Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why is there a hatred of men in American culture?

Now, this isn’t just about women being spoiled by higher economic status, privileges and entitlements. With American women, it goes beyond that. Besides being overly paranoid, anti-social and defensive, they also have an inherent subconscious hatred toward men as well as an assumption that men are creeps, which they constantly seek to validate for some odd reason. It’s very mentally unhealthy and dysfunctional to say the least, and contributes greatly to the horrid dating scene for men in the US.

This strange collective female hatred toward men, which seems to have begun in the early 1990’s, is what sets American women apart from the females in the other 200 countries of the world. If you look at the economically privileged women in Western Europe or Australia for example, you may find a bit of a snobby attitude too, but you will not find this deep-seated disdain for men that is so prevalent in the US, thank goodness.

As a matter of fact, it is like a collective psychosis that sabotages any possibility of a normal relationship or friendship with men, making them anything but happy, healthy, comfortable, natural, or symbiotic. In short, they project the “shit” in their head onto others.

To make things worse, the US media perpetuates this by portraying negative images of men to validate this psychotic anger toward men. It’s all a sick twisted vicious cycle that makes America a nightmarish place for men who love women.

And what’s even worse than that is the fact that you aren’t even allowed to TALK about any of this in America, or else you are seen as a creep, loser or freak. There is an unspoken censorship and taboo in America against the mere mention that women are antisocial in America, that they hate men or treat them badly. It’s another classic case of The Emperor’s New Clothes. So much for free speech.

It’s kind of like being caught between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, women hate you and treat you like shit, and on the other, you aren’t allowed to speak out about it. It’s no wonder that many men have coined the term “feminazi” on the internet. Like the Nazis, these men-hating women stand for hate and censorship.