Monday, June 21, 2010

The Seattle Freeze, Bellingham Curse, and Simple Solution to it

When I lived in Washington state, it was like a religion. Everyone thought it was wonderful and great and expected you to agree. If you didn't, you would be seen as weird and negative. Seattleites got defensive if you had negative things to say about their beloved land.

But the reality is that there is a "Seattle Freeze" that affects the social environment which makes it hard to make friends and connect with others. Simply put, people were very polite, but distant and non-inclusive. They didn't like to connect with others or meet new people. The motto was "Have a nice day. Somewhere else."

Yet if you were not allowed to complain about this. If you did, Washingtonians became defensive and condemning, telling you that you're the only one who thinks that and that everyone else loves Washington. They refused to hear any evidence to the contrary.

Yet this "Seattle Freeze" was real. The media even reported on it. Here is an article about it in the Seattle Times:

And more recently, a YouTube documentary about it has been created, citing the phenomenon as real. You can see the video here:

I even have some photos that show this "Seattle Freeze" in public, taken aboard a Seattle Ferry. Notice how everyone is isolated in their own bubble, wanting to be alone, not needing any social interaction. Obviously, this is not the right environment for an extrovert.

Now, contrast that with these photos I took during a ferry ride in Riga, Latvia (in Eastern Europe). Even though the ride was in the late afternoon, people still knew how to party and dance. Here you see a mini-disco lounge on board the ferry being enjoyed by the passengers.

This "freeze" is an intrinsic part of the Pacific Northwest in general, not just Seattle. People are just reserved, ghost-like and introverted. It is one of the hardest places in the world to make friends or get dates.

Being stuck in Bellingham, WA for years, I even wrote a long treatise about what a nightmare it was, which you can see here:

Now the GOOD NEWS is that I have an easy solution to it. It involves not only leaving the Northwest, but the country altogether! Doing so works wonders and changes your universe! Just look at all these testimonials.

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