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Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Holiday Season is Contributing to the Destruction of the American Family

By Andy

Unless you've been stranded on a desert island or chose to be ignorant by only watching reality TV, you'll know that feminism and the family courts are and have been destroying the American family structure. What you may not know, or what doesn't really get discussed as much it should, is that the holiday season is also destroying the American family structure. It is well known that the holiday season in the U.S. is a depressing and stressful time. What is supposed to be a joyous and festive season of giving can easily be a period of disillusionment and resentment. There are many driving factors behind this season stirring up animosity between family members.

The insane shopping day, Black Friday, especially in very recent years, is the biggest culprit of the holiday season that is ruining the American family. The day after Thanksgiving is mired in civilization being compromised by human beings, or arguably pathetic excuses for homo sapiens, becoming troglodytes "out in the wild", fighting with, and trampling on other shoppers for the sake of finding bargains on otherwise expensive items. Think of how much sense this makes, especially for you religious zealots. Let's celebrate Jesus's birthday by heading out to the mall, and in the process, vying with other drivers for that coveted parking spot, and then having total disregard for other people while shopping for a gift for those loved ones. On Black Friday, before the stores even open up, people can be found out in front of the stores or out in the parking lot, camped out for several hours, waiting anxiously for the doors to open so they can be the first to get that $99 flat screen that will contribute to them being a couch potato the rest of the year.

With each passing year, stores open up earlier, so much that in the last couple of years, their Black Friday opening hours have been moved to Thanksgiving. So, that means that the time you’re SUPPOSED to spend with your family for Thanksgiving dinner and watching football, you’re now going to be spending it outside, in line, in the cold. But, if you despise seeing family members around the holidays or at all, Black Friday could be your alibi to search for that one special gift for those family members that you "love" so much. That is, if you are dumb enough to join the herd of sheeple at the shopping centers. Corporations are concerned about profit, not families being together during the holidays, so they and the sheeple are just as much to blame for giving in to materialism and ruining families.

It's bad enough that some family members only see each other during the holiday season, and it's even worse that animosity is generated during the same time between family members that just can't stand each other. But, Black Friday and the whole concept of the holiday shopping season, just continues to chip away at what the genuine spirit of the holiday season, and the American family. In other words, a time to be spent with family is potentially a recipe for disaster because there is usually at least one family member that the rest of the family can't stand, even for once a year. I think that the holiday season really exposes the issues facing families in America due to the fact that they're generally not very close-knit, and the holidays are a chance for longtime-quarreling family members to bury the hatchet and mend what was broken. I know that doesn't always happen, but I do root for that state of mind and sense of community.

What I'm not a fan of is the artificial behavior that accompanies the nasty attitudes I see during the months of November and December. The bad attitudes I understand as the holiday season is a downright stressful time for some people. In addition to family problems being exposed during the holiday season, one's year, good or bad, really does culminate towards the latter months. I can just sense the facade of individuals come November, as they act differently during this time, but they are another person the rest of the year. I know the rebuttals are “But, it’s a time to get together and be with your family" and "You know, this is just a time where we can forget about everything that's going on, and just get together and enjoy the day."

Great, company potlucks that are supposed to bring people together, where you can forget about co-workers that you hate for one day, and carry on hating them the other 364 days a year. That’s the only action that management takes to "remedy" problems at companies with deteriorating morale, productivity and profits. Yeah, the workplace is getting in on keeping the "workplace" family intact by incorporating potlucks where attendance is optional into mandatory staff meetings. That is one of the new catch-22's. Even the Secret Santas at work are set up so that the joke is on two employees that despise each other, and lord help you if you have to shop for your boss, or your boss is your Secret Santa.

I don’t want to be some bah humbug Scrooge communist terrorist heathen, and I’m not against giving or being nice to others, but why not just do that throughout the year? Why treat people like shit all year long, neglecting your family in the process of too much work, and be “engineered” to be nice and give to others during one month, but just being just as hostile and shitty during what turns out to be such a stressful time of year? have given up on the shopping concept and look for other ways to get in the holiday spirit. I think that the holiday season in the U.S. puts into perspective how delicate and important the family is. It also reminds us that, no matter how busy we are with work, school or any other issues in our lives, that we have the potential to be good to each other, not every single day of the year, but definitely throughout each season, fiscal quarter, semester, etc.

As another year nears a close, I remember, and I remind those around me that there are "weapons" out there that are hell-bent on tearing down the American family structure, and if one is not careful, they easily succumb to the interests of those that want them to fail and be miserable. This time of year is also a reminder that there are decent people and that good does exist in the world. The key is looking a little further beyond the news being reported and the superficiality of toys and other material items that are so fervently emphasized this time of year. The holiday season is not just about presents, but cultivating that sense of community within your family. The American family is under attack, but there is the chance to fight back and go against the current of what the mainstream is doing.

The holiday season in the U.S. can either destroy or strengthen a family, it's all about the approach to the season and knowing how our actions and words throughout the year get put into perspective towards the end of it.

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