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Monday, August 25, 2008

Summary of differences in dating/social life between US and Abroad

In summary, here are the primary differences I discovered between dating/social life in the US vs. most countries abroad:

In America:

- Women are generally paranoid, anti-social, and stuck up toward others, especially strangers. They interact with others only on an "as needed" basis and do not like to meet new people, and if they do, it's only through mutual friends.
- They have an off-the-chart sense of entitlement that makes them think they're too good for most guys. The majority of available women are gunning for the 20 percent of men at the top, thinking they deserve no less. This leaves around 80 percent of men without choices, forced to be either alone or settle for someone (fat, ugly, plain) that isn't their top pick.
- For some reason, the average female has far more dating choices than the average male, who has little or none. Anyone can see this both in real life and in online personal ads, where women receive hundreds of times more responses than men do. And of course, they are far pickier.
- Women in America nowadays have a negative general view of men and hatred toward them, which is condoned and supported by the media. In fact, some women meet a different man every week and end up hating every single one of them, regardless of their looks or personality.
- Feminism and political correctness have taken over the nation, corrupting women and giving them a false sense of pseudo-power. And the political correctness that shields women from criticism allows them to get away with almost anything with no accountability.
- Rather than being tender, soft and feminine like most women of the world aspire to be, they act overly tough and behave like Nordic warriors.
- To make things even worse, obesity has become an epidemic, and fashion standards have dropped, decreasing the number of attractive women so that unattractive females now outnumber attractive ones.
- Sex with attractive women is very hard to get in America. (And for me, sex with unattractive women is hard to get too) You have to be a very specific category type and hang in very specific groups or cliques. But even then, your choices are limited and dependent on timing and opportunity.
- The whole US social scene is cliquish, closed, exclusive, and isolationist by nature, with work and consumerism being the only constants. A weird "ice barrier" exists between strangers in the US. People are disconnected from each other and interact on an "as needed" basis only. They do not generally like to meet people, and if they do, it's only through mutual friends. Hence, the average person's social circle is severely limited to a few. (In fact, the US is the only country I know of where you can be outgoing and sociable yet have no friends)
- Friendships tend to be superficial and short term. They grow apart very easily, and are often a mere facade that lacks any true human bond or connection. Furthermore, most of your so called "friends" do not even really like you for you. And of course, most of them do not stick with you through thick and thin. Thus, it's no wonder that so many Americans say that "true friends are hard to find".

So as you can see, it's a losing battle and sinking ship, as well as a waste of time and life.

But in most of the other 200 countries outside the US, most or all of these factors are reversed.

In most countries abroad:

- Women do not put up unnatural defensive barriers toward men or strangers, but are open, approachable, sociable, and talk to strangers as if they already know them. They love meeting new people, and are not anti-social or paranoid.
- They are happy, not angry or hateful, and act more humble and modest. They do not think that men are creeps or that women are superior to men and can do no wrong.
- They enjoy flattery and compliments, and like being "hit on" or pursued, finding it manly and charming rather than "creepish".
- They are usually thin or height/weight proportionate and enjoy being feminine, acting feminine and dressing feminine. Obesity is rare and the attractive women outnumber the unattractive ones.
- Contrary to dysfunctional US females, they really do like NICE GUYS, supported by their ACTIONS not just their words. They stick with them, love them, and sleep with them.
- Basically, they are the way women were meant to be, which is refreshing to the Western male.
- Best of all, normal men (decent guys with no mental problems) actually have CHOICES among attractive women in other countries, either just as many as the women do, if not more. There are not millions of lonely depressed guys with no social life or female companionship and unable to do anything about it like there are in the US (which is probably the loneliest country in the world).
- Sex with attractive women is generally easier to get overseas, ranging from a little easier in some countries (Western Europe, Australia), to a lot easier in others (Russia, Eastern Europe, South America, Mexico), and overflowing in others (Philippines, Thailand, China).
- The social environment is naturally inclusive, so that one does not feel inherently disconnected from everyone else, even if they're alone (whereas in the US, you can be around hundreds of people yet feel totally alone, and you can also be outgoing and sociable yet be excluded and have no friends, unbelievably).
- People generally like to meet new people, and social interaction is not limited to cliques or through mutual friends. Instead, it flows naturally and smoothly. It is normal to meet people in public situations. There is not a weird "ice barrier" between strangers like there is in the US. And people generally talk to strangers with a comfortable natural demeanor, as if they already know them. Thus, if you are outgoing and sociable, you are guaranteed to make friends.
- Friendships tend to be deeper, more sincere and close-knit. They are also more long- lasting and enduring, with a truer human bond and connection. With foreign friends, a more natural camaraderie develops or is often instant. They are closer to the kind of ideal friendships you read about and cherished as a child in wholesome fictional stories that hold a place in your heart and memories. And of course, it is easy to find people that like you for you. In fact, "true friendships" develop more naturally and smoothly.

All these things are a huge refreshing difference, a world of difference in fact. Though these differences are as glaringly obvious as the blue sky above, NONE of it receives ANY publicity in the US. You aren't supposed to know about them for some reason. And that's what this website tries to remedy, by getting this info out there and educating those who need to know.


  1. Wow, I agree 100%! American women are unfriendly, anti-social and only meet men through their friends! Women in America are the most unfriendly, unapproachable and anti-social women in the world! Don't believe me, then try striking up a conversation with a women in a bookstore or grocery store in America and see what kind of reaction you get from her! Also, the entire social environment in America is very cliquish and non inclusive. It seems as if there is a bubble around people that gives off a vibe that says, "don't talk to me." It's time that men in America went overseas to meet some friendly women and improve there social life!

  2. American women are unfriendly cold aloof disconnected vain materialistic moneycentered uncaring unkind cruel. They are more unfriendly or worse outside grade school than in it. Cold as ice. Colder than ice. If a guy doesnt get a girlfriend during Junior High or High School and if the guy is physicslly ugly mentally ill shy and with poor social skills then his chances of finding a girlfriend in the outside world are ZERO. ZILCH. Girls and women outside grade school are totally unfriendly detached disconnected. Nearly all pretty women are unfriendly. When I find a pretty girl who is friendly(super rare and I can count them on the fingers of one hand) they are already taken or its against their job policy to date me. It turns out that even the average looking women are impossible to get because they are unfriendly or already taken. All I can get are ugly women gold diggers sluts hookers escort services all of which are lousy unsatisfactory and unhealthy choices. So I get nothing. My life is endless unrelieved loneliness day after day and year after year. I have to to go another year of being lonely. Girls and women at my workplace or the libraries shopping malls parks beaches at church on the street etc all ignore me and shun me and treat me like Im invisible or treat me like garbage. Its pitiful. What makes it sadder is that we have a God who allows this evil and suffering. Why create physical ugliness and mental illness when so much alienation and LONELINESS are the end results? Its a cruel negligent incompetent God who allows this crap. God forgot to give women a heart. Im not so sure this God has a heart and Im not even sure this God is rational.Im not even sure this God is sane and Im not even sure He has any reasoning ability. Countless thousands of guys suffer from loneliness all over the world. American women are the worst.

    1. As a physically ugly mentally ill shy guy Im forever lonely. I cant afford to travel to foreign countries to meet better women. Plus Im lousy with directions and I would get lost easily and I have a sick dysfunctional family Im bogged down to. While I agree with Winston Wu 100 percent that American women are unfriendly and unapproachable I question the claims that women in foreign countries such as the Phillipines and Russia are friendly. Here where I live in America I have seen foreign women such as Filipinos French Germans English Chinese Swedish Korean Mexican Indian Bangladeshi African American Norwegian Danish Spanish South American Japanese etc and I have not found any of them to be very friendly. So Russian women are more friendly than American women. Thats not saying much. Thats like saying that Moe of the 3 Stooges is smarter than Curly and Larry. Not that much smarter. I just dont think they are going to be friendly when they see a physically ugly mentally ill shy guy such as me. I have a 58 year old male cousin who is also totally lonely his whole life. He too is physically ugly shy and mentally ill. He lives in a foreign Asian country and the women are just as unfriendly there as in America. The only solutions for us ugly mentally ill shy guys are 1) Artificial Human Companions or Women Robots or Fembots or Androids. Japan and the US has come out with them. The prices should be lowered to less than a thousand dollars and they should be made easily available in stores and by mail order. The real live thing is unfriendly and unattainable. The real live thing is cruel and evil. The real live thing SUCKS. Thats why we need Women Robots for companions. 2) We need escort services that provide hugging affection dating companionship WITHOUT SEX. Sex is too dangerous with diseases. And there is also the risk of getting arrested. I dont want to have to worry about getting diseases and I dont want to worry about getting arrested. Cant a poor lonely guy get love and affection anywhere? We need an escort service who provides female companionship hugging dating talking and friendship WITHOUT SEX. Its high time we have such a service. An escort service is degrading and dangerous but I feel I have nowhere else to turn to in this cruel screwed up world. Ive tried dating services and Im tired of it. It hasnt gotten me anywhere. Plus Im limited with what I can do on the computer. I cannot handle all those instructions asking me for emails passwords usernames credit cards etc. I dont have credit cards and I dont intend to. Im also not the type who likes bars and pubs. Anywhere else is forbidden and discouraged to talk to women. Women nearly everywhere in public are unfriendly unapproachable cold aloof fearful mistrustful disconnected. America is the land of alienation and loneliness. A physically ugly mentally ill shy guy like me has no chance of getting a date. Zero. Zilch. The outlook is very bleak.

    2. Anonymous - physically ugly mentally ill shy American guys do just fine anywhere in Southeast Asia, I am an expat in Thailand. I believe South America is similar and yes Russia, Eastern Europe and pretty much anywhere in Asia are better social environments for dating than the US. Everyone says they can't afford to go abroad, but that's just stupid; its far cheaper to live in most Asian countries, and if you get a minimum wage job and save for about a month you can afford a plane ticket.


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