Sunday, September 11, 2016

Water everywhere and not a drop to drink

The American dating scene is getting worse and worse by the day. The fall semester just started at my college and i've noticed something very alarming, the guys at my college aren't really trying to socialize with the women! Almost all of the guys in my classes seem very insecure and shy around women. There could be a variety of reasons for the behaviors young American men are exhibiting, but my theory is that more and more young American men are realizing that the American dating scene is completely hopeless and they are giving up.

It's really sad to see how bad the situation is because one would think that a college would be one of the few places a young American guy would have a snowball's chance of meeting a woman, but that's just not the case anymore. All the women at colleges have boyfriends, even the unattractive ones. At least that's been my experience. I can't count the number of times i've thought about making a move on a woman in one of classes only to find out that she already has a boyfriend. I literally can't think of a single remotely attractive woman i've met who didn't already have a boyfriend, yet I know tons of single men.

The bottom line is the demographics do not favor young men. The millennial generation is a sausage fest, and to make matters worse, some older guys are dipping into the millennial dating pool. You know it's bad when there aren't any single women in an environment like a college where women outnumber men. It's like the old saying goes "There's water everywhere and not a drop to drink".


  1. Wow, that is surprise as I go to college, mainly online, but when I was required to do some classes in person, there was people socializing and hooking up.

    Even more surprising, is that even though I am over weight and was married at the time, there was this one girl who seemed interested in me.

    Myself being 29, am aware that it is not like how it was for many of our parents where if they did not meet their high school sweet heart, they would have found a college spark or two.

  2. To make matters far worse, college women LOVE that guys are going shy! The present generation of college women in fact is easily 99 percent lesbian. And lesbians are the absolute most toxic, abhorable, disconnected, man hating, and unapproachable trash on Planet Earth! You can not approach within less than even 15 feet of them without getting in trouble! Tell them that homosexuality is a sin, and you'll start the Mother of All Tirades of destructive, alienating gossip. Gossip that can coast on for days and spread like an untamed grass fire across an entire college campus.

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