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HORROR Stories From Dream Connections Clients - Scamming Ladies Exposed!

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Holy cow! Check out these SHOCKING HORROR stories from Dream Connections clients posted on a review site called Site Jabber below. They surprise even me! I never would have imagined these things on a DC tour. In the first account, a guy gets scammed by a lady on the DC Bangkok tour who turned out to be a prostitute and bar girl, and was very aggressive in getting him to hand her cash! In the second account, a guy gets on the DC bus that came to get him from the airport, only to have toxic exhaust fumes blowing into his face from the rear of the bus which leaked into the interior! WTF?! Can you imagine paying $5,000 for a DC tour only to end up on their bus transport with poisonous fumes in your face from a dangerously damaged bus they hired for you?! Geez! For $5,000, why couldn't Mark Davis and DC get a better bus than one that blow toxic fumes in your face? Golly! Talk about first class VIP service! Goodness gracious. For 5k, you'd think the clients would at least get to ride in comfort in an air conditioned vehicle. Even I'm shocked by this. I thought I'd seen it all. The last account below is particularly incriminating and damning and will make you shake your head.

“Expensive way to meet Ukraine Women”
Went on a DC tour this year (2017)

Arrived and was met at the Airport, driver was on his phone constantly and this was a safety concern for me. I paid a lot of money and traveled a long way. TO be involved in a traffic accident would have ruined my vacation. Safety should be paramount.

Accommodation was 2 and 1/2 Star at best !
Bus transfer from Odessa was terrible, exhaust fumes were coming into the rear of the bus where I was sitting. No air conditioning and felt sick from heat and fumes.
When I complained it was stated that this was the only bus available ???

No shortage of women who wanted to go on a "date" naturally as they get flowers chocolates dinner and entertainment. I did have some great dates but that was because it was all in fun no serious contenders.

I meet 2 women who were what I was looking for, One was just after as much as she could get and picked EXPENSIVE places every time. Lunch was $60 USD !!!! Dinner was always double that.
I suggested bowling and other activities but NOT interested. She always had Steak and Seafood. Also I felt she KNEW some of the staff at the restaurants we were going to.

That went south very quickly !

There was no free time to explore the city and it seems that DC does not want you to freelance or explore on your own, I have traveled extensively and do not require BABYSITTING.

So it is way more expensive than portrayed in the videos.
Overall disappointed in this tour. 80% seems to be an exaggeration most men on my tour went away without any success. 
Others were just plain ripped off by some of the women.

Good Points.
Translator was Excellent
Met a great bunch of men
Will be going to Ukraine again as it is a good place to visit.

Tip for consumers: Go with a friend and get a local interpreter !


“This lot recruit hookers and pass them off as genuine girls”
I recently was unlucky to come across a recruiter for this company based in Bangkok Thailand. She used to work for a much bigger more reputable agency. it turns out that the recruiting methodology in Dream Connections Thailand is flawed.

They introduced me to a girl. I am an Australian and although I earn decent money I am no Gordon Gecko. They told her I was an Australian industrialist but I liked to keep my wealth quiet. Lol! She would not mention money and I was told not to. We spent a pleasant evening and the following day she called me. We went out again and at her insistence we finished up back in my hotel. The following morning it started. She was looking at every single one of my posessions and valuing them.

At about 9am she showered and put on her clothes. I asked her where she was going and she said she had to see a family member for lunch. That's nice I said. Where is lunch? Without flickering an eyelid she said Rayong. (Rayong is about 3 hours in a fast car) She asked for the taxi money to go to Rayong (about THB 4000 each way) which is about USD300. I politely declined and then she sat at the end of the bed and started to cry.

I immediately realised there was going to be a problem here. She was not going to leave my room without Taxi money (for an obviously fictitious Journey) and I was not going to leave her in my room with my laptop.

To cut to the chase she cried for 2 hours about how she had no money. I managed to pack all my gear and get it into my suitcase which I then took down to reception with her in tow. (It was the only way to get her out of the room. We then left the hotel and I went to the ATM. (I had packed my Thai ATM card and left it in the hotel)

This girl was a hooker and tried to embarass me into paying $300 for a night of her company. I was not playing ball especially after I had paid THB 3000 to meet her in the first place. 

When I got away from her by telling her I was going to the airport (which incidentally is in the same direction as Rayong so she was never going there) she apparently went back to my hotel and claimed that she had left her watch in my suitcase. Fortunately the hotel staff were wise to this.

I got back to my hotel at 3pm to find her sitting in the lobby. As soon as she saw me the tears started again. Being Australian, I am pretty difficult to embarass and fortunately had a friend (male) with me who spoke decent Thai. She was gone within 3 minutes. He told me later that he told her he recognised her from Soi Cowboy (the Bangkok Red light district) and he would tell her boss she was moonlighting when she should be working. He also told me he knew her Foreign boyfriend who was sending her money (this was a bluff) but it turned out to be true. 

Avoid Dream connections like the plague. Thank god I only wasted USD 100. It is possible to waste an awful lot more.

I even went to their website to complain but then I saw them selling this dream of love. The front man is frankly ridiculous and gives Used Car Salesmen a bad name. The response from the recruiter was she obviously did not see you as husband material after the first date so tried to make the best of her situation

Stick with the agencies you can trust!


Tip for consumers: Stay away. You will not find your dream girl with this abortion of a site


“Don't you mean nightmare connections?”
I went on a tour in 2015 and met a beautiful woman. Initially everything was good but it didn't take long for the woman to start asking for financial help. I brought it to the owners and their coaching was a joke. They wanted me to give her a chance but finally even they had to agree she was only interested in money. But here's the corker, she was seen at future tours. 

The owners only care about the money they get from the men, nothing else.


“I am an unhappy Client of this company and would never use them again”
I took a tour with Dream Connections in 2015. The videos promised that they over delivered and under sold. The opposite is true. You pay a minimum of $5000 to meet a bunch of women, 90% of which were not on the website (total bait and switch). We were told that all the women were vetted. This is simply not true. I dated a few women, one for some time and none of them were vetted. In fact one of the ones I dated just showed up the day I arrived because a friend suggested it. She had never heard of the agency before.

If they had vetted this woman they could have saved me a lot of heart ache and money. It took a few months to find out the truth but the entire time I was dating her she was communicating with other men on different websites and accepting gifts, expensive gifts. 

The owners, Mark and Anna Davis talk a good game but only care about the money. How do I know this? Once the tour is over they have no interest in knowing what's happening unless you book another tour. I even told them that the relationship ended and they not only didn't inquire as to what happened, but they didn't even acknowledge it.

To add insult to injury I have friends that still follow them and have seen this woman come back many times to their socials. From talking to members of previous and past tours, this isn't the first or last time this has happened.

If you are going to take a tour with any agency that introduces you to foreign women, I would not use Dream Connections unless you want to over pay and get very little for the money. The hotel in Nikolaev was $12 a night and we paid $5000 plus airfare. It's a total rip off. They claim to have a 'proprietary method" and that's why they charge so much. What they actually do is stick you in a room with 30-50 women, most are average to below average looking, and it's one mini blind date after another.


“If looking for a serious marriage agency do not go here!”
Dream Connections appears to be the brainchild of husband and wife team Mark and Anna Davis. Clearly it is not. It is just the rehash of every out of date unworkable method for meeting serious women that Anastasia and European Connections gave up on as old hat when Bill Clinton was still President.

The company is expertly marketed and presented. Otherwise how do con men stay in business.

They charge you $4997 (note that is much cheaper than the $5,000 threshold that would turn off many clients) and that is for a fully catered week in the top hotel in Nikolaev Ukraine. 9 nights in this hotel is superb value at just over $500 per night when can get you an identical room for $12.

Sorry I forgot about the lavish party they lay on. This is an afternoon meet and greet in a Ukrainian style multiplex restaurant with different themed rooms. The meal I ate would have been sent back if you had tried to charge more than $5 for it.

The women that you meet are all thoroughly vetted. let me clarify that. The ones that have medical training to do with animals are vetted. The rest are just girls introduced by other agencies in Nikolaev with catch titles such as "Marry a millionaire", "Find a rich boyfriend" and my personal favourite "" Hmm.

In short, the men are advertised as ATM's and the girls pick which one they want. I am personally worth 7 figures US but not a lot more. I was in the top quartile regarding wealth but stood no chance with the real hotties who spookily made B lines for the slightly naive Limey on the Tour who from what we could tell owned half of London and was pathetically poor at hiding it. 

Why did I go on the Tour? I forgot to say that Mark Davis is desperate to get a reality show off the ground about his business. He seems to think that he is a clever enough con man to fool all of the people all of the time. I went because he gave me the tour for free as I was "researching" for my production company's reality show. 

I had been in Nikolaev less than 24 hours before I realised the real story here is Mr and Mrs Davis business ethics, or rather lack of them.

Those of us with journalistic integrity always realise there are three sides to every story. Normally his, hers and the truth. As this is a review, clearly it is only one sioe of the story. I think my opinion is already clear.

So let us look at the facts.

17 single men attended the Dream Connections tour. 15 crashed and burned within one month of the end of the tour. One guy even cancelled all his other dates so he could concentrate on his love match and when he would not buy her a $300 dress on his last night in town because he only had $200 in cash left and his ATM cards did not work in the thriving business metropolis that is Nikolaev she stood him up on "Prom night" and was seen later that night wearing a ring on her finger with her tongue down the throat of some local guy. like I said thoroughly vetted.

His follow up on client care is about as useful as trying to shoot down a spy plane with a bow and arrow. Admittedly I set him up on this but one of the clients that crashed and burned felt so low about his experience at the hands of DreamCorruptions,com that he confided in me that after the tour Davis did not even phone him to see how he was. I suggested he contemplated repeating the tour. Davis was on the phone within 3 hours pitching. When he asked could he have the same deal second time round as Russell was given Davis hung up.

I gave Davis the chance to answer these accusations but he was busy preparing for a marketing seminar. I really should sign up for this seminar he has been diligently preparing for 4 months and is too busy to answer the accusations that he simply buys in girls to make his agency look busy.

So if you will not answer me in private then here is your chance to in public

1, Why is your tour $4997 when highly reputable companies offer tours to the same city at less than 40% of the cost and have 4-5 times as many women on their books?

2. Why do you try to justify the massive overcharging with comments like "we give you a full time assistant" who you pay less than $300 for her work?

3. Why is one of the first questions out of the mouth of most of the women at your meet and greet events is "Is he rich"?

4. You have been operating for 5 years and from the research we have done we can only find 4 Couples that are married and happy as a result of you company's efforts. a pretty poor performance?

5. Having taken one of your tours why do you get very zero repeat business? 

Davis, I put it to you in this public forum that you are a devious money grabbing uncaring business entity (man is not the right word) that is exclusively in this trade to fleece as much money as you can from emotionally vulnerable men and that should you be outed as in this manner the Marriage agency business would be a better place.

Just to finish off. In a court of law you have to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. My review is based upon everything that I heard and saw but there is one piece of information that is not common knowledge. My mother is from Moscow and I have spoken fluent Russian from the age of 6. So when your translators talk to a girl about picking up her date fee after the meeting at least train them to do it when the client is out of earshot.

To conclude my review, the words of my journalism tutor at NYU. If you have nothing positive to say say nothing. On that note I conclude my review of

Updated Review March 2017.

It seems the latest lie from Davis is that the last tour he did in January was a sellout. This tour was to their Thailand Operation. Davis clearly states in his videos that he can accommodate up to 24 men on one of his tours. I openly Challenge Davis to give the names of the 24 men that attended his sellout Thailand Tour. 

I may be waiting a long time as he clearly does not read site jabber or we have responded to the questions asked by this programme maker recently or is he still so busy with preparing for his marketing seminar that he started work on 4 months ago.

Could it be the reason that he can not provide the satisfied client list of 24 names is that the list would be at least 21 short His sell out tour of Thailand consisted of two clients and one paid stooge. Hardly a sellout. 

Davis. You are openly being called a fraud and a Charlatan and here is your opportunity to answer but you choose not to. If i were a cynic I would suggest you are trying to bury this negative review of your dodgy business practices below platitudes from the 3% of satisfied clients you clearly do have.

This writer has now been made aware (admittedly through a source that wishes to remain anonymous so my journalistic integrity on this occasion must protect my source) that one of the happy smiling couples on your front page have in fact not spoken to each other for over a year and that the lady is now a full time employee of your operation in Ukraine. Someone less generous than myself might call this hush money.

Davis. you are a fake and you are being called out as one. Anyone taking one of your tours runs the risk of marrying a green card hunter or in worst case scenario a common prostitute. There is the clear allegation. What have you got to say for yourself?

RJWB March 2017

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  1. I am surprised to read this negativity of Mark Davis of Dream Connections agency. Of course, he is not perfect like I and everyone else are not perfect. But, I believe that he is still sincere, honest, caring, straightforward, etc. He and his Ukrainian wife Anna have created real and happy international couples. The business Dream Connections still exists as of today. Even Better Business Bureau, CNN, and Bloomberg-TV like the int'l dating agency. So, forget what the haters say. It just seems that they want to continue complaining and being miserable.

    1. No one is expecting him to be perfect. That's irrelevant here. The issue is: Are their claims misleading or false or not? It seems that you didn't even read the article about the specific examples above that indicate misleading claims. For example, they use unscreened women on their tours which have scammed men, which means their claim that all their women are screened is false. Also, their success rate is 10 percent at most or possibly even less, not 80 percent as they claim. This is provable with basic logic as explained in the article. These are key misleading claims which you ignored due to cognitive dissonance.

      You are welcome to come to the HA forum and discuss DC in our long open discussion thread here:

      Also anyone can pay the BBB to get their endorsement. It's a private business, not a government agency. And CNN will give you good coverage if you're a Freemason or connected in the right circles or if one of your shareholders and investors are too. CNN is by no means a bastion of truth, look at how many times they lied about Donald Trump.

  2. All I'm going to say about this, is that $5,000 for a tour is a lot of money. It's puzzling why DC charges this amount. I've been to Ukraine before, and not for the purpose of romance or sex tours, and still went on a lot of dates with different women. Even with airfare, getting a decent apartment in a central location, and daily expenses, the total for my trip still did not come out to $5K. Even if one wanted to sign up on a reputable dating site, the cost would not even come close to the $5K range. Just sayin'.


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