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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Freedom, Travel, Dating vs. Marriage, Family, Responsibility

I don't understand something. Why would anyone want to give up a life of freedom, traveling, and dating different hot women, for the boring monotonous routine life of marriage, responsibility and raising a family? It just doesn't make any sense.

In the latter, your freedom is totally gone and you are tied down into commitment, obligation and responsibility, which people call "life". Why would anyone choose such a predicament, let alone be fulfilled by it? Such a lifestyle embodies nothing but routine, servitude, burden and imprisonment. The former is obviously a thousand times more fun, exciting, interesting and pleasurable than the latter. So why would anyone choose the latter? I don't understand. It's mind boggling.

Could it be because Mother Nature has programmed people to want to raise a family, to ensure the survival of the human race? Is that the only reason? Or because society told people that raising a family was the purpose of life, and so people followed it?

Can anyone explain? I just don't understand "normal people". They've never made sense to me. Am I liberated or crazy? What do you think?

You know, it's funny how people always want to HEAR that they have freedom (or political freedom rather) but when they follow what society taught them - by getting a job and raising a family, they reduce their freedom to ZERO and don't even think about it! It's like people want to hear that they have freedom but don't want actual freedom itself. How weird and ironic.


  1. Hi
    your argument seems perfectly logical to me.
    I am unable to find a way out of this freedom. Having gone through it myself. I found that the initial married life with a caring woman and guilt free sex perfectly satisfying , rearing children when they are young also is very much filled with love in life, but when that slowly turns into maintaining the family and fulfilling the responsibilities of their education, their marriage,career and satisfying wife meeting her expectations becomes a burden on our life and life looks like an un-avoidable drudgery.
    I am trying to make meaning of out of this mess. Now I am eager to pursue my spiritual interests but I am unable to, due to the family responsibility. I want to work on what satisfies me but I am unable to, due to the attitude of my wife and the society. God help me.

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