Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Harry Potter sucks! Why is it successful? I'm confused


Harry Potter sucks. I mean, there is nothing special or interesting about Harry Potter at all. The story is cliched. And the characters have no depth or charisma. They are empty and hollow. The films are not engaging at all.

Anyone else confused about its success?

There are many better books out there, but this one has all this success?! That's insane.

Even "The Neverending Story" and "The Wizard of Oz" are far better stories than Harry Potter. They at least have meaning and symbolism behind them.

I saw all the Harry Potter films and they just seemed like CGI displays without any story or point. I tried reading the book once but after the first page, it seemed too boring to continue.

I wonder if the media hypes mediocre books like this for conspiratorial reasons? Sometimes they hype about something that sucks for no reason.

I also never understood what was so good about the Lord of the Rings films either. I never read the books, but the films look like a bunch of CGI video game battles. Nothing deep or profound. It seemed like a lot of fuss over one little ring.

Btw, I saw the Hobbit film when I was little. Is that story and the Lord of the Rings story the same thing? What's the difference?