Thursday, December 25, 2014

5 Ways Your Life Will Be Transformed Abroad - The Greatest Self-Help Secret That America Doesn't Want You To Know!

By Winston Wu

Merry Christmas Everyone! I have a gift for you all. It is the GREATEST self-help secret that trumps all the claptrap in the self-help industry, which America does not want you to know about! It will TRANSFORM your life in five ways and help you to see the big picture of the Happier Abroad concept and solution. This is a shortened version of my new Magnus Opus that I'm working on, made to fit into a blog post or pamphlet. And for Christmas this year, it will be my gift to YOU!

Below I will reveal the five areas of your life that will be transformed by leaving America and going overseas to one of the many saner, healthier and more authentic foreign cultures. For each area, I will compare and contrast important points about America vs. many other cultures. Then at the end of each section, I will reveal what the significance is to you and how it will benefit YOUR LIFE.

5 Ways Your Life Will Be Transformed Abroad - The Greatest Self-Help Secret

1. Dating/Relationships 

(Note: This section applies to single males) Foreign women and girls in general are much more feminine, sweet, genuine, down-to-earth, approachable, friendly, open, and easier to connect with. They have a pro-male attitude and treat men much better. And they appreciate and value good men. Being genuine themselves, they prefer authenticity over fakeness.

Foreign women seek a partner, not a competitor, so they make better wives. There is no "battle of the sexes" like in America. Foreign females do not try to be men. They are proud of their femininity and prefer to stick with feminine roles. This is what all normal men want. Also, there is a much larger percentage of quality single females overseas. Social interaction between males and females flows much more smoothly. So if you are an authentic male, you can be yourself and date good females.

In contrast, modern American females have an anti-male attitude and view men as fools, creeps and predators. Feminism conditions American women to either not need men or become very picky and seek only the very best men. So they go for either bad boys, thug-like gangsters, or only the top 10 percent of men. They are super picky, spoiled and have a bad attitude with a toxic personality. So they treat men like crap.

In the US, every female is either taken, not looking, too picky, or undesirable. There are more dateless and unwanted males in the US than any other country. Being fake themselves, American females prefer fakeness in men and find authenticity to be boring and uncool. Feminism also makes them become angry masculine monsters, which is a turnoff.

Significance and Benefit to You:

What this means for you is that as a single male, you will have more and better dating and marriage choices overseas, and you can connect and have better chemistry with females while being yourself (as long as you're a good decent guy) without having to act phony or trying to be something you're not. It's the most liberating thing. Moreover, your self-worth and confidence will be magnified as well, due to you being treated better and seen in a more positive light abroad.

2. Social Connection/Friendships

Foreign people are generally more open, genuine, friendly, inclusive and down-to-earth, so they are easier to meet and befriend. It is easier to talk to strangers and social interaction flows much more smoothly and freely. Friendships are truer and families are closer. There is natural social connection and camaraderie. In authentic down-to-earth cultures, you can be yourself and have fun without trying to act fake or be something you're not. You can go out alone and meet people.

In contrast, the American environment is isolating, lonely and devoid of human connection. People are distant, standoffish, uptight and paranoid. They don't talk to strangers unless it's business related. Thus it is very hard and unnatural to make real friends or connect with people beyond a superficial level. American culture and people are very fake, so one must become fake to fit in. If one is too authentic, one will be out-of-place. Social cliques are very exclusive and hard to break into, especially if you're a freethinker and not a conformist. If you go out alone, no one will socialize with you.

Important example: If you're a guy and go out alone in America, you will remain alone and be seen as a loser. People will not want to meet you unless you are in a group or couple. But in many foreign countries, if you are a guy you can go out alone and meet people easily and naturally. People will socialize with you. You won't be seen as a loser, because there is a much more positive attitude toward strangers and other people.

Significance and Benefit to You:

What this means for you is that it will be much easier to meet people, make friends and connect with others, even if you are all alone. Your friendships will be truer, and you will experience truer social connection. Hence you will not feel lonely and isolated. Moreover, around genuine people and cultures, you can be yourself while having fun and expressing yourself, which is the ultimate expression of freedom. But you can't really have much fun in America or truly "let loose" because the vibe is too uptight, paranoid and inauthentic.

3. Mental/Psychological Health

Foreign cultures are more genuine and authentic. They allow you to be yourself and develop a more wholesome personality without issues or baggage. Virtually no one needs to see a therapist or shrink, for they have friends and family to talk to about their problems. People do not generally struggle with mental health issues or struggle with "confidence and self-esteem" like in America.

In contrast, mental health is the worst in America, which is well documented. The US has the biggest mental health industry in the world and the highest rate of use of antidepressants, which speak volumes. This is because American culture is very toxic and fake, and requires you to develop a fake personality in order to socially adapt, which fragments you internally and results in mental health problems.

Being overly competitive and shark-like in nature, American culture has a way of tearing you down and making you feel insecure and inadequate, like you're never good enough and always have to prove yourself. No one feels accepted for who they are. To cope and compensate, Americans develop phony personalities and big egos, brag and BS a lot, act tough and arrogant, bully others, or lose it and go crazy.

Capitalizing on such insecurities and psychological problems, the biggest self-help industry was created in America, promising to help people work on issues such as "lack of confidence and self-esteem" (which people abroad do NOT deal with) which are constant struggles in the lives of Americans. All of this speaks volumes about the insanity, toxicity, inauthenticity and dysfunctional nature of American culture.

Significance and Benefit to You:

What this means for you is that if you suffer from any mental or psychological issues (like most Americans do) acquired in America, they will definitely be greatly alleviated, if not cured, by going overseas to healthier, saner and more authentic cultures. Understandably, in a saner environment your psychological issues will naturally subside, hence allowing you to be free to be yourself.

4. Physical Health/Food

The food in many foreign countries is more natural, healthy and organic. People are thinner and healthier, which is easily observable and well documented to the point of being common knowledge. In addition, since people are allowed to be themselves and develop more wholesome personalities (as explained earlier), their physical health becomes more wholesome as well, since there is a mind-body connection. Furthermore, since public transportation overseas is more well developed and available, people can get around without a car and walk more, which gives them more exercise.

In contrast, American food is very unhealthy and filled with too many unhealthy processed ingredients, chemicals and additives, as well as genetically modified organisms (GMO's). America is the fattest nation in the world with the highest rates obesity, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, all of which are well documented. In addition, the highest rate of mental illness in America (as explained earlier) inevitably leads to deteriorated health. And since people need cars to get around, they don't get enough exercise.

Significance and Benefit to You:

What this means for you is that by going abroad to cultures with healthier food and lifestyle, you can lose weight naturally and become healthier and thinner as well.

5. Cost of Living/Healthcare

Most foreign nations have a lower cost of living, thus giving you more free time and freedom to do what you want and love. Most homes are not mortgaged, but owned. Healthcare is either affordable or covered, as it is in all other developed countries.

In contrast, the USA has one of the highest costs of living which enslaves people to working all the time and puts them in debt. Most homes are mortgaged, making their owners debt slaves. And healthcare costs are ridiculously expensive, bankrupting many people.

Significance and Benefit to You:

What this means for you is that by going abroad to cultures with lower cost of living, your money will go farther and you can work less. Thus you will have more freedom and leisure time to do what you want and love. And you will be able to more easily afford healthcare services too.


So there you have it. You've been shown the BIG PICTURE of how and why YOU can and will be Happier Abroad! As you've seen, there are at least five great life-changing benefits for you abroad which will transform your life for the better and solve many of your problems. These solutions make sense and are REAL and USEFUL because they get at the ROOT of the problem, which is the toxic, insane, inauthentic, antisocial American culture and environment, rather than try to blame some defect in you.

Thus the Happier Abroad solution is real, rational, and useful. And most importantly, it WORKS, which many can attest to. For more info or to discuss these issues in an online community, visit Thanks for reading our good news Gospel of Happier Abroad. Take care and God bless you.