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Friday, January 9, 2015

Five Reasons Why the Gym Is NOT a Good Place for Dating

By Andy

By now you're probably aware that this is the time of year where the new year’s resolution gym-goers come out of the woodwork. If you're a regular gym-goer like I am, it's bad enough to have to search for a parking spot and wait your turn to use weights or machines during the month of January. What is worse is that regardless of what time of year it is, unless you're Mr. Olympia, you're probably not going to be getting any dates at the gym. That is one of the things I've noticed while frequenting the gym more often and switching gyms in different cities over the years, it is not a dating paradise. Simply put, gyms in the U.S. are not a good place for men to get dates.
Here are some reasons why: 

1.  You’re at the gym to work out.

a   Gyms exist so that you have a place to go to get healthy, lose weight, build muscle or just feel better about yourself. You don't pay a monthly membership fee to not go to the gym and sit on your ass, watching Netflix. You also don't pay that fee to play miss with attractive women that don't give a fuck about you to begin with, or average-looking broads with expanded waistlines and inflated egos. Your job at the gym is to get a workout in. You've got a schedule to keep, so you are to watch the big game or SportsCenter between exercises, break a sweat, hit the showers and leave. 

o    If you focus on a chick at the gym, you’ll get sidetracked. You’ll waste your valuable time on a lost cause, you’ll forget why you’re there and you’ll lose focus. You might drop the weights or fall off the treadmill, but you’ll definitely lose track of your fitness goals. It matters not one iota if gym gals want you or not. You have to focus on yourself when you're at the gym. 

’    Free yourself from all distractions at the gym. Toss aside your life's problems and worries for a couple hours. Let your mp3 player, with plenty of your favorite tunes, motivate you and become an excuse to ignore hefty gals. Let your prospects abroad excite you. Let your inner drive inspire you to become a better version of yourself.

      2.  The women at the gym are there to work out, too.
      Don't think you're special or cool because of your tunnel vision. If you think utilizing                reverse psychology will yield dating prospects in the gym, you're dreaming. Trying to be  that loner or rebel, thinking you're too cool for everyone else, or unique to women, will  result in just that, being a loner. Women at the gym are there to work out, too. Not many, if  any, are going to have an ulterior motive at the gym.
a    Women at the gym also fall into one of two categories: attractive, fit, taken/unavailable and  trying to keep their figure and stay in shape or fat, ugly and trying to improve themselves.  The latter constitutes the majority at the gym, so unless you're a chubby chaser, your      chances of landing a high quality chick at the gym are slim to none. Regardless of which  category they fall under, they have a regimen to follow or a weight loss program to stick to.  They don't give two flakes of a shit about you. Mind your own business and let them work    out in peace.

 Some of you don't set your sights too high to begin with, and, as a result you think you can  get, at best, an average woman in the gym. You think you’ll see beyond the flab and make  some chick your project, and that by the time she slims down, you’ll be dating the hottest  girl in the gym. Well, guess what? If and when she does slim down, she’ll be that chick that  has dudes surrounding her when she’s at the gym and you won't be one of those dudes.  That’s right, she won’t need you.

 Short-term, having a workout partner and maybe more than that seems great, but once the  novelty wears off, you're work is done. You're disposable to such a woman. I'm not against  having a workout partner, but if you're going to go that route, choose your workout partners  wisely and for the purpose of working out only. Anything more than that could complicate  matters and create an aura of awkwardness.
3.  The good ones are taken.

 I already mentioned that most women in gyms are obese. As the U.S. has an obesity  epidemic, this is not a surprise, and fat women that are willing do to something about their  weight problem are the types of women most likely to frequent gyms. This is often  overlooked as most men will, ironically, overlook the undesirables in the gym and have their  sights set on that above-average dame who puts the rest to shame. Well, the problem with  that, as with the American dating scene, is that there simply aren't enough good-looking  women in the gym to go around. Spend enough time in a gym and you'll notice that an  attractive woman either works out with her boyfriend or always has at least two guys talking  to her.

That good-looking, nice gal working the front desk, who always smiles and says hi to you? She's taken. She’s only giving you attention for the sake of customer service, making the gym a more welcoming place. Her boyfriend is on speed dial and lives in the next town over. You didn't think she was really interested in you, did you?

Notice that hot gal in skimpy shorts doing squats alone? Her meathead significant other is lurking somewhere in the gym, probably taking a water break, and he's taller and a lot more muscular than you are. Oh, and he can bench press a lot more than what Miss Krispy Kreme 2013 weighs. I don't even want to think about what would happen if she caught you staring at her using the thigh abductor machine.

4.  Single, good-looking women in the gym, are single parents.

If you've ever noticed a good-looking woman at the gym who doesn't have a ring on her finger, has no men talking to her or any significant other, there's a reason for that. When you get a chance, don't go up to her and strike up a conversation, but instead look at where she goes after her workout. Where did she go? That's right, before she headed for the exit, she picked up her two kids from the gym's daycare area. Even in the gym, single mothers are a big no-no.

It's quite admirable that she's in such decent shape, and she probably smiles at you and says hi from time to time. Don't fall for that bait and switch tactic. Don't let things progress past normal chit-chat in the gym. When it comes to dating, single mothers are a major red flag and bad news. Without opening up a can of worms and getting too much into detail, just say no to single mothers.

5.  Most women at gyms in the U.S., are American, Americanized or Westernized.

It doesn't matter what race or ethnicity they are, women at the gym are generally unapproachable with bad attitudes and ridiculously high standards. If there is a good-looking woman at the gym who is single, has no kids and has little to no men approaching her when she works out, she's most likely too demanding and too standoffish. Either that or she has some sort of psychological issue, which disturbingly, is not uncommon for people in the U.S. Do you really want your gym membership revoked or the cops to come by because she fabricated a story simply by you approaching her? No wonder she's still single. 

Trust me, you don't want or need such bullshit drama. Do yourself a favor and avoid such women like the plague.

I know some of you guys who are timid or too cheap to buy that plane ticket, are continuing your lazy ways, and probably think that the answer to all of your problems is the stateside gym, and that you think you can do one-stop shopping by working out and getting a decent, in-shape gal while at the gym. Just because you walk into a gym doesn't take away from the fact that you haven't left the country. Don’t waste your life trying to change American women in or out of the gym. It doesn't work that way. You have to go abroad for higher quality women. 

I don’t like it any more than you do, and I really wish it were so simple to date in my own backyard, but it’s not. Not even close. That devilish, lazy voice occasionally staggers into my mind to fuck with me into staying home and accepting mediocrity. If you are one of the guys that successfully got a good-looking chick at the gym, then congratulations, you are one of the lucky few. The rest of us gym-goers are busy concentrating on our workouts while avoiding fat chicks. 

Let's face it, if you’re a man in the U.S., the gym is not a good place to meet women. It doesn't matter if it’s in a small town or big city. Just like the American dating scene, the gym is a dating hell in America. Granted, there is bound to be some eye candy to get your blood flowing and your endorphins running to supplement your workout, but that is just part of gym atmosphere. Fellas, focus on yourselves at the gym, and don't let any women get in the way of your hopes and dreams. 

The gym is for burning calories, not dating.



  1. When I go to the gym I'm pretty much invisible. I just put my head phones on and I get in and get out. Don't waste my time looking at women whom I have no interest in nor who have any interest in me. I'll just hold off until I return back to Asia where I can obtain a quality woman.

    1. haha what a joke, my husband likes me, i'm waaaayyyy smarter than any Asian ! :)

  2. This information is so awesome, thanks for sharing! Makes me hopeful :) - MP3 Free Songs

  3. This couldn’t be more true. I’ve spent my entire athletic life avoiding eye contact at the gym when possible lol. I’ve seen breathtakingly beautiful women at the gyms I’ve gone to. game changing women that you would just melt and do anything for. But there’s a few Golden rules I kept true too so that I wouldn’t have to switch gyms all the time: First of all, if they look that good, I assure you chances are you’re not their type. You don’t want a woman that flaunts her goods to the general public & then gets pissed when people look at her lol. If you try approaching or end up going out with someone a few times and it doesn’t work out, every single day after that will be awkward and distracting. Just keep that in mind if you like going to your gym lol. Just don’t even look at women that catch your eye, you’re just distracting yourself from your fitness goals. Unless you need some fresh mental images to get away from your porn later that night, just keep your eyes down your headphones on and get your shit done. Bottom line is this guy is right, there’s really no good place to meet decent, attractive women in America. And don’t waste your time with online dating either it doesn’t work lmao. Just get a few porn subscriptions and call it a day :)

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