Friday, April 4, 2014

The Feminist Lie that "women can do anything that men can do"

Among the lies of Feminism, is the claim that "women can do anything that men can do". If that's so, then:

  • How come 99 percent of all major accomplishments and inventions in the world were done by men? All women can accomplish better is getting more likes on Facebook. lol
  • How come every time I get my car's oil changed, it's always a man doing it? Never a woman?
  • How come when I get a car fixed, it's always a man doing it?
  • How come when I see construction workers working outside, they are always men? Why aren't women building houses too?
  • How come when I call the plumber, it's always a man that comes?
  • How come when there is a strange sound in the dark outside, women always want men to check it out? Why don't they check it out themselves?
  • How come there has never been a great female general that has won great military battles against all odds, such as Napoleon's masterful victory at the Battle of Austerlitz? Or Alexander the Great's epic victory at the Battle of Gautemala against a Persian army 4 or 5 times the size of his?
  • How come great inventors, painters, and composers throughout history have always been men? Where are the female Mozarts, DaVincis and Einsteins? 
  • How come professional sports divide men and women into different leagues? Even pro tennis is divided by gender. If men and women were the same, why aren't they playing together on the same teams? Why aren't football teams co-ed?
  • Why aren't women going into front lines in battle in the army?
  • Why don't women run into burning buildings to try to save lives?

So you see, equality does not mean that men and women are the same. Feminists can't answer or address the questions above. They are totally out of touch with reality and logic, and are either dishonest or delusional. There's no way around it.

All they care about is their hatred for men, and all they see everywhere is the word "misogyny" in everything, which they use as a broad brush to smear everything and everyone they don't like. But it's mostly all in their delusional twisted hate-filled heads.

The truth is, men and women are different. They are smart in different ways and good at different things. Women are smarter at certain things like fashion, interior design, cooking, raising babies, etc. But men are smarter in other things. Men are more logical, while women are more intuitive. Men are natural conquerors, pioneers and explorers, while women are better nurturers. Men are better in creative and intellectual pursuits, inventions, and leadership roles. But women prefer to conform and follow. They are nurturers who provide support, love and companionship to supplement the emotional needs of their man.

Everyone knows these things. They are all too obvious. Why can't liberals and feminists accept this reality that men and women are different and suited for different things? Why can't they accept the truth? What is wrong with them?

Question for feminists: If feminism is about equality then:

  1. How come in America you are allowed to say "women are smarter than men" but you can't say "men are smarter than women" without being labeled a sexist pig? Why does "equality" have such double standards? 
  2. How come husbands say "She's the boss" when referring to their wives? Why are wives in charge by default due to their gender? How is that equal? 
  3. Why is it that when a man and woman are arguing, it is assumed that the woman is always right and the man is a fool who must apologize? Sitcoms like "Home Improvement" always depict this. How is that equal? 
  4. Why is everyone nicer to a girl than a guy? Who do girls get preferential treatment, attention and special favors from others? Where is the equality for men in that? 
  5. Why can't you fight for equality without hating men and without destroying your natural femininity and without turning yourselves into monsters who hate love, romance and flirtation? 
  6. Why can't you fight for equality without becoming masculine, and without detesting the qualities of beauty, grace, class, elegance and femininity in women, thus making yourself unattractive in the process? Women in the 1970's were able to stand for equality without losing their femininity and beauty (e.g. Charlies Angels) so why can't you? 

So you see, isn't your "feminism" really about female superiority while paying lip service to "equality"? Why the deception? Think about it. Meditate on the above and you will see how hypocritical it is.

I hope that you see how destructive, degenerate and unnatural your "feminism" is and how it's actually been a trojan horse designed to destroy your femininity and gender for some nefarious purpose.

The elites behind the movement don't care about your equal rights. Why would they? You are just cattle to them. You are just an economic resource to them. They are using you for their own nefarious agenda. Please wake up before it's too late. Try to head back toward wholesome femininity and sacred feminine qualities.