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Friday, April 4, 2014

Why Women Are NOT Smarter Than Men and should not rule the world, contrary to what the US media wants

Above: Flag of Feminazi-ism

I've never understood some things in America. In particular these two things:

  1. Why it is that in America, you are only allowed to say that women are smarter than men, but you can't say that men are smarter than women? It seems as though America considers women to be smarter than men? On what basis? It's never been explained. 
  2. Also, women seem to be in charge of the household in American families. Husbands have to call their wife "The Boss". And the wife has the power to make her husband "sleep in the doghouse" if he behaves badly. But this goes against established tradition. For thousands of years, the man has been the head of the household. Why does America wish to overturn such a long-standing natural order? On what basis? What is liberal America's logic and rationale for this? They seem to provide none.

Let's go over both. First, if women are smarter than men, then why do men overall score HIGHER on IQ tests than women? How come there are no female equivalents of Einstein, Leonardo DaVinci, or Mozart? How come there are no great female leaders in history? (at least on the same level of great male leaders) Why do women get into car accidents more than men do? Why are men better at investing than women? How come they always suck at chess and hate the game (except for Russian and Slavic women)? Why do women hate logic and even admit it? Smart people do not hate logic. It seems the female brain is just not hardwired for logic.

Given the above, how can women be smarter than men? Therefore, this "women are smarter than men" rule seems to be a religious doctrine in America that's treated as a given, without any justification or logic. Kind of like how Christians claim that the Bible is God's word and absolutely inerrant, as a given, without logical justification. Their only rationale is that "if everyone says it, it must be true, no matter how nonsensical".

Such bizarre beliefs seem to be a religion in America without any logical justification. Bad beliefs like this have always been signs of social decay that brought down empires as great as the Roman Empire. I wish America would heed this history lesson.

The truth is, men and women are different. They are smart in different ways and good at different things. Women are smarter at certain things like fashion, interior design, cooking, raising babies, etc. But men are smarter in other things. Men are more logical, while women are more intuitive. Men are natural conquerors, pioneers and explorers, while women are better nurturers. Men are better in creative and intellectual pursuits, inventions, and leadership roles. But women prefer to conform and follow. They are nurturers who provide support, love and companionship to supplement the emotional needs of their man.

Everyone knows these things. They are all too obvious. Why can't liberals and feminists accept this reality that men and women are different and suited for different things? What's wrong with them? Instead, they resort to lies. For example, feminists claim that women can do anything that men can do. But if that's so, then:

  • How come 99 percent of all major accomplishments and inventions in the world were done by men? All women can accomplish better is getting more likes on Facebook. lol
  • How come every time I get my car's oil changed, it's always a man doing it? Never a woman?
  • How come when I get a car fixed, it's always a man doing it?
  • How come when I see construction workers working outside, they are always men? Why aren't women building houses too?
  • How come when I call the plumber, it's always a man that comes?
  • How come when there is a strange sound in the dark outside, women always want men to check it out? Why don't they check it out themselves?
  • How come there has never been a great female general that has won great military battles against all odds, such as Napoleon's masterful victory at the Battle of Austerlitz? Or Alexander the Great's epic victory at the Battle of Gautemala against a Persian army 4 or 5 times the size of his?
  • How come great inventors, painters, and composers throughout history have always been men? Where are the female Mozarts, DaVincis and Einsteins?
  • How come professional sports divide men and women into different leagues? Even pro tennis is divided by gender. If men and women were the same, why aren't they playing together on the same teams? Why aren't football teams co-ed?
  • Why aren't women going into front lines in battle in the army?
  • Why don't women run into burning buildings to try to save lives?

So you see, equality does not mean that men and women are the same. Feminists can't answer or address the questions above. They are totally out of touch with reality and logic, and are either dishonest or delusional. There's no way around it.

All they care about is their hatred for men, and all they see everywhere is the word "misogyny" in everything, which they use as a broad brush to smear everything and everyone they don't like. But it's mostly all in their delusional twisted hate-filled heads.

Also, women are not natural born leaders. They are not suited for leadership roles. Very very few women in history have been good leaders. Mother Nature did not hardwire women to be leaders. Sorry to all the politically correct liberals out there, but that's the truth.

There has never been a great female general in history that has won great battles against all odds, such as Napoleon's masterful victory at the Battle of Austerlitz. Or Alexander the Great's epic victory at the Battle of Gautemala against a Persian army 4 or 5 times the size of his. Women just aren't good at that sort of thing. In fact, they tend to screw up in military strategy.

For example, Queen Cleopatra, the last Pharaoh of Egypt, screwed up her lover Marc Anthony's battle strategy at the Battle of Actium against Caesar Augustus, by giving him bad advice. She persuaded him to fight the battle by sea instead of by land, as his officers wanted. By listening to her, he lost that crucial and pivotal battle. If he had listened to his officers instead, he might have won that battle. So much for female advice on military strategy.

Women tend to be followers and conformists by nature. They care more about what others think and are more affected by popular trends than men are. This is why advertisers and commercials tend to target women more than men, because women are more easily influenceable and programmable due to their nature as followers and conformists. They have no deep inner convictions and principles, and do not think for themselves. To them, truth is determined by whatever is popular and whatever the majority believe, not by reason and logic. These things are obvious. Hence, these traits of women make them better followers than leaders.

What I don't get is why Hollywood tries to portray women as leaders nowadays. Even in action movies, like Resident Evil, the ones in charge are often women. Is Hollywood that stupid, or are they trying to turn everything upside down as part of a nefarious agenda? In the last Snow White movie, for example, they had Kristen Stewart, who played Snow White, lead a military raid on a castle, which was stupid, insulting, unfeminine, nonsensical and out of character for Snow White. Also, when men and women argue, Hollywood always shows the women winning, and when they compete in a board game or sports game, they always have to show the female winning. Why is that, given the fact that in real life, men usually win in such competitions? Why does Hollywood like to show the opposite of what's true?

How do feminists and liberals explain all this? They can't. They are totally out of touch with reality and logic. All they care about is their hatred for men, and all they see everywhere is the word "misogyny" in everything, which they use as a broad brush to smear everything and everyone they don't like. But it's mostly all in their delusional twisted hate-filled heads.

I guess liberals and feminists would argue that women are more mature at an earlier age, and do not start wars like men do. So they are smarter and wiser in that sense. Ok that's a valid point. But it doesn't account for all the above, which indicates that women are not suited for leadership roles, and do not like logic either, but find it boring. Nor does it account for women's immature behavior. For example, women cry and get more emotional suddenly, more than men do. And American women are notorious for starting arguments over trivial things (which men detest) to spice up the drama in their life. It's as if they do not enjoy peace, so if things are too peaceful, they cause trouble by starting arguments and conflicts over unnecessary matters. Hence they are reputed to be "drama queens". This is not mature behavior.

Another thing they'd try to argue is that the reason there are no great female leaders, generals, artists, composers or inventors in history is because women have always been too oppressed to be given opportunity to become such things, or be recognized for their talents and achievements. But this is just a copout. It doesn't explain why there are no such great women in modern America today, where they supposedly have "equal rights" and preferential treatment. Nor does it recognize the fundamental differences between men and women.

Anyhow, continuing on, if women are not naturally suited for leadership roles, then WHY are they considered the head of household in America? Why does an American husband call his wife "The Boss"? If women are not smarter than men, then how can they be "The Boss"? Shouldn't a boss or head of household be smarter and wiser than the rest of the household? How can all this be, when women are nurturers by nature, not leaders? It doesn't make any sense. Liberal America doesn't make sense. It's purely emotional and argumentative, without reason or logic. Stuff like this can only mean that America is majorly F-ed up big time.

For thousands of years, men have been the head of the household and family. Why does America think that it can overturn all this and call it "progress and enlightenment" of culture? What is America smoking? Fucking things up is NOT progressive. Why is America screwing with Mother Nature by trying to reverse the natural gender roles of human beings? America appears to be batshit insane, not only in this area, but in many others as well.

Anyway, sorry for the long rant and grip against liberalism and feminism. I'm just so fed up with how illogical, hypocritical, warped, unnatural, toxic and destructive their ideologies are. They are clearly bringing America down into a moral decay, and are trying to bring down other countries as well, which has got to be stopped.


  1. It's because American men have turned into a bunch of pussies and due to their hunger for overpriced vagina (plus the well organized man hating "equal rights" feminists), they have let women take over this country. That's one of the reasons the USA is in such chaos now. Women are incapable of logic thought. Instead, the work off their emotions. Yes men ARE better and smarter than women, but don't try to tell the women that

  2. I agree with much of what is on your website, but not this. Women are highly literate and have better communication skills than men. Men are generally superior at jobs such as drafting and architecture, because their brains can fill in the blanks where women's brains lack that capability. Communicating effectively takes as much skill and intelligence as computer programming. After reading some of the interesting topics here, this was quite a let-down.

  3. When I meet a woman who can do HALF of what I do on a technical level, I will be impressed. Sorry, but women are NOT my equal.

  4. No, this isn't quite right, and is in fact misogynistic. Men and women are equals in the sense of being equally human. The human brain manifests itself in an infinite amount of ways, and not all general sex characteristics always apply.

    While I think American culture has let the pendulum fly way too far to the female gender, I think it is a failing attempt at bringing egalitarianism to our society.


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