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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Why Dating Foreign Women is a Win-Win Solution for American Men

By Winston Wu

If you've ever felt that women and girls in America were way too picky, and wondered why, well you're not alone. You may not be able to change their picky ways, but the good news is that there is a solution:

You can easily find women who have reasonable standards toward men, and a more appreciative positive attitude toward you. All you have to do is go overseas to saner countries with feminine foreign women who will appreciate you, validate you and like you for you.

Let me explain why foreign women are a natural, healthy win-win solution for American men.

You see, most single foreign women will tell you that what they want is "a good man who can be a good husband and good father to her children." That's their attitude, and that's been the attitude of real women for thousands of years of human history. Thus that's what's normal and natural. Women have always been nurturers who provide care, while men have always been providers and builders who provide security.

But in America, the women are conditioned to think that they are entitled to the best of the best. Thus most American women only want the top 10 percent of men in terms of looks and status (alpha males). They will accept no less. In their minds, they are "liberated" and do not even need men (contrary to nature and femininity). Therefore, if they are going to have a man, he needs to be of the top 10 percent, otherwise he won't be worth it. That's their self-absorbed inconsiderate mentality.

The problem is that the American woman's mentality is VERY BAD for society. Look up history and you will that no society in history has ever prospered from all women wanting the top 10 percent of men. You see, if all women only want the top 10 percent of men, that leaves A LOT of men unwanted and rejected. Most men are never going to be in the top 10 percent, especially in terms of looks and status. Hence a great deal of men will be left lonely, dissatisfied, and unhappy. They will not be able to fulfill their needs for love, romance, intimacy and sex.

As a result, they will turn to violence, drugs, alcohol, suicide, insanity or even commit mass school shootings (like Elliot Rodgers did). Thus it's definitely destructive and bad for society for all women to be overly picky and only want the top 10 percent of men.

But of course, such entitled women in America will not care, because in their view, it is "not their problem". They will simply tell the unwanted men that, "they should work on improving themselves so that they will be in the top 10 percent of men that women want". However, most men will never be in the top 10 percent, so this is useless advice, and just a stupid way for women to pass the blame onto the men rather than themselves.

What's more, most of these overly picky American women that only want the top 10 percent of men, are not within the top 10 percent of women themselves. Needless to say, it's mathematically impossible for most people to be in the top 10 percent. So in effect, these super picky women have "priced themselves out of the market". Nevertheless, they are deluded still and believe that they deserve the top 10 percent of men, even if they are nowhere near the top 10 percent themselves. They are clearly delusional. That's the result of the narcissistic American entitlement complex for you.

In great contrast, the attitude of the typical foreign woman -- of just wanting "a good man who can be a good husband and father" -- is VERY GOOD for society. You see, if all women have that attitude, then: First, it will motivate men to become GOOD, so that they can become the good husbands and fathers that women want. Thus men will strive to be men of good moral character (rather than "bad boys" like what American women want). Second, it will motivate those women to be GOOD themselves, so that they can attract the good men they want.

As a result, all men of good decent character will be able to find a good woman, and vice versa. Thus there will be NO loneliness in society. It's a WIN-WIN scenario! Or at least it's a much BETTER scenario, one which is far more conducive to a happier, healthier, and more natural society.

The good news is that such an ideal scenario is exactly how it is in many foreign countries. Think about it. Why else do you think that in other countries, there are no guys doing mass school shootings because they can't get any women, like Elliot Rodgers did in America? That doesn't happen abroad. What does that tell you? Think about it.

Now here's the kicker:

Most single American men, if you ask them, will also tell you that what they want is "a good woman who will be a good wife and mother to my children".

BINGO!!! What this means is that most foreign women and most American men want the SAME THING! They both want a good partner who will be a good spouse and parent to their children! Thus for American men to seek out foreign women is a WIN-WIN scenario for both, as well as a symbiotic relationship, since they both want the same thing.

So basically:
  1. Most Foreign women want a good man who can be a good husband and father to their children.
  2. Most American men want a good woman who can be a good wife and mother to their children.
  3. Most American women are super picky, entitled and only want the top 10 percent of men, which differentiates them from the two groups above. In effect, they've "priced themselves out of the market".
You see, most American men are NOT looking for the top 10 percent of women. They do not have such unrealistic expectations and standards (like American women do). Most American men are down-to-earth. They just want a good woman who will be a good wife and mother. That's not unreasonable. It's what men have wanted for thousands of years, and is perfectly normal and natural.

Yet for some reason, that seems to be too much to ask for in America's toxic degenerate culture -- where everything is upside down, where bad is good and good is bad, where "liberated" women do not even need men, and where women only want the top 10 percent of men, etc.

So in this sense, American men and foreign women have compatible objectives. Thus they are suited for a symbiotic WIN-WIN relationship. They both want what's natural, normal and reasonable. It's the American women that have taken themselves out of this natural equation, unfortunately.

You see, the sick twisted social engineers in America have successfully convinced women to go against what's natural, healthy and normal (e.g. liberation from femininity and womanhood). But they have NOT succeeded in convincing most men to go against what's natural, healthy and normal. Most men in America are NOT gay and are not trying to "liberate" themselves from their masculinity or natural needs, fortunately.

So while American women have caved in and submitted to the wicked design of the elite, American men have not. We men are the ones left with a fighting chance.

The good news is that American men can still find natural feminine women, by going abroad to foreign cultures where women are still women, where women are proud to be feminine. That's the GOOD NEWS, so tell everyone about it! Spread the "Good News Gospel of Global Dating", which is a message of hope and a real solution for many single men in America.

Understand this: We men cannot go against the ruling elite of America. We do not have the power to change our society, culture, or media. So we must focus on what we CAN change and what we CAN control. Going abroad and voting with your feet, is one of them. After all, it's a lot easier to buy a plane ticket to go overseas, then it is to try to change your society of course. As the libertarian author Harry Browne wrote:

"It takes far less effort to find and move to the society that has what you want than it does to try to reconstruct an existing society to match your standards." 
- Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World

That quote is so spot on and sensible. Nothing could be more true. The choice is yours. Will you stay on a sinking ship, or get off it?

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  1. Hi Winston, I have a suggestion/challenge for you: Put these comparisons of foreign and American women into a series of interaction diagrams which contrast the differences visually. Show one panel that shows a man and women with bubble type comments about one interaction type. Then show another with the interaction with the better woman. For example: The interaction is "Welcome Home After A Hard Day's Work". Women #1 ignores the man because she is watching TV. When she finally speaks to him she tells him that she's too tired to cook so they need to go out or order in. And goes back to watching TV. Woman #2 actually greets the man, hugs and kisses him, and cooks dinner for him if she doesn't work or takes turn cooking with him if she does work. A balanced relationship. I'm doing this for a book I'm writing and this could spice up your blog posts (and generate more controversy which will equal more views).

  2. I'm looking to either move to El Paso or abroad as soon as I graduate from college because I just can't put up with the dysfunctional dating scene in America anymore. I'm so glad I came to this site and this essay because if it wasn't for Happier Abroad, I would be stuck in America with the odds of being dateless forever at almost 100%. I currently live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and it's pretty much absorbed into mainstream American culture as the white girls here are all stuck up; however, the Hispanic girls are far more authentic and down to earth. Once I've moved to El Paso I'll be able to either cross the border on foot to meet some nice feminine women in Ciudad Juarez or come across non-Americanized women in El Paso.

  3. If you're looking at a foreign woman for a relationship, you might strongly consider moving to her country and living there with her, or finding another suitable place besides the US. The US has become a corrupt, toxic cesspool not only socially but politically too. Just look at DC. It's just not a healthy place anymore.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The thing with El Paso is that it's removed from mainstream US culture in a lot of ways. Being that it's right across from Ciudad Juarez, its culture is more emphasized on the Mexican part, and plus there are a lot of people living in either El Paso or Juarez who cross the border routinely. From personal experience, a lot of the women I met in El Paso were more down to earth as the conversations flowed more naturally and you could easily befriend them; in Albuquerque, it took longer to make friends (except with Christian girls) or you get acquaintance zoned.

      For those who can't go abroad yet, El Paso is definitely a place worth considering for domestic relocation.

    3. Also, because the border is right there, it's more cost effective to simply cross from El Paso into Juarez than paying $1000 USD to fly to Europe or Russia.

  4. Yeah, violence against women is definitely their fault. Maybe get them some religion and show them their place. FFS.

  5. So far after 24 year marriage and I'm 51 years old stay in shape live in snobville Idaho. I spent 3 years in Germany and the women are 10 times better than self absorbed American women. Now, getting back is my challenge.

  6. Wu is right about the ease of going overseas and meeting many beautiful, moral, and feminine women.

    That is what I am going to do again - for the third time.

    I am not going to punish, frustrate, embarrass, etc. myself by chasing after local women who do not want to date or even be friends with me.

    If you are interested in dating/marrying a foreign woman/man and someone tells you that there are some nice women/men in your local area, ignore that person.

    The question I like to ask a person who asks/tells me to date local women is:

    Where are those women located? Are they really nice? Are they really pretty? Are they really feminine? Are they easy to get along?

    I am more interested in dating/marrying a foreign women. I can find more happiness. She can bring out the best in me. I can learn about her culture. I can create great memories with her. I can take her to Universal Studios, Myrtle Beach, New York City, some random beach, and so on.

    If you want to find something beyond or have a better life, please consider dating foreign women/men. You may not regret it.


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