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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Did anyone else see that disturbing episode of Home Improvement?

Now, I have no problem with theoretical feminism that says that women should be equal to men. But the feminism that is applied in America is mostly a front for male bashing, female domination, and an excuse for women getting away with anything they want. This type of modern feminism is rife with double standards, exemplified in the bulk of US mass media. Anyone who’s not brainwashed can see that US feminism is NOT about equality, but about DOMINANCE of hateful females.

One example is the TV sitcom Home Improvement. In it, Tim Allen is always set straight by his wife Jill in each episode and every episode ends with him admitting that Jill was right and that men ought to listen and obey their wives, which is the moral of the sitcom series. It’s as if the whole sitcom TV series is preaching some twisted form of new morality of right and wrong principles that men need to be emasculated and submit to female dominance. It’s a very one-sided principle that teaches that men are ALWAYS wrong when they argue with women. Ick. I’d rather get my moral lessons from the old Aesop’s Fables, which are far more wholesome and do not degrade a whole gender over the other, than feminist mass media sitcoms. There’s no way they’re brainwashing me with such twisted values, for I, Winston Wu, am immune to brainwashing!

The most horrible example of this that I saw in Home Improvement was in the episode where Jill demanded that Tim get a vasectomy (have his genitals surgically altered so as not to produce any fertile sperm during intercourse) done so that they could enjoy a normal sex life without the risk of Jill getting pregnant again. At first, Tim resisted, lamenting his loss of “manhood” from such an operation, and even became the butt of jokes from others about it. But as in every episode, he eventually gave in at the end and agreed to have the operation.

In real life, a real man wouldn’t have given in like that. But the wimpy emasculated feminist puppet Tim Allen character did. Somehow, the scriptwriters of the show were insinuating that men need to obey every wish of their woman, even if it means getting a vasectomy against their wishes!!!!! So in other words, a man’s sexual organs are owned by his woman too! I can’t believe that this episode didn’t cause an outrage. If there were a Men’s Rights Movement, I’m sure it would have though.

In any case, if that episode is a sign of the “wave of the future” in America, then I’m outta here!


  1. "Now, I have no problem with theoretical feminism that says that women should be equal to men.

    Winston, I have news for you: the "theoretical" feminism that you have no problem the exact same feminism that bit you, me, and every other guy in the ass.

    Feminism is and always has been an ideology that advances women's interests. Men are totally out of the picture - unless they can be used to find solutions to advance women's interests. This is the fatal mistake many well-meaning men make when they approach some sweet-talking nonsense like feminism or equality.

    There is no "equality" between men and women, because the two sexes are fundamentally different from one another. They must occupy different spheres and take on different roles befitting their different-ness.

    The fact is, women in general are more emotionally-prone, less logical/rational, and therefore weaker in the realm of emotional stability and maturity. And this already in addition to their inherently weaker physical strength.

    To put it bluntly, women are second-rate in terms of both psychological and physical strength. They are not innovators or inventors. They are not artistic thinkers or writers. They are not builders. They could never, ever create advanced, functioning societies with rich artistic cultures by themselves. Only men can do that.

    All of what we see around us today, the technological and artistic advances, is the fruit of man's labors and creative ingenuity. Women have always been out of the picture.

    Unlike men, whose nature is aggressive, women's nature is passive; their view of men is far different from men's view of women.

    With the two sexes so differently structured, equality in society between men and women is both absurd and un-intelligent.

    Feminism - whether "theoretical" or not - is an evil, pure and simple. It is based on spite and vengeance towards men - and must be confronted by men with anger and determination to root it out.

  2. Sheee-it. HOME IMPROVEMENT is Tim Allen's own creation. He might not be the show runner but he designed the characters and should have decisive input into the show's scripts. Do you really think he's crying about his own show's impact (for better or worse) as long as it's still going?

    The fact that his character lets himself be overruled by his wife is the basis for the show's COMEDY. Pathetic? Kind of. Necessary? Unfortunately, yes.

    The fundamental problem you are on the brink of seeing:
    Ironically, Lucille Ball was the only comedienne to let herself be torn down by a male lead (deliberately), and she reaped MILLIONS from it, eventually becoming the first female (comedy) megastar and actually buying most of the film stock produced in Hollywood.

    I should like the National Organization of Men to organize a protest against these man-bashing sitcoms, but apparently there's only 79 of us.
    Best, KK

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