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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Dream Connections vs. AFA Romance Tours - 5 Reasons to Choose A Foreign Affair


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Greetings. If you are a gentleman planning to book an international romance tour to find your lovely foreign bride, then you have probably heard of A Foreign Affair and Dream Connections. And you may be trying to decide which one to choose and comparing them. If so, then here are some advantages of AFA over Dream Connections below for your consideration. (* Disclaimer: AFA did NOT ask me to write this. It is my opinion piece.)

Summary list of the advantages that A Foreign Affair (AFA) offers over Dream Connections (DC)

1) AFA offers tours in a lot more countries than DC does. See list here.

2) AFA's tour prices are lower than DC's. They range from $2,000 - $3,000 on up, depending on length and package.

3) AFA romance socials have a higher quantity of ladies that attend, due to their vast network of partnerships with local agencies in each country. So there are more women to choose from than in DC.

4) AFA puts their clients in upscale luxurious class hotels that would normally cost a client $50 to $100 if they paid on their own. In contrast, DC puts their clients in a 16 dollar stand quality hotel room in Nikolaev (which has been verified via direct hotel with the hotel). So the accommodations that AFA provides are superior in quality and class.

5) AFA was established in the 1990's when the romance tour industry began. Thus they have much more experience, expertise and industry contact networks, than DC does. And they are more established and stable too, since they go way back and have withstood the test of time. In contrast, DC is a relatively new company and is thus more volatile.

To learn more about AFA tours, see here.

In contrast, here are seven drawbacks and problems with Dream Connections, run by Mark and Anna Davis:

1) Mark Davis' "80 percent success rate" claim is misleading and uses the wrong barometer and criteria to define "success".

2) The 5 thousand dollar price tag of the Dream Connections tour is too high, exorbitant and unjustified.

3) Clients of Dream Connections do get scammed, used and deceived by the ladies on their tour sometimes, regardless of what Mark claims. This has been reported and testified to from various sources, thus their tours are not scam-free as they claim.

4) The claim that Dream Connections screens the ladies to ensure that the tours will be scam free - and hence justifies its high cost - is iffy, vague, unproven, unjustified and misleading. Especially when dishonest women and scammers on their tours have been reported, thus proving the opposite, and hence the higher cost is not justified.

5) Mark's wife Anna, who is co-owner of the company, has been known to be cold, distant and unsocial to her high paying tour clients, and is lacking in people skills and social skills.

6) Mark has used deceptive and misleading advertising in his promos, and has even taken credit for AFA's successes and media appearances.

7) Mark's tour doesn't offer any variety of countries to choose from, unlike AFA.

These seven drawbacks and problems with Dream Connections have been elaborated on with citations and quotations in my blog article here.

Now I am not trying to tell you which one to choose. I am merely trying to summarize some of the pros and cons of each to you so you can make a better informed decision. Ultimately it's up to you of course. I just wanted you to consider the above first.

Thanks for reading. Best wishes to you in your search for a foreign mate. If you haven't yet, be sure to check out my 15 great reasons to seek a foreign woman here. I'm sure it will inspire you. :)

Best of luck,

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  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. WARNING: The woman 41 seconds in the video "Anna" Anya Bulat, was engaged to me 6 weeks ago and we lived together for 5 weeks! I was on the Dream Connections tour in Nov 2018 and she had multiple men on social media and in real life, she was seeing on the side secretly. Guys on the tour: she is very dangerous, a narcissist, and will use you for every dime you have and then toss you aside. I told Mark and DC about this, but I had already paid my $5,000 so they really didn't care. Watch out for her.
    Not only did the "champion of men" and "man card academy guru" not stand up for me as the man, he believed every word and lie she said. Once your $5,000 is paid, they really don't care about you. He is also using his "Quest Mastermind" as a funnell to bring more guys into the Dream Connections fold, even if they are married at the time. He told me I was ready emotionally ready for the tour, 3 weeks after my divorce. I clearly wasn't ready, but he was my Quest Mastermind mentor and "man's coach", so I believed him. I was nearly destroyed by a professional scammer and narcissist. Not only did Dream Connections and Mark not take her profile down to protect other guys as I asked multiple times, but they featured her on their new video for the next tour! Feeling very used and scammed.
    Oh, and maybe 1 out of 20 guys is getting married from the tour.. That's a 5% success rate, not 80% as they claim...., unless you count getting scammed and used by professional daters, a "meaningful relationship". Guys, as a military veteran and a man, I can tell you: avoid the personality cult of Mark Edward Davis, and Dream Connections. There are much safer and more cost-effective options out there.

  3. I notice you don't mention that AFA clients also sometimes get scammed by unscrupulous women. Why not?

    You also don't mention that AFA make vast amounts of money from 'letter' writing over their site, and my own experience showed that the women in the profiles often have no idea that they are being written to, so men are being scammed into paying to write messages to women who do not even know they exist. With the money AFA make off their pay per letter operation, they can probably afford to offer tours for a lower price.


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