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Friday, November 9, 2012

Attention Truthers and Patriots: The NWO does NOT control your freedom - Other things do!

Attention Truthers and Patriots: The NWO does NOT control your freedom - Other things do!

I'm sending this letter to as many conspiracy researchers and leaders as I can: 

To all conspiracy researchers and leaders out there, such as David Icke, Alex Jones, Alan Watt, Michael Tsarion, Jordan Maxwell, Mark Passio, Jay Weidner, etc: 

I have a simple logical question for you: Why do you preach that resistance and noncompliance with the NWO government will bring about freedom for mankind? That is inaccurate, and I'll explain why.

Government and the Illuminati are not what enslave us the most. What does it matter what kind of government we have? Governments are no different from the mafia. As long as you don't break any laws and don't get in its way, the government will leave you alone to do whatever you want. It's like that in any country, including the US. So how is the US government different? How does the US stand for freedom or democracy while others don't? In fact, the US has MORE laws and regulations than other countries do, not less, so how is it more free? This myth never made any sense, not just now, but in the past as well. This "freedom and democracy" belief about America seems a lot more like a religion that people chant, than actual fact, as there is no logic or evidence which supports it. 

Most people's enslavement comes from a more simple source. What truly enslaves us the most are our jobs, marriage and especially children. These are what ENSLAVE us and tie us down into servitude much MORE than any government ever could! That's where the REAL loss of freedom is. If you are tied down and enslaved by your jobmarriage and children, then you have ZERO freedom. Thus the type of government you live under isn't even a factor, even if you are living under a dictatorship. So why this focus on government or even the Illuminati? It doesn't make sense. 

It seems that everything in society tries to tie you down and make you commit to an obligation. That's the nature of societal systems - to CONTROL and tie down people. But some people are freespirits who don't like to "settle down" into boring routines. Routines and daily obligations/commitments are the TOTAL ANTITHESIS to freedom, romance, adventure, new experiences, fun, excitement, passion, possibilities, travel, etc. Some people live for new experiences, not stable boring routines. Society doesn't acknowledge this, but instead falsely assumes that everyone wants a stable boring routine, or tries to condition them to want that. 

Simply put, you can't go out and do whatever you want when you are tied down by these three. The ruling elite are not even a factor in this. Come on now. So isn't your philosophy misplaced, when you preach that resistance of the Illuminati, and their mind control, will bring about freedom for mankind? 

Even if there were no government, ruling elite, NWO, or Illuminati, you are still enslaved and have no freedom if you have a job that controls your life, spouse to tie you down into loyalty, and children that you have to give up your life in order to serve and raise. All these things force you to SACRIFICE your freedom, time, life, resources, energy, labor, etc. and tie you down into SERVITUDE in a constant daily grind and obligate you to it. These daily obligations are the real reason why most people have no freedom. So aren't you people totally missing the mark here? 

Aren't you carrying the same false assumptions that society does, in that you assume that everyone WANTS to be tied down into routine, servitude and sacrifice, and that the only obstacles to freedom are the ruling elite? 

Why don't you conspiracy researchers try to find a solution to our real enslavement, such as teaching people how to become self-employed, how to become less dependent on money, how to have less attachments, etc? 

Of the three - jobmarriage, and children - children enslave the most. While you can quit your job and marriage, you can't quit your children, unless you abandon them or give them up for adoption. So when you have children, you are forced to give up the rest of your life in servitude to them and forget everything else in your life in a neverending routine of sacrifice with no true reward (except a psychological/emotional one, which does not apply to everyone). So children are the biggest enslavement of all, not government or Illuminati. I know that sounds bad, but it's true. 

Given these two choices: 
- Be happy and free but incur the disapproval of everyone 
- Be unhappy and miserable with the approval of everyone 

I'd much rather choose the former. Wouldn't you? 

There is no greater freedom than waking up everyday and being able to do whatever you want and go wherever you want. Waking up and seeing a world of possibilities ahead of you, now that is PRICELESS. The government, Illuminati, NWO, media, etc. are not even a factor in this. So why are they your enemy number one? Think about that. Meditate on it. Your war seems highly misplaced and misses the mark, doesn't it? 

Thanks for reading my letter. 

Winston Wu 
Founder of and


  1. Hey, what's up my friend? I totally agree that these things enslave us to no end.

    I always wanted to be a farmer, where I could raise a family on a small plot of land but be free to do as I please. The society set up, and being born in a City tarnishes this and makes one feel unworthy if they don't submit to the norms, but that same society is dishonest and wholly immoral.

    I think that children are fine, but one should not have to sacrifice too much to have them content.

    We need to go back to our roots, and live as the Natives of America did, where we can go for days to free ourselves and return to share our adventures and joyous tales.

  2. Winston you make very good points in this blog. Sadly I'm familiar with all the conspiracy gurus you mentioned above and wasted hundreds of hours on their mambo jumbo. In fact I'm even in touch with David Icke, the lizzard king.

    Anyway I will share this on other forums where I know people will read it with an open mind. It does sound like you've had a transformative personal journey. You may enjoy the Tom Leykis show in Los Angeles. Look him up please.

  3. I have to disagree with the comment that Taiwanese people are empty, emotionless shells. Although, I have never been to, or lived in Taiwan I have several Taiwanese co-workers who I have had the pleasure of working with in America. They have all been very amenable, friendly, open, and easy to get to know in addition to being easy to work with.

  4. This is by far the most unbefuckinglivable thing I have read in a long time. One person not understanding how a Psychopathic Control System which GOVERNS every known aspect of their lives destroys their freedom. Don't worry about being free from children, job or wife free yourself from the misunderstanding that the verifiable acts of many psychopathic individuals don't restrict your freedom because they most certainly do regardless of your personal belief. P.s Your analysis of Passio's work is not even critique its downright copy and paste of what you wanted to see instead of what his info actually presents.

    1. You sound like Mark Passio himself to me which kinda backs up his statements that you will talk to anyone anywhere for free, out of moral obligation.

      This dude has got it totally wrong about wife and kids from a natural law perspective. His declaration that family impedes freedom is a reflection of exactly how twisted society has become. We are all one family and are under obligation to care for all living things. That is our job within the context of natural law.

      It all changed when a certain tribe introduced circumcision. No coincidence that it is the same tribe today that controls all of our lives with the religion that is money. Their existence has always been based on the principles of divide and rule and still today very few people are aware of who is at the heart of every form of pain and suffering that exists. It all began when they severed the bond with the female and family by severing their foreskins, which is the key to the bonding of male and female. The battle of the sexes began and men started to use their superior strength to batter the by far superior, and spiritual female into submission.

    2. Winston Wu......I believe you may be a shill yourself as presenting these ridiculous notions. Below here, Unknown I think stated the point perfectly. Political freedom IS the topic, not some abstract idea of freedom from responsibilities. Which pill have you taken? Ha!~

  5. ridiculous. political freedom is the topic. not some abstract idea of freedom from responsibilities. political freedom is freedom from the orders and whims of other men. freedom from taxation, regulation, and fiat. the government puts millions of people in cages for victimless crimes such as owning a plant. how can you possible downplay that.
    and plus it could be argued if you accrue some wealth through entrepreneurialism or learning a skill, then you will be far more free than if you be some wandering traveling person who does no service to society.

  6. Total enslavement in the world. Speaking about me, I'm tied to EduZaurus review cause it's the only my income I can ever get trying to combine studying and work.


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