets. In fact, you should know Taiwanese are famous of being friendly and welcoming. Sorry that you did not open your heart to accept that.
    About you saying Taiwan as a place that is bored to death, I assumed that during you trip in Taiwan, the MRT station, your living hotel and shopping malls were all you spent time trying to find the taiwanese "culture". I suggest you to go to places other than what the tutorial guide tell you to go since I thought that is what a backpacker is supposed to do.
    While you feel ashamed of having the Taiwanese blood within you, Taiwan is ashamed of having people like you who do not know how to see the beauty of Taiwan, too.
    I know you are upset when Taiwanese girls ignored you on the streets when you said hi to them. Well, your main goal in Taiwan is to experience the culture and social life, so I will say a girl neglecting your greeting should not be an example generalizing how all Taiwanese behave.
    From my statements above clearly show that I am Taiwanese, and I will tell you, I am so proud of being one. I now study in the US, I have seen so many kinds of people, and I will say that sometimes America is even a more cold and unwelcoming country than Taiwan is.
    You will regret writing such horrible, extreme, blind and unrealistic things about Taiwan, because you are about to find out how many people are going to defend for Taiwan. And that is our culture and our pride.

  18. TV = good
    TLC = very good
    Fun Taiwan = good
    Janet Hsieh = very good

    terror = bad
    terrorist = very bad
    this blog = bad
    blogger = very bad

    ... dont worry.... be happy :)

    ps. intellectual expat? come on... hihihihi

  19. Hi all,
    This is the owner of this blog. Thanks for all your comments. Here are my responses to you all.

    First, I am glad that there are some sane folks beside myself who agree that Janet Hsieh is fakeness that has gone too far. The rest of you are denying the obvious.

    I like the comment one of you made about how Janet is making Taiwan sound like a wonderland. That was so funny. But that's exactly how she acts. The problem is her act is not justified. She does not show anything that is worth railing about. A few waterfalls, green mountains, trails and food choices are nothing to rail about. You can find such thing in any country and culture. Thus there is a fundamental mismatch between how she acts and what she's showing us.

    Plus, she's not a good actor. Her raving does not seem sincere, but more like she's railing about Taiwan cause she's PAID to. There's no genuine feeling, passion or fire in her. She's just a pretty face putting up a facade for public relations and tourism promotion. An authentic true to self person can see right through her.

    But some of her enjoyment is genuine though. Since she is treated like a princess in Taiwan, she therefore must revel that to some degree. Any woman would. Thus her bright perky attitude is coming from how well she's treated in Taiwan and the celebrity status she's given (which she would not have in America as someone pointed out), not from her love of Taiwan itself or how "fun" the sites and scenes of Taiwan really are.

    If Taiwan is such a fun wonderland, then how come people everywhere look miserable, repressed, scared, etc.? Look up the high suicide rates in Taiwan. Taiwanese people have a guilt complex passed from generation to generation that encourages them to feel miserable and in a state of suffering. It is disturbing I know, but that is ingrained in the Taiwanese psyche.

    Now, if Jamet were in Europe showing us beautiful magnificent architecture in a beautiful rich culture, with sophisticated refined intellectual people all around (like I've experienced) then she would have something to rail about. Take a look at Winston Wu's adventures in Russia/Europe with beautiful girls, magnificient architecture and culture, etc. for example, and you'll see that Winston truly does have something to GENUINELY rail about:

    On the other hand, Taiwan doesn't have much culture. Taiwan is all about WORK, WORK, WORK and EAT, EAT, EAT. A Swiss author wrote an infamous article about Taiwan that said the same thing, that the only thing that counts in Taiwan is food and making money.

    Therefore I laugh when some of you say that I should look "deeper" at Taiwan. What is there to look deeper at? Taiwan is a society of pure conformity with no freethought, where people are raised to live in fear, weakness and constant worry over little things. (Why do you think Taiwanese girls spook so easily, whereas girls in other countries do not??? Think about it.) I am Taiwanese and I know how people are raised in Taiwanese families, and that is the truth behind the fake polite facade that Taiwanese show to white foreigners. I have 53 cousins for instance, both in Taiwan and the US, and none of them have any freethought. All they know is whatever society tells them, which is to obey and follow and live to work. Essentially TW people are raised and conditioned to be robots who live in fear of becoming bums if they don't continue being workaholic robots on the treadmill. That is the sad reality of their condition. In short, they are total slaves in misery, and we deny it all cause the system has programmed us not to see the reality of such things. That's how sick society is.

    More later.

  20. Continuing...

    Now as to those of you who claim that I am "the problem", that is a typical victim blaming copout. How can I be the problem? If I'm the problem, then how come I don't have the same problem in most foreign countries? Answer that one!

    The truth is, outside the USA in most foreign countries, women are pretty open, relaxed, down to earth and fairly easy to start a conversation with. Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan are exceptions, unfortunately. But that's not my fault, so why attack the messenger?

    I didn't make Taiwan that way. It's not my fault that Taiwanese women have a closed shell and exterior around them that makes starting conversations with them or approaching them VERY AWKWARD. Chatting them up simply DOES NOT flow or feel natural or smooth. And you know it! Don't deny it. Anyone can see that.

    As to those of you who say that Taiwan has a reputation for being "friendly and hospitable", let's clarify things here. The friendliness you are talking about are from OLDER FOLKS and people who run businesses, NOT FROM YOUNG WOMEN. There is a world of difference between the older generation, who will casually talk with anyone, and the younger generation which are stuck up, uptight, stoic and sit silently at family reunions with no expression on their face.

    Anyone who's been to a Taiwanese family reunion knows what I'm talking about. The older folks are yacking away in chatter, while the younger folks sit there with no expression. Even my parents acknowledge that. It's too obvious. There is a WORLD of difference between old people and young in Taiwan. And this is ironic because the older generation is supposed to be more old fashioned while the younger generation is supposed to be more progressive and forward thinking, which means being stuck up and antisocial oddly enough.

    So let's get that clear. The friendliness that TW is known for is from the older generation folks and their hospitality, not from young women being open and easy to chat up like in most foreign countries. I've been to 12 countries and I can tell you that most countries are not as closed as Taiwan with no eye contact. Even the Taiwanese themselves admit that they are not as open as the Western cultures are, and that people in TW do not usually talk to strangers unless properly introduced by a third party. That's simply part of the culture. But for some reason the politically correct Western media doesn't want to bring attention to this basic fact.

    Face reality folks. What I've said may be taboo and politically incorrect, but it's the TRUTH. And isn't that the most important thing?

    Furthermore, Taiwanese are on a different wavelength than the rest of the world. To talk to them, you have to tune yourself to a different frequency, and theirs is like a narrow simpler channel. I am not talking about language here, but about mindset and frequency. Theirs is different. Their eyes and souls are different too. Frankly I do not feel comfortable tuning into their wavelength. When I speak Chinese or Taiwanese for instance, it makes me feel like a different person, which is awkward. It puts me into a much tighter and narrower band and wavelength.

    TW people and I constantly have friction. They constantly try to CONTRACT my mind while I constantly try to EXPAND theirs. It's awkward.

    I am a New Age type attuned to a different state of consciousness, and very sensitive to energy, so stuff like this affects me more than it would the typical left brained conformist person.

    Please factor all this in.


  21. An ABC girl wrote me this about Janet. It's so true.

    "Janet from the travel channel drives me insane, the moment I see her on tv I switch channels hahaha. I think you might be right about her, how she overacts everything and she makes everything even picking up trash seem like such a fun thing.... I think she's a bit too hyper for my liking."

  22. Words of advice Winston...
    Janet is outwardly passionate about what she does. I have no doubt that at times it's faked as we all put on a mask to show up to our jobs ready to work. Her infectious personality and willingness to learn about the world can be often misconstrued when audience members like you are die hard Russia fans.

    Winston is a self-proclaimed intellect. Janet has a degree from MIT. While that is also a feat often attributed to chanced opportunity, I'm sure with a quick study, she has no problems having an intellectual conversation. I'm sure she also has intellectual friends that have IQs above Winston's need for ego stroking as evidenced by the entire site.

    Read this quote and tell me that it's not biased/ignorant: "Now, if Jamet were in Europe showing us beautiful magnificent architecture in a beautiful rich culture, with sophisticated refined intellectual people all around (like I've experienced) then she would have something to rail about." You ashamed of Asian culture?

    Taiwan is Taiwan. You're an expat, what kind of real say do you have on the way their culture is shaped? I'm sure plenty of visitors hate Russia themselves. When my friends went they felt the same way you feel about Taiwan + scared due a few anti-US extremists they met along the way. Plenty of people would rather travel to south america than europe because it's over developed.

    When you mention 12 countries, it automatically puts you above anyone that has been to 11 countries. But honestly, anyone who has studied abroad in europe or southeast asia and tried to travel will have been to 8-10. Your 10 accomplishments are vague, and self indulgent.

    Winston, I can't wait for you to accomplish something or someone that the public cares about. You sound like an angry young man whose big head never got the due it thought it deserved. You want a Russian travel show? Grab a webcam and do it. Do a good job, and I'm sure youll get noticed by Frommers or Lonely Planet.

    I'm not going to take away from your obvious self-confidence or drive to be better. That's great. But as of right now, you're just mediocre blooger criticizing someone who's pretty great.

  23. I think Janet is a hypocrite. She overreacts and pretends to be hyperactive coz it's needed for her show. But I think when she's alone, she's like, duh! What the hell was that?

  24. With so many talented people in Taiwan why did they choose this feather brain gal? There are lots of girls that are prettier and actually have real brain, not a lot of cheap talk and fake big smile. And for those who are trying to point out her MIT degree, it is SPANISH, and last that I heard, she can't ever utter enough Spanish words to her Spanish speaking friends. There is a reason she is here doing this silly show, she can't do better in her country.

  25. I'm also from Texas and been traveling around Asia. In my honest opinion Taiwan is very polluted, not really interesting compared to Japan or Bali but it is more livable than Cambodia or Thailand. About Janet, well she is paid to spread the good word (or better saying lies)about Taiwan. Who is going to spit on the hand that is paying for her popularity here, bags, dresses, make-up and food? And she always travels overseas for her vacations despite all her talking about Taiwan being so fun. ,

  26. dude, why are you being so judgmental? are you perfect? if not, then please just shut up if you have nothing good to say.You cannot even understand people's differences which makes you really a shallow blogger.if you wanted to change the world then do it yourself.

  27. Captain Awesome,

    You aren't looking carefully at my links here. Look at these quotes about me being the most Unique and Freethinking Asian people have ever met:

    Does Janet have anything like that? NOPE. Look at these quotes from fans who call me a hero, inspiration and legend.

    No one calls Janet a hero or legend. She has never fought for truth, overcome overwhelming odds, or stood alone against a crowd to fight for what's right. All she's done was study hard and use her looks to get into show biz. Nothing special or unique about that.

    I have an online business and make good money off my sites. It takes a lot of brains and smarts to do that. The average person can't do that.

    I've also started two UNIQUE movements. Has Janet? Nope. See my updates and revisions to this post above. They contain more links about me, which Janet can't compare to.

    I also have compliments and praises from Nobel Prize Winners and reputable authors. See here:

    You have an obvious bias toward Janet, and are missing my points. The smartest people do not get on TV. Any intellectual who is aware and liberated from the media knows that. Only brainwashed herds think otherwise.

    Finally, I can beat a chess computer up to level 5, and the scrabble computer at the advanced level. Can Janet do that? I'll bet not.

    Look at Janet's writing. It totally sucks compared to mine.

    Study my links, don't just skim them, and all that I say will become apparent and self-evident.

  28. Such a wonderful article!
    I've finally found someone like me.
    I just don't get it y people always ignore the facts just to stay "happy"... it's really funny and pathetic actually.
    i agree w/ u that she is not that extraordinary. so many people are popular only because they have been promoted, which is a fact for sure, but nobody can see it or even if someone sees it, they'll never admit it. Keep posting!

  29. Wow, check this out. Janet herself posted the link to this blog on her Facebook page. When she did, a hundred of her fans came to her defense, in a very subjective manner too. lol Have a look:

    I must say I'm quite surprised. I would have thought that she would have tried to ignore this blog as much as possible. That's what I would do if I were her. Perhaps she gets off a little on the existence of this blog? Fascinating...

    Also, one of her fans in response to my critique, put up a blog post called "In Defense of Janet Hsieh" here:

    How funny.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. In Taiwan, any artist gal under 30, with nice legs, smooth skin and good smile can get to the top without having much of a brain. But reality hits by the time you get over 30's, they put the old babes aside for the new starlets to grace the screen. This is not the problem for the male artists here, even that old guy, Mr. Liang is still hot and acting, telling his dirty jokes and pinching the young babes's skin.
    Only serious actresses or anchorwomen survive past her prime in Taiwan's TV shows. The society here values only young chicks. That's why the women here spend so much $$$ on beauty products, beauty is the only thing that can keep the job (or husband)from getting to someone else, younger and sexier. It's the ugly reality in Taiwan's TV.


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