Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The deep emptiness in America that no one dares to talk about - My lecture to two guys at Subway today


Tonight I went to eat at Subway here in Phoenix. There were two black guys there. I was afraid they might mug me.

But after a while, we started talking about how the sugar in the sodas there were unhealthy and then I gave them my deep spiel about the problems in America.

First, I talked about how unhealthy and fattening the food is in America. Then I got a little deeper and said that people overeat in America not just cause the food is addicting, but because there is an inherent EMPTINESS and depression in America that other countries don't have. People feel it but don't know what to do about this deep emptiness, so they use food to try to fill it. They use food as an escape from the emptiness in America, in other words. So that was another factor.

I also explained to them that the society and media in America NEVER acknowledge this emptiness and how it's not talked about but denied. Society expects you to fill your void with CONSUMERISM and WORK, but in reality, those things do NOT really fill the human soul. Hence you have so many miserable, angry, stressed, depressed looking faces everywhere you go in America.

Yet no one wants to talk about this. You are not supposed to talk about this either. Instead, people talk about the weather and say "Hi how are you? I'm doing great." everyday as a mask to cover it all up and deny it. It's a sad reality and state of affairs in America. Yet it goes unacknowledged by the media and society and in casual conversation.

In other countries, there isn't this great emptiness because there is a natural sense of connection with others. That's why people in other countries don't need to go see therapists like Americans do. Overseas, there isn't this extreme isolation where everyone is in a bubble and paranoid of others. Not even in Mexico, where everything is corrupt, but people have natural connection and develop natural social relationships with others. But you don't have that in America.

Social connection fulfills your soul. Isolation, consumerism and slave jobs do not. America is in denial about all this and doesn't want to face it. I wish CNN would have me on to talk about this, but they won't.

I also explained to them that the purpose of sports on TV is to distract you, to get you to focus on something useless, so you don't realize what's going on or think too much or try to change things.

The two guys fully agreed with me, even though it was unusual to have such a deep discussion at a Subway with strangers. I apologized for being philosophical rather than superficial, but they were fine with it and agreed with everything I said. They said that as long as something is true and represents reality, they are cool with it.

Like I said, black guys tend to be very down to earth and like hearing the truth. That's why we have so many of them on the HA forum.

What I find is that when you talk about deep truths like this with strangers in America, they tend to agree, because it's so obvious, even though it's a social taboo to talk about such things. So don't be too afraid to talk about these things with others. Most of the time, they will agree.

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