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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Zeitgeist: The most IMPORTANT film out there! Must see! Watch and pass on!

Hi folks,
March 15 is Zeitgeist Day, and all around the world, fans of the Zeitgeist movement will be gathering and watching the second Zeitgeist film "Zeitgeist Addendum" at volunteer homes and public centers. So as a new fan of this movement, I'm doing my part in sharing this film and movement to you.

I've been watching the two films and orientation presentation of Zeitgeist during the past few days, and I must say that I am so impressed by its visionary wisdom and logic that I am declaring this film the BEST and most IMPORTANT film I've ever seen. (You know if I say something like that, then it's gotta be good)

This is the kind of film that changes the way you look at everything and ignites an awakening in you and leaves you with a visionary sense and hope for the future.

In short, this film first exposes many of the lies we've been taught and brainwashed with, then it offers brilliant technological solutions to the problems of the world that make sense and are probably humanity's best hope, and urges that we all must first change our own inner consciousness level first to begin that change. The guy who made it is obviously a very evolved genius and intellectual with great presentation skills. If you're looking for something to believe in and hope for, this is it. Just watch it and you'll see what I mean. It's been spreading like wildfire lately, and now the second film has come out which goes much deeper and is the best one. Here is the link to it:

If you feel inspired by it and believe in its cause, then please pass it on. And here is the link to the first film, which is also great, but not as good as the second.

There is also a presentation orientation that explains the concepts in an easy to understand format.

Some of its main points are:

1) Our current monetary and profit system is failing, as well as the free enterprise system. Technology and automation are displacing workers more and more each year in both the manufacturing and service sector, giving them no where to go, which in turns removes their purchasing power, which in turn reduces consumption of goods and services, thus the profit system implodes and if failing, so there needs to be a new model, which it offers.
2) Technology and science can already eliminate scarcity in the world, thus eliminating hunger and poverty, the cause of most crime. But the primary obstacle to that is the PROFIT system, which depends on scarcity to drive up prices, thus "abundance" is an enemy to such a system. Also, problems do not get solved unless there is profit in solving them, so that's why hunger and famine hasn't been eliminated yet. Therefore, the profit system needs to be replaced with a resource based economy.
3) The monetary system corrupts, therefore there can never be a truly ethical government or corporation, and in a scarcity society of haves and have-nots, you can never be truly safe if someone out there is deprived of their needs. Also, the Feds practice of creating money out of nothing is like a huge pyramid scheme that eventually will fail and implode, thus the world financial crisis right now.

Anyhow, pass these links on if you like them. The movement's website is at

If you're interested, here are some interviews you can listen to with the brilliant visionary maker of the film, Peter Joseph, on YouTube. If you listen to him talk, you will see how intellectual and obviously on a higher plane than most.

His interview on Coast to Coast

Interview on The Power Hour

Interview on Eerie Investigations

Interview on Expansion Radio

BTW, there is an interview with Alex Jones too but I wouldn't watch that one cause it's basically a debate in which Alex Jones constantly interrupts with his cave man voice and strange leaps in logic which becomes annoying as hell after a while.

Anyway, Happy Zeitgeist Day!
Winston (taking a temporary break from Happier Abroad)

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