Wednesday, June 3, 2015

3 Negative Social Truths In America You Aren't Allowed To Talk About

By Winston Wu

For some reason, virtually critics of America nowadays only talk about government tyranny, conspiracies, or economic problems and issues, as if those are the only things wrong with America and everything else is fine. But nothing could be further from the truth. When you walk around any US city or suburb, you will see many depressed looking guys with hopeless looks on their faces, as if they have nothing to live for and have been numbed down to not care or not feel anymore. It's a very sad sight to see.

But this isn't all due to economic problems like low salaries or lack of work. There are far deeper problems that affect happiness in freedom that you aren't allowed to talk about, which we talk about freely on Happier Abroad. Here are three examples related to dating, social life and mental health, which are just as important as economic issues if not more important, for obvious reasons. They are three negative social truths in America that you aren't allowed to talk about and are taboo to bring up.

1. There is no authenticity in the people and culture of America. The fakeness is too extreme. There's too much phoniness and hype. Authenticity is extremely lacking and people act plastic. You can't be yourself and you can't be genuine. If you don't act fake you will be told that you aren't cool or confident enough. That's why there are so many posers and douchebags in America. If you are authentic and down-to-earth, you will feel like a misfit, like there's something wrong with you. It's very upside down. Only old people and senior citizens in the USA are down to earth and genuine.

America is unmatched in the world when it comes to extreme fakeness and phoniness, no other country compares in that area. In addition, the extreme arrogance in the USA is unparalleled as well. In contrast, people in the rest of the world act more modest and down-to-earth in comparison, and not as fake. You will notice this as soon as you leave the US or come back to it.

What this means is that if you have to be fake and phoney to fit in, then you are not free to be yourself in America, which is the biggest lack of freedom there is, far beyond any government control. This no doubt contributes to America having the highest rate of mental illness in the world, which is well documented. Having to be inauthentic splits you from your true self, resulting in an unhealthy schism that fragments you psychologically.

2. There is no social connection with other people in America. The environment is lonely and isolating. An unnatural, artificial, paranoid, tense, vibe permeates the atmosphere and environment. It's harder to make friends in than in other countries. Dating and social life don't come naturally or smoothly at all, like they do in most other countries where they flow more freely. There is an ice barrier between strangers (hence the term "breaking the ice"). People don't talk to strangers or others unless it's business related. Without a business related purpose, there's no reason to talk to people -- which is weird and unnatural, as humans are social creatures and not meant to be solitary.

The social vibe feels closed, cliquish and negative. People seem unnaturally uptight, tense and paranoid. They have a "mind your own business, don't bother me" attitude. You often get this feeling that something is off about all this, but you can't seem to put your finger on it (until you visit Happier Abroad of course). There is also this constant depressing feeling that no one really cares about you. So if you are a sensitive or deep person, you suffer the most especially.

3. The women in the US have the worst attitude and fakest personality in the world. Hands down. It's difficult to even have a normal conversation with women there, let alone date them. The US is the hardest country to find decent women to date. The way women act and their attitude is horrifying, cold and mean-spirited. They are so unfriendly and standoffish. It's worse than you can imagine, if you've never been to America. No joke. Their personalities are the fakest and most toxic too. Even the females in England are more down-to-earth and less arrogant.

If you're a decent nice good guy, you have no value to women there. You have to look like a bad boy, douchebag, poser, thug, gangster, or be in the top 10 percent in either looks, status or money, for US women to give you attention and consider dating you. Either that, or you have to settle for someone unattractive, since decent women are scarce or unavailable. Or you have to find someone in high school or college, because once you get out of school, everyone minds their own business and talking to strangers becomes a taboo in the cold adult world of America.

In spite of all this, you are required to put on a fake smile everyday in the USA and say that you are "doing great" 24/7. Go figure. In order to fit into American culture, you have to act fake, arrogant, pretend everything is great, and pretend that you don't need anyone. But if you are too sensitive, deep or genuine, you are like a fish out of water in America.

Here's the bottom line: Being honest and genuine, and being free to be yourself, as well as free to pursue friendships and relationships with other people, is the real meaning of freedom. Without that, there is no true freedom.

Thus America is very unfree, not just because it has a tyrannical government or the highest number of laws in the world, but because of all the above as well. "Land of the free" my a**. But you can't even talk about all this because it's denied. Instead, you are only allowed to either 1) pretend that everything is great and deny the above, or 2) blame yourself, neither of which accomplish anything or make you happy. America falsely assumes that all that matters is having a career and making money, because dating and social life and fakeness are not an issue or problem at all, so none of the above exist. This constitutes a huge denial. Nowadays, America much more resembles "the land of denial" rather than "the land of the free".

Even America's critics in the media and online, do not talk about the above, because it's too taboo and politically incorrect. All that they are allowed to criticize are politically correct issues -- such as politics, government policy, economic problems, and the weather of course. But not about lack of dating or social life, the toxic culture, loneliness, or not being free to be yourself. No way, those subjects are way too taboo. So in that sense, what we talk about at Happier Abroad is even more taboo than Anti-Semitism or Racism. We are perhaps the king of taboos. That's what being too truthful gets you. When truth becomes a taboo, you know you are not living in a free society. So we hope you love the truth as much as we do.

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