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20 Reasons Not to Join the Military: Why it's foolish, illogical and doesn't serve your country

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy."
- James Madison

"Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy."
- Henry Kissinger

Why would anyone join the military and get killed in a war?

I have a vehement question that I don't get. Why would anyone be dumb enough to join the military and go to war, where one has EVERYTHING to lose and NOTHING to gain? Technically, it's akin to committing suicide for no valid reason, especially since American involvement in wars usually have nothing to do with "serving your country" or "defending freedom".

I'm surprised they got anyone to serve in the Iraq War. What if no one agreed to go? Why would anyone go in the first place against all reason and common sense, as well as against their own survival instinct?

Who would risk their life and limb for a war they have nothing to gain from and everything to lose? Technically, it's no different than committing suicide. Further, there are no logical reasons to serve in a war, while there are many logical reasons not to, which I will elaborate on below.

Anti-war sentiment has been mainstream in America for a long time. Back in the 80's, blockbuster movies like "Born on the Fourth of July" with Tom Cruise and "Full Metal Jacket" by Oliver Stone, eloquently portrayed the true horrors of war as unjust and deceitful, without glory or honor.

So even back in the 80's, the American people already knew the truth about the horrors of war, and how there was nothing glorious in it, and how the government deceived young people into the military. The Vietnam War was a prime example, which was ingrained into the minds of the American people.

So how could anyone agree to serve in the Iraq War in 2003? Did they forget all those Oliver Stone films made long ago? Did they forget about the movie "Saving Private Ryan" which should have discouraged anyone from joining the military? Haven't all the poor youngsters who joined the military seen those films? Did they forget about the lessons learned from the Vietnam War?

How could they forget the Vietnam War, which has been etched into American history as a unnecessary tragedy and mistake that cost 60,000 American lives? Isn't that supposed to be common knowledge to Americans? If so, how could the troops in Iraq have forgotten all about it, since it was such an important lesson in history, and agreed to serve in another Vietnam War? It boggles the mind.

By now, everyone knows that the government lies a lot and starts unnecessary wars for profit, or some other nefarious reason (such as an Illuminati sacrifice ritual?) rather than for national defense. Even movies have taught us that. And conspiracies are all over the internet, in movies and pop culture. People get paranoid easily too. Government distrust is already part of the mainstream culture. So why are there still people who believe everything the government tells them, as if it were some bastion of truth? There is no basis to believe that authority=truth.

Besides, don't all living things have a natural survival instinct? Why would the troops serving in the war override their survival instinct by risking their lives in someone else's war? Why doesn't their survival instinct prevent them from serving in the war? If no one agreed to serve in a war, then the war would never exist. Simple as that, you'd think?

And why are more women serving in the armed forces nowadays? Women hate war the most. They don't even like watching war movies. Have you ever met a woman who was a fan of war movies? I've never met even one. Women are nurturers by instinct, not warriors. They are inclined toward social cohesion, not division. So this is very odd and inexplicable.

What's even more odd is why anyone would actually volunteer to serve in a war? For example, why did NFL star Pat Tillman feel the need to volunteer for the Iraq War so that he could get killed? That was a foolish suicidal move with no basis in logic, like a plothole in a movie. Why did Tillman's football coach describe him as an "intellectual athlete"? Would an intellectual volunteer for a war that anyone could see was a sham from the start? Before the Iraq War, no one wanted it and no one supported it, except the controlled corporate media, who were probably just pretending anyway, because it was their job to.

If you add it all up logically, by joining the military and being sent to war, you have EVERYTHING to lose and NOTHING to gain. The long list of negatives and drawbacks far outweighs any benefits. Thus the decision to serve in a war is totally illogical, foolish and suicidal. Consider the following list of reasons not to join the military or fight in a war:

20 Reasons Not to Join the Military: Why it's foolish, illogical and doesn't serve your country

"The pioneers of a warless world are the youth who refuse military service." - Albert Einstein

"There is no glory in battle worth the blood it costs." - Dwight D. Eisenhower

Note: If you know anyone planning to join the military or currently serving in it, please forward this list to them.

1. The troops serving in Iraq are risking their life and limb for corporate profits, not for freedom, democracy or protection of their country. They must all know this since it's so obvious to anyone, right? As David Icke said, "When you join the military you are not serving your country. You are serving an evil cabal that wants to enslave you."

So why would they agree to give up their life and limb to serve greedy corrupt corporations? No sane person would do that. Especially since the elites and politicians that sent them to war refuse to send their own sons to fight in it. Don't the troops care about this hypocrisy?

It would be one thing if the US military were only used for national defense, as with the National Guard. But when it's used for unnecessary invasions of other countries, and the murder of many innocent people, all for the interests of the elite oligarchy and their cabals, that's where it becomes a bad thing, as well as wrong and evil. So if you are just joining to serve your country, or for the benefits, you should just join the National Guard.

What's ridiculous is that if a private citizen committed murder, he/she would go to jail or get the death penalty. But if the government murders thousands or millions of innocent people, then no one responsible goes to jail or receives capital punishment for murdering thousands. This is based on the principle that government = justice, so anything it does (including murdering many innocent people for profit and conquest) must be right and moral, since might makes right. Really stupid.

"War against a foreign country only happens when the moneyed classes think they are going to profit from it." - George Orwell

"All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting." - George Orwell

2. Those serving in the war risk losing their body parts or incurring permanent injuries, which would disable them for life and bar them from love, dating, relationships and romance with the opposite sex. They could never get a girlfriend or wife if they became disabled, since women will not love a disabled man. (like Tom Cruise's character in the movie "Born on the Fourth of July") This means that they will become miserable and depressed for the rest of their lives.

3. If troops who are married, got killed or became disabled, their spouses and loved ones would suffer greatly. This includes parents too of course. What this means is that, if you die in a war, then your mom goes to hell. Now why would you want to do that to your mother, who gave you life, fed you and raised you? All so you can get killed in an unnecessary war started by greedy sociopaths with no conscience?! Wtf?! That's the worst and stupidest thing you can do to your mom, whom you literally owe your life to! Think about it.

"No mother would ever willingly sacrifice her sons for territorial gain, for economic advantage, for ideology." - Ronald Reagan

4. The troops have nothing to gain in a war, and everything to lose. The best they can hope for is to come back in one piece. Thus there is no logical incentive. They are not going to get a share of the billions in oil profits that the Bush family is getting. Don't they know that?

5. Troops often come back with post traumatic stress syndrome, which psychologically haunts them for years, or for life. Why would anyone want that? Many veterans even commit suicide because they can't deal with it. (like Tommy Lee Jones' character did in the movie "Heaven and Earth" by Oliver Stone)

6. In the military, you lose all your rights and every freedom you've ever known. This starts right from boot camp, where you are treated like property, not like a human being, while you are turned into a killing machine. It's very degrading. (See the boot camp section at the beginning of the movie "Full Metal Jacket")

Why would anyone like that? Why would anyone want to become an expendable pawn? Especially when you know you are giving up your life and freedom for sociopaths who only care about power and conquest, not you.

7. In combat, you may end up killing innocent people, including women and children (as US troops did in Vietnam) whom you have NO QUARREL with. Or you may even kill fellow troops in friendly fire. This would haunt you and leave you with guilt for the rest of your life. Why would you want that? It doesn't make sense to kill people you have no quarrel with, just because their leader has a quarrel with yours. See this quote below by Aldous Huxley:

"What is absurd and monstrous about war is that men who have no personal quarrel should be trained to murder one another in cold blood." - Aldous Huxley

Why should you get involved in another's quarrel? Why should you die for it? That's so stupid and doesn't make sense. You should let the quarreling leaders sort it out themselves, not use you for it. Plus, the people you kill in a war may be wonderful people that you would have been friends with had you met them in cordial circumstances.

8. The pay in the military is not that great unless you are an officer. You don't get a pension unless you served for many years or you were injured in combat. Many vets come back home jobless or in need of help.

9. Veterans are usually treated like shit by the government, who no longer finds them useful. So they have to struggle to get benefits. Why would you want to serve a government who uses and dumps its own like that? It doesn't make any sense!

10. The food in the military reportedly sucks. This is according to people who have served.

11. Boot camp training is strenuous, exhausting and painful. This goes without saying. Even many movies depict this.

12. Troops have to spend long indeterminate lengths of time away from their families, all of which is out of their control. They also have no control over where they are deployed.

13. Joining the military or fighting in a war is NOT "serving your country" or the people of your country. Nor is it "protecting or defending freedom". That is a cliche which if you think about, has ZERO basis to support it. So why do all the people in the armed forces believe in it? It's very odd and is a sad testament to how gullible people are to believe in the most baseless things. Has the military pulled off some kind of miraculous mind control trick? Why would so many believe something for no reason other than that they were told it? Let me elaborate on this.

Think about it. How does you dying in a war help any of the common people back home? It doesn't. The common people's freedoms have nothing to do with a war foreign country. In fact, most people's freedom has nothing to do with any government. Governments don't really have much power over you except to use scare tactics on you and mind control you through your TV. A government cannot terrorize you with a standing army directly because it does not have enough troops to push everyone around. As long as you don't break any laws, the government won't even bother with you. It has better things to do.

In reality, one's personal freedom is far more directly affected by one's daily obligations to their work, family, employer and bills. All these things directly affect your everyday routine and personal life, far more than any government does. Even your employer has far more control over your "freedom" than the government does, and you are free to quit working for your employer if you want.

Therefore, a conflict between governments (yours and another) does not add or take away your freedom in any way. Governments exist to control people anyway, not to give people freedom. So what does it matter whether your government is controlled by domestic corruption or foreign? Thus, your participation in a war does not contribute anything to freedom. Besides, isn't it ironic that the military claims to be defending freedom yet there is no freedom within the military itself?

I've never understood why those serving in a war claim that war protesters are being unappreciative of them for defending their freedoms? This is not only bad logic, but false as well, since fighting in wars based on deception to serve elite/industrial nefarious interests has NOTHING to do at all with protecting the freedoms of the American people. It has ZERO relevance. How can people be that stupid? It's very sad and speaks badly about human intelligence.

What does it mean to "serve your country" anyway? A "country" is a social and political construct that doesn't really exist. So how can you "serve" something that doesn't exist? This concept seems like a mind control technique designed to brainwash people into doing whatever they are told by their rulers for the "love of their country". Otherwise, it has no logical basis in reality.

In this context, the idea of "patriotism" makes no sense either, since there is no "country" to be patriotic for - no "country" to love, serve and die for - since a country doesn't truly exist except as a sociological/political construct.

Here are quotes from what great thinkers, writers and intellectuals have said about the folly and danger of "patriotism":

“Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all other countries because you were born in it.”
- George Bernard Shaw

“Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons.”
- Bertrand Russell

“Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious.”
- Oscar Wilde

“Can anything be stupider than that a man has the right to kill me because he lives on the other side of a river and his ruler has a quarrel with mine, though I have not quarrelled with him?”
- Blaise Pascal

"What is absurd and monstrous about war is that men who have no personal quarrel should be trained to murder one another in cold blood." - Aldous Huxley

“Patriotism in its simplest, clearest, and most indubitable signification is nothing else but a means of obtaining for the rulers their ambitions and covetous desires, and for the ruled the abdication of human dignity, reason, and conscience, and a slavish enthralment to those in power.”
- Leo Tolstoy

More great anti-war quotes here:

Likewise, the concept of "doing your duty" by serving in the military when drafted into a war (like the draft in Vietnam) has no logical basis either since the US Constitution says that we are free and that government has no right to force people into a war against their will.

Moreover, wars are started elites and their cabals for nefarious purposes that have nothing to do with justice or freedom. So obviously, you participating in that is not "serving" the common people at all. How do the American people benefit from the rich getting richer? Trickle down economics of the 80's proved to be a sham.

In addition, most wars the US has been involved in have had nothing to do with defending the security or freedoms of the American people. In fact, they have been based on lies and deception.

Finally, the elites that start wars were not even elected by the American people. They were placed there by their secret societies and fraternal orders (Freemasons, Skull and Bones, Illuminati, etc) to serve the agenda of that secret order, not that of the American people. Every researcher and thinker knows that by now. There is no "government by the people" in America. That is a myth that has no basis in reality. People have no real say in their government. There is no democracy and voting does not affect policy. The illusion of democracy has proven to be a sham again and again. Every example in history demonstrates this. How many examples have to occur before the American people realize it?

In fact, a true democracy cannot even work because most people are not wise or rational, but are foolish and easily misled. Mobs are not rational or wise, and therefore mob rule is not a good thing. Intellectuals throughout history, including our Founding Fathers, knew that and wrote about it. Plus, truth is not determined by the majority, but by evidence, logic and reason. So shouldn't evidence-based logic and reason rule a society, rather than the majority?

Even George Washington in his letters said that the Freemasons (which he was a member of) were working to DIVIDE the government from its people so that the people had no real say (only the illusion of it), while the Freemason order ran things in secret. Therefore, if you are serving the interests of elites who were selected by secret fraternal orders rather than the American people, then technically, that is NOT serving your country or its people.

Before leaving office, President Eisenhower warned America in a public speech about the military industrial complex and its corrupt aims for domination, power and control. Obviously, serving a corrupt military industrial complex has nothing to do with serving the American people.

In summary, joining the military is NOT "serving your country" because:

a) A "country" does not really exist. It is a social and political construct artificially created by society and culture.
b) Serving in a war started for profit, conquest and other nefarious motives by the elites and their cabals is obviously not serving the common people of your country, who do not even benefit from it.
c) Most wars the US has been involved in have nothing to do with defending the freedom or security of the American people. Instead, they have been built on lies and deception. This is nothing new.
d) The notion of patriotism is foolish, untrue, delusional and illogical, as evidenced by the quotes above.
e) A government cannot really take away your freedom. It can only scare you from afar through the media. No government has enough troops to push everyone around. Your freedoms are far more directly affected by your daily routine and obligations to work, family, employer and paying bills than by any government. Therefore, a conflict between governments (yours and another) does not add or take away your freedom in any way. Governments exist to control people anyway, not to give people freedom. So what does it matter whether your government is controlled by domestic corruption or foreign? Thus, your participation in a war does not contribute anything to freedom.
f) The elites that start wars for nefarious purposes were not even elected by the American people, but placed there by secret societies, fraternal orders, and their cabals (e.g. Freemasons, Skull and Bones, Illuminati). Therefore, serving them is not technically serving the American people at all, especially since there is no "government by the people" or true democracy in America.

14. There is no logical reason to serve in someone else's war that they themselves refuse to fight in. If Bush starts a war, then he should have to fight in it too, like Alexander the Great, who fought with his troops, did. There should be a law requiring those who start wars to fight in them. Such a law would essentially end wars. It's not fair or right for those who start wars to make other people die in them. Don't the troops know that? If so, why didn't they call Bush a hypocrite when he visited them for a pep talk? They should have jeered him, not cheered him.

15. Anyone can see that George W. Bush is a liar, demon and con artist. It's written all over his face. His facial features look demonic and evil. He looks like a total con artist and scumbag. Even a dog can see that. He does not even look serious, credible or honest at all. And he talks like a very bad stooge actor who can't even act. He looks like a total joke and insult to the American people, and is not even funny or comical.

No one would even buy a used car from a guy like him, let alone elect him as President. So why would the troops cheer him when he visited them in Iraq? Were they all acting? At least Hitler looked honest and serious, whereas Bush doesn't at all.

Why is it that when a President is much beloved, like Lincoln or Kennedy, they get assassinated. But when everyone hates a fake stooge President, like Bush, who is universally hated, he never gets assassinated? Isn't that so upside down? Shouldn't the collective will of the people have saved Kennedy or taken out Bush, according to the "thoughts create reality" principle of the Law of Attraction?

16. The elite have publicly declared that they look down on military men as subhuman animals, so why would you want to serve them? In the book "The Final Days", Henry Kissinger was quoted as saying: "Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy." This is the mentality of the elites that start these unnecessary wars that only benefit them. Would you want to serve someone who thinks of you as subhuman? Where's your sense of self-respect?!

17. America is an oligarchy or corporatocracy, not a democracy or a republic, and thus not worth dying for. An oligarchy is a country ruled by a wealthy elite class (the top one percent) who operate outside of public scrutiny. Everyone knows that. The American system is set up to benefit the top one percent, who essentially own the country.

That's why the government doesn't use tax dollars to provide national healthcare, like all the other industrialized countries do, so that no one has to go bankrupt from medical bills. Instead, the government prefers to use tax dollars to drop bombs on other countries.

Now is that a system that you really want to serve? Geez. How obvious can it get? And more to the point, why would anyone want to serve such a system?

18. If war is natural, honorable and good, then why do veterans commit suicide so often? Why won't any of the Congressmen send their sons to a war? Instead, they have to recruit boys from the poorest families who can't get jobs to go die in wars. But again, why would anyone agree to do that?

19. If you have an inclination to go out and kill or destroy things, you can play video games, or go hunting, or join a sport like boxing, wrestling or martial arts, to unleash your aggression. Why would you need to risk your life and limb in a senseless war serving corrupt people who lie to you? It doesn't make any sense.

20. The US government has a long documented history of lying to the American public. So why would you want to serve a government that lies to you, or give you life for it? The US government has lied about a long list of things. They lied about the death of Pat Tillman, the rescue of Jessica Lynch, weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, atrocities in Kuwait, the assassination of President Kennedy, the Gulf of Tonkin Incident that started the Vietnam War, what happened on 9/11, etc.

These were not harmless lies either. For example, as a result of the staged Gulf of Tonkin Incident, which they used to start the Vietnam War, 60,000 Americans and millions of Vietnamese lost their lives unnecessarily. Yet no one was ever brought to justice for this lie that led to so many unnecessary deaths. Where is the justice in that? Instead, it was just treated as an "honest mistake". Yeah right.

What's odd is that if a friend lied to you about something important and serious, you would no longer trust that friend. Everyone knows that. So why then can the government repeatedly lie to you, yet you still consider it to be a bastion of truth? That doesn't make sense, and only testifies to the level of brainwashing you've received that "authority=truth" and your need to believe that government is a caring parent.

"In war, truth is the first casualty" - Aeschylus

"Great is the guilt of an unnecessary war." - John Adams


So you see, joining the military and serving in a war is 100 percent illogical and foolish, and is not even serving your country or the people of it. In light of the 20 reasons above, I can't understand or fathom why anyone would join the military and get obligated into serving in a war. It just doesn't make any sense at all. Why would anyone do something that was 100 percent illogical and senseless, knowing that they are serving evil powers that don't care about them, and could come back dead or disabled? I can't fathom that.

Could this be why the US government wants to dumb down people and keep them stupid, or else no one would agree to serve in a war if they knew the truth and could think logically? Do people who join the military tend to have lower IQ's? (no offense intended) or do they just have no job prospects?

If any of you reading this have served in the military before, can you explain why you joined up in light of the reasons above? What were you thinking? Didn't any of the sensible reasons above cross your mind? How could you join something with so many logical reasons against it?

Also, if those currently active in the military read the list of reasons above, do you think they'd drop out?

Note: No disrespect or offense is intended to those who served in the military, but the truth is the truth isn't it? There is no logic in voluntarily dying to serve the interests of a corrupt greedy elite that do not care about you or the American people, all of which has NOTHING to do with "serving your country or people, or defending freedom".

Note: If you know anyone planning to join the military or is currently serving in it, please forward the above list to them. Also send them these anti-war quotes:


  1. Agree....Those who want to join US military should seriously read this

    Why Does The U.S. Government Treat Military Veterans Like Human Garbage? http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/why-does-the-u-s-government-treat-military-veterans-like-human-garbage

  2. http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2011/04/04/is_america_addicted_to_war

  3. Agree. But if we don't have a military force, how can we defend our country? Perhaps we still need a military force, but it should be for defense purpose only.

  4. Yes a national guard or militia is ok, as long as its used for defense only. Currently, the US has military bases in nearly a hundred countries. It is fostering an imperialist agenda that has nothing to do with "freedom or democracy".

  5. You are a fucking ungrateful piece of worthless shit.

    1. Wow I can tell by your choice of words that you are a person of extreme intelligence .

    2. Seriously how are we ungrateful? We are fed the same fucking lie that if we didn't have our soldiers halfway across the world we would be enslaved. BULLSHIT. The only soldiers that have ever saved our freedom were the colonists in the revolutionary war. Every other goddamn war wasn't even ours to fight. America needs to stop taxing us for stealing other countries oil.

    3. You are forgetting the Japanese, they attacked us, we fought back in defense of the country and stopping a mass genocide of an entire people is pretty damn important, unless you didn't care about the Jewish people?

    4. The usa did cause a mass genocide in japan and they should of attack the japan army instead.japan only attack the usa army.when usa takes revenge they go over board.you should ask yourself why japan attack usa in the first place.i'm mad that my country canada is helping the usa war in the middle east....

    5. Ha funny... Japan struck first at Pearl Harbor and we chased them down. They denied surrender so we couldn't back out because they would keep attacking us if we stopped attacking them. If anything the Japanese took it too far and didn't surrender.

    6. Lol clearly this guy is ignorant and doesn't know what he is talking about. First of all have you ever been in the military? More than half of your reasons are because of war, just because you join doesn't mean you're going to war. Boot camp stressful? Yeah maybe if you're a pansy it is but I went through boot camp and I would do it all over again, its honestly a joke. I'd like to see you come and join, its worthless people like you who don't deserve to be protected.

    7. ^It doesn't matter. You aren't serving America like you think you are.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. As for the Japan refused surrender, this argument is invalid.
      Japan sent to the USA a proposing, saying Japan would surrender with the only condition that the Emperor was to be done no arm to. The USA refused it so they could later bombed Nagasaki and Horoshima into oblivion to scare the Soviets off.

      On topic, the only armies worth joining are Self-Defense Forces, you know, real armies, that stays home to protect their people without messing around in other people's stuff.

      There's not profit in military service, nothing worth enduring an anoying Staff-Sergeant you can't punch back when he's being a dick about everything.

  6. (Disclosure: I was enlisted in the military.)
    You have some points that I can agree with. The biggest one is on how the military is utilized. But in the end it all comes down to the political leadership of the country. If you have politicians that suck, that would reflect on the policies they will espouse and the military would have to enforce those policies. The American voters are at fault too for electing crappy politicians.

    I have to disagree though about boot camp. Boot camp is inherently designed to be tough. Mr. Wu you said that you are ok with the existence of the National Guard (NG) as long it is for defense purposes only. Everyone in the military undergoes boot camp including the NG. Would it be ok for you if the NG is not conditioned or trained to respond to natural disasters or civil disturbances? That is the purpose of boot camp - when shit happens they are ready to face the challenge.

    No pain, no gain. You cannot have it both ways.

    You might want to be thankful to the military because they don't entertain the thought of staging a coup d' etat. The US is very fortunate. In other countries, coup is almost like a national sport happening every decade.

    1. You don't know how things work in America. The American voters have no power. They are given two presidential candidates from two parties that represent the SAME interests. Whoever they elect, the policies don't change. Everyone knows that by now. Are you still in grade school? Why do you believe in such outdated propaganda? There is no democracy in America. Every intelligent person knows this by now. See my essay on this subject:

      Debunking the myth of freedom and democracy in America

    2. Let's say that voting doesn't make a difference. Then what is the alternative? So we just continue to have miserable governance?

      By the way do you have any other retort about boot camp?

    3. At Wu well I am pretty sure you would be happy living some where else with out a military correct? The ones who protect our borders from threats while also ensuring public saftey, responding to natural forces, curbing the drug smuggling, assisting countries who need aid, oh wait your against all of that, so I suggest you look at what we have accomplished, if you want to debate keep it to your self if we are all based on morality then we would not have a need for war but that is from a impracticle world, so put things aside we look at pracality, what if we were being attacked by the enemies who would defend us, would we just all waste away? Be serious here

    4. Instead of complaining about the military go fix a problem. The military isn't going anywhere. America will continue to have the big dick if we are going to exist. Once we no longer have a big dick we will be a page in history.

    5. "You might want to be thankful to the military because they don't entertain the thought of staging a coup d' etat. The US is very fortunate. In other countries, coup is almost like a national sport happening every decade."

      I don't think you know much about history. Coups happen in the US too. They are just hidden and covered up. Study the Kennedy Assassination. It was a coup d'etat for sure. See the movie "JFK" by Oliver Stone. And see my post about this dated November 22, 2013.

    6. There are many references to movies in this entire article, as well as replies. I ask the question: "Since when has Hollywood become the historical library of the United States?"

      Are you able to see agendas existing in all aspects of commerce? Every business model is built upon the requirement of profit. Hollywood is a corporation. Anyone can turn any event into a justification for their own beliefs. I suggest that you think about if you weren't there then, you really do not know what actually happened. How many people believe in the Bible? If you study the actual history of the Bible, then you would see that there was a committee who decided what would be in the Bible as we know it today. Yet, billions of people across the world believe the words in it. Does this make it any less worthy?

      You can speak about secret agendas, societies, and decisions, but the military does one thing; it protects everyone from the domination of others who would covet what you possess. If you have a house, would you not protect it from your neighbor if they decided to come in and take what you have?

      The military are chess pieces. Everything we do as human beings can be broken down into a chess game. Some are pawns, some are rooks, some who are intelligent become knights, but we all are still chess pieces. Sometimes in chess an aggressive strategy is a winning strategy. That means going after the other sides King then allowing their King to come to you. Letting their King come to you often allows for more chess pieces to be lost then is necessary.

      Everyone succumbs to the need of self preservation. Less than one percent of the population is willing to push their own limits on giving more to the collective. The military stands guard on your yard so that your neighbor does not even try to come over. If they try would you want them fighting in your yard destroying your things or in their yard destroying theirs?

      I have served in the military, I respect all opinions. I don't assume anyone would have a less intelligent reason for any action they commit. John Wayne Gacy was considered a genius, but also a serial killer. I ask that you open you mind to the fact that people have reasons above what you may be able to understand for serving the people of the United States. Much the same as priests serve the people of the their congregation. I don't understand it, or the rules and laws they choose to live under, but I respect them.

      I truly believe what our founding fathers said was a truth, that all men are created equal, and are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I do understand though that there will always be people out there that pursue what others have, and I will fight against that oppression. If you are going to say that we are oppressed here in the US, I would tell you to travel the world. See what is happening in other areas, and you will see that we are not under true oppression.

      Take care of others as well as yourselves.

    7. This Wu character is clearly one of those people who go and sees connections in things (conspiracies) and believes that correlation implies causation. While you have some valid points, Wu, you are clearly as close minded as those that you seek to educate.

  7. Anonymous from July 20, 2013

    "Agree. But if we don't have a military force, how can we defend our country? Perhaps we still need a military force, but it should be for defense purpose only."

    Ding ding! That's the only valid reason to have a military.

    1. And so we send our troops to Korea and Vietnam where they are not necessary. You are an idiot brainwashed piece of trash.

    2. Free your mind, are you blind or ill uninformed, do you know how many bombs are shot at South Korea from North Korea? Wake up and realize life is not a game and if we dont act in this illuminated show there is 0 hope, yeah sure you have to blend in with the brainwashed people but if you are not totally brainwashed than you are unique and not able to be corrupt. Evil exists fyi, murderers exist fyi, we assasinated our own President fyi, and EVIL FUCKING EXISTS FOR YOUR INFORMATION. thank you, free your mind, be like water, you are so occupied in your comfortable materialistic lifestyles with high end technology which millions of dead bodies are the materials of, millions of soldiers, millions of casualties, millions of enemy and foe died, so you can type on your keyboard. FREE YOUR MIND

  8. Just another coward on the internet not willing to fight for his country slamming and insulting those who do

    1. Because everyone should be in the army~
      Great point. Lets just start drafting kids so they don't sit around on the internet not fighting for "their" country.

    2. You are such a monkey anyone can see that the only reason you mercenaries go to war is to make companies money, and thin you out after they reassign you to the front lines to die, when you try to get out and go to college after 4 years of service. At least if you buy their propaganda that's one more down for me to step on on my way to a better paying job. Thanks Obama, ending Americas unemployment one *soldier* at a time. Fight with honor you soldiers, what would we do without you in every country. We might possibly lose our freedoms that are already being taken away by our own government.


    4. Wrong. Joining the military and fighting wars is NOT serving your country. I gave many logical reasons why. You are serving an elite cabal that wishes to use you and sacrifice you for their aims of imperial conquests. It's very obvious. Only a brainwashed fool would equate joining the military with serving your country. It makes no sense.

      The country does not decide to go to war. The cabals that run the country, who are sociopaths, decide to go to war.

      Let me ask you this, would you want to sacrifice your children for a war, after all the trouble you went through to raise them? No mother would.

      Read the quotes above in the article. Why should you fight another man's war? If Bush and Cheney want a war, they should fight in it and die in it. Why is it fair for them to make YOU fight and die in it for them? Think about it. It makes no sense.

      Especially since these evil cabals that start wars are sociopaths and totally corrupt and don't give a shit about you. So why would you give your life to serve them? Duh! THINK MAN! THINK THINK THINK! USE YOUR HEAD, IF YOU HAVE ONE!

  9. I hope you practice what you speak. If a natural disaster occurs in your area, REFUSE help when a National Guardsman offers it.

    1. You obviously missed the point of the entire article. Or did you just not read it ?

  10. You forgot to mention the countless benefits one can get from joining the service like free schooling, housing and pay while your doing it. Your beef should be with the government not somebody who joins to greatly improve there own life

    1. I don't want to veer too far off topic here but you bring up something that I often think about and especially on days like 11/11 when so many fawn over themselves to give thanks to Vets for their service. I have never had a job in the military (what many call "serving") but many in my family have. Most joined for similar reasons you point out. They saw the benefits that come from a career (as long as you don't get yourself killed). The odds are generally pretty good and especially during the time I was a teen. There really were no wars to speak of.

      So when we say "Thank you for your service", are we really saying "Thank you for doing your job"?


    2. Are those benefits worth being traumatized with guilt and post traumatic stress syndrome for life? Look up the Vietnam Mai Lai massacres. Would you do that and kill innocent women and children just because your sociopathic leaders tell you to?

      Are the benefits worth killing innocent people for, just because someone in authority tells you to? Is it right to kill people just because your leader tells you to? Why do you want to do the dirty work of a sociopath? Why not let the sociopath do his own dirty work? Think about it. It doesn't make sense and isn't worth it.

  11. this whole article seems like someone upset about political choices but the military is the easiest target.
    "15. Anyone can see that George W. Bush is a liar, demon and con artist."-really, damn near all politicians are liars and con artist.

    this article does not represent all facts some of it is either educated guessing or hear say. but i do agree with some parts of this, but not a lot.
    In my opinion this is aimed towards politics.

  12. It is always folly to glorify war, and I admit there is some danger in overly glorifying military service, but don't let that stop you from supporting those who (misguided as you think they might be) serve their country.

    1. Why should I support people who misguidedly choose to enlist? It seems to me it is a lot more in their interest to tell them the truth about what they're doing; to free them from their propaganda blinders. It's their lives at stake. Not only that, they're simultaneously supporting a corrupt cause. I'm not going to sit around and watch a kid kill himself because he "thinks" he's supporting his country. I'm not going to support that. It is truly unethical (dare I say evil) to not attempt to enlighten a kid that thinks he'll die a martyr in his country.
      People are afraid to disrespect the American military in fear that they will offend someone who has devoted their life to the military. It's a lot like religion. People will blow themselves up because their family tells them it's honorable when, in fact, they are completely blind to reality. It's taboo to criticize the military as it is taboo to criticize religion.

    2. Goddamn you seriously. This is the last fucking time I wanna hear a damn monkey say * serve your country* They don't serve us why do you even buy into that bullshit. Are you people not intelligent enough to see that they make money off our soldiers? They should be called mercenaries. I mean, In what way is our military protecting our rights right now? I say stop taxing us for corporate wars for oil, or at least at the very least charge us less for the oil after we steal it from other countries.

    3. Well one thing is for sure, In the military or not in the military, hate the army or love, All you pple who come here to brag about you'r econmic/family problems bcuz of the government or brag about you rites being taken away.... Well guess what? you all have internet access and have a device that works on it and you can all come here to bitch about ur life... BUT HEY!!!! You all have the rite to b on here and say this. If you all are done this article is pointless. I came hear to find a """GOOD""" REASON NOT TO JOIN. all i found was a third generation immigrant who hates the government, probably because thet won't give him a fucking student loan for coming here on a fuckin aircraft carrier. done. GOODNITE EVRYONE. Hope the black helicopters don't come and take you away. ;)

    4. Did you miss the part where the whole "serve your country" cliche is bullshit?

  13. Your post is lacking any sort of proof or backing, it's a large collection of opinions supported by more opinions. "I think war is stupid because everyone knows it's stupid" is the basis for your entire post and makes no logical sense what-so-ever. "If you lose a limb then you're barred from love" is really the only statement needed to identify the invalidity of this post, it's a rediculous statement and void of any logic. It's not really necessary to mention but just for fun we can also look into the whole "You're talking about something you know nothing about" idea. You heard? Someone told you? You saw the movie? Experts swore up and down to you? But.....you weren't there...right? You don't have any actual experience or first hand knowledge? What's that? You don't need to know for yourself in order to pass judgement on something? You can just take several other people's statements and use them to somehow legitimize your own opinion into some sort of twisted version of facts? The United States is a worse place because people like this attract others with similar intelligence capacities and lead them down that path to idiocracy.

  14. This is ridiculous. You disgraceful un-American un-grateful fuck.

    1. I'm supposed to be grateful that my government is wasting resources including the lives of my fellow men in order to make a few people wealthy?

  15. I am currently in the military. The United States Navy to be more precise. My job is to take pictures and write stories on base. It is fun. I take college courses for free. Have around 10K saved up after 2 years, go surfing at the beach, and will have YEARS of experience in the journalism field for my resume. Yea i stand duty, cant smoke weed, and wouldnt mind getting paid like an officer. But I plan on getting out after 5 years with 25k saved and 40k for college. Not all military jobs are grunts getting their legs blown off

    1. Exactly, right there, that's the real facts of life instead of someone who has never had the experience of serving and talks down on something that is a basic human instinct, conflict. By spouting quotes and his own bias, no one has any credible reasoning to gain from this guy on the Internet.

    2. The jokes on you dumbass. You aren't getting out after 5 years, I had the same idea until i researched it. As soon as you get off duty you have years inactive to whatever you agreed too. So what they do is reactivate you, then reassign you to go to the front lines of whatever war they are waging and you are dead. How else do you think they get soldiers to go to the front lines?

    3. "I had the same idea until I researched it."
      How about you put that research to the test. First hand experience. I do not believe everyone becomes reactivated. But when duty calls serve the time.

    4. Being in the military myself, the inactive time after 5 years would be 3 years. During which if they were reactivated it would be in the current MOS(military occupation specialty) they currently possess. They would not be retrained into another MOS. You research skills should show you that information, but if you able to find a regulation or law that counters what I have just informed you of, please publish it.

  16. i really dont like arguing over the internet, but you sound like the kind of guy who goes to the emergency room over a paper cut.
    Even the military admits that many soldiers joined not to fight in a war (although it is always possible) but to find employment, learn a trade, or just to find self-discipline. And what about the fact that more than half the military is stationed in a non war zone i.e. Germany, England, Japan, Fort Bumblefuck Kansas...

    1. Ok, I have to ask do you have ANY IDEA how many soldiers die in a day? No okay then shut the fuck up. They pull soldiers from those noncombat places, the national guard, or the inactive people to put on the front lines when everyone else on the front lines dies. You can go in for a noncombat job it doesn't mean your not gonna be put on the front lines, and have your body filled with holes. So many people think they can serve in the military for 4 years then get out but that isn't true they can reactivate you and then reassign you right to the front lines and they probably will. You don't wanna go? Too bad have fun in prison. You also can't have a girlfriend or family no ones gonna wait on your ass.

  17. Maybe you should stop whining like a little boy on the internet about how much you hate our government and get off your ass and do something about it. Meanwhile, I'll be at USMC boot camp serving my country.

  18. I'm just curious where everyone gets their facts? Some of the replies on here are amusing to say the least. I've been in the Army for 11 years and can tell by the posts that a lot of folks on here can only reply based on speculation, assumptions, bias opinions, or their parents Vietnam Era anti war stories. Have you ever been to War? I have three times, every experience different than the last. People die in War, that is a know fact. But how can you say what the cause is for? When I arrived to Iraq in 2004 I saw some of the most oppressed people, Iraqis living in poverty and filth who we worked with to help establish a government. An oppressed people that were truly grateful to be liberated. We build schools, voting booths, and helped establish a non corrupt government. We use to laugh when we heard news from back home about the "US GOVERNMENT" was fighting for the oil, they sure as hell didn't care about the oil fields that we're burning 2 miles outside our FOB For months at a time lol. I get it, there has to be a voice of reason in every aspect of our country's decisions or this would be a full blow MERKA. But some of the statements that you guys are making are funny to read, truly a lack of research or knowledge on your part. Don't worry, I don't think any service members are offended, but if enlightenment is the angle your trying to achieve than get some hard facts in these statements. The Military is not for everyone, and thank God not everyone is forced to serve. But if your reading this and you want to make a difference in the world check one of the branches out, it might have something beneficial to offer you. I'm 29 and I have been in for 11 years and this is what theArmy has given me so far: a BS in Business admin (zero debt, giving my MGI bill to my kids) working on my graduates, roughly 20,000 in savings in my personal 401k ( not to be confused with the pension I'll receive after 20 of federal service). A nice house, a beautiful family, last year my NET income was 67,000 ( I'll be adding 4,000 this year with my promotion) and the pride of saying I live in the greatest country in the world ( I can only compare that to the 13 countries I've actually been to ;-) by the way I am not an officer, we'll not yet, I was accepted and will be attending flight school in May. So listen to the nay sayers if you want.

    1. I am very proud of your dedication and hard work. Not many people truly understand the amount of commitment it takes to do what you do. You have protected the freedom of many Americans and you should be very proud of what you have achieved. Please know and understand that a big portion of us truly do realize the work that you do and we could not be more proud of how successful and disciplined you have become. Have a safe and restful holiday season. God Bless America.

    2. Did the government really give you a beautiful family? Then sign me up Skippy. How many of your "Wounded Warriors"are you planning to visit in the hospital? I love reading this same old cliche time and time again. Thank you for fighting for our freedom"or "Serving the country" You did neither. You did good but it had nothing to do with my freedom. By the way, you say "Thank God (Pat Tillman was an atheist BTW kids) not everyone is forced to serve." Ever hear of the draft? Talk to one of those Vietnam Nam era parents who were "forced to serve". Most of those who volunteered to go kill some "gooks"as they used to say, in the military farce. Oops, sorry I meant to say the military force.Were the bullies in high school, the dumb ass jocks who couldn't find employment or the judge made them serve in the military or serve time. The person who started this blog has a lot of good points but I don't believe all of them. I'm not a conspirisy(sp) nut. A lot of that too I think is b.s. Like anything you hear about anywhere. I suggest you do a lot of research on before you draw a conclusion. Enjoy the holidays people.

    3. " I saw some of the most oppressed people, Iraqis living in poverty and filth who we worked with to help establish a government. An oppressed people that were truly grateful to be liberated."

      That's wonderful and good for you, but how is that serving america? It seems more like armed philanthropy rather than serving the country

    4. Uh look up Halliburton, bro. If you want to go play world police and liberate people from oppressive governments that's fine with me, but I'd rather you not do it in my name or with my tax money.

    5. Anonymous January 14, 2014 at 7:36 PM
      Uh look up Halliburton, bro. If you want to go play world police and liberate people from oppressive governments that's fine with me, but I'd rather you not do it in my name or with my tax money.

      If you do not want your "tax money" used, then there are a thousand other countries in which to live in, if you choose to live here then you choose to live with the consequences.

  19. Let's do this, let the US take down the military.... Let's see how long it will take before the most hated country in the world becomes an international punching bag... There will be so much havoc inside of the US that marshal law will be declared... Great plan guys, keep watching your movies and listening to your anti-war hippie parents... You idiots probably believe that 9/11 was an American plot, face it we need the military

  20. It is troubling (to me as well as to millions of veterans) that an article of such nature is your Thank You to the men and women who have served our country. They are every bit deserving of your respect as a citizen Mr. Winston Wu. I appologize that I do not recall the date of your National Holiday. Is it before or after November 11 (Veteran's Day)? Fortunately my memory isn't so faint as to forget the 22 million veterans who surely don't appreciate your expression of free speech as they fight for your next breath. Please, because I am reassured of your ignorance throughout the passage above, take some advice from me: Shut The F*** Up.

  21. 3 Years of experience in the USMC. Sgt. 0311-Infantry-Rifleman. Son what I can tell is something that is very hard for people like you to wrap their head around. We all join for different reasons. Whether it be money or any materialistic gain. For me it was joining because I felt in my heart it was something I was born to do. It's a mindset that a lot of you fail to see. You think all of us are ignorant followers? You have another thing coming. This was a well thought out post. But to me it's all irrelevant. During my first deployment I learned that we're fighting a bullsh#t war and asked "why are we here really?". As I moved along, I realized none of this questioning matters, someone has to do this. It's our job and I wouldn't take back a single experience I had (Ugly, horrific, or beautiful). A famous line you'll hear if you talk to any front line Marine is: "F*ck politics" God bless. P.S Complain all you want. But I'd rather have me than you on the front-line defending our country or doing our countries "Dirty work". We need doers not complainers.

    1. Wait, how can you question as to weather you're just a follower or not and then say
      "I realized none of this questioning matters, someone has to do this. It's our job"

      That's a follower thing to say no?

    2. ROFL Yeah you're not an ignorant follower at all, bro... except that you just described how you ignored the facts and followed orders LOL... Also you weren't "defending our country" in Iraq or wherever you were. You were just risking your life to make "defense" contractors rich by fighting to the death with a bunch of strangers in a desert 10000 miles away.

  22. If this failed abortion knew anything, he'd know that Pat Tillman was killed in Afghanistan; not Iraq.

  23. My brothers, sisters, and I serve in the military so that people like you can hold your opinion. God Bless.

  24. Your a fucking piece of shit. Do you have no respect for the American soldiers that die in the middle eastern conflict everyday. (And you're referring the soldiers life compared to a movie? A movie is nothing like a soldiers life. Being in the military is about the people around you. There your brother and sisters they fight together and they die together for their country.

  25. The people commenting didn't seem to comprehend what you wrote. It was brilliant. The replies don't even make sense, because they just repeated the brainwashing you were exposing. That never makes sense to me. That's called a circular reasoning feedback loop. Where assertions are supported by the first assertion. Their whole identity is I serve my country and this article tears down these notions. So if they agree, they have to admit their whole life is a lie. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. Don't fight wars for people who don't care about you. They essentially enlist people to essentially enslave themselves.

  26. I wish I could validate my beliefs with movie references, what a joke!! Movies are not real, they are make believe, with added drama for effect. half the crap you write is eith7er blantently wrong like when service time is up they call you black for front line duty, irr activation isnt that common. To all your movie ref.being absurdly wrong. I served 2003 2010 and never once did I think to myself this is just like said movies. I wasnt treated like property in basic training, its obvious by you picks of films and quotes where you stand politically, but when you write something do some real research. Dont speculate, or rehash debunked bullshit. People cant have a real discussions about this kind of stuff when people like you are out there demonizing and writing biased outrage pieces. Congratulations on being as much of the divisiveness in this world.as you claim to be against.

  27. Ok tell me what is not freedom about all of this we are all lucky to be in the USA let alone have the internet and talk shit about the ones who do protect us from other countries so just think if you lived some where else you would be killed for this page so theres too much to be grateful about so you dont need to post this just keep it to your self and if you do deside to say shit about something then think about it and get your facts straight and all you fighting in the comments grow up i am 13 and you guys sound like 8 year olds fighting like i said be greatful for all this because if we didnt have a military we wouldnt be here today we would probably be british

    1. Oh and sorry for all the military members who see post like these you guys deserve way more respect than this and thank you for all your service and this is who said the post above with the 13 year old

  28. This guy wrote a biased article.

  29. Kill strangers who have done nothing to you, in war = Deemed a hero, get paid

    Kill a rapist = Deemed a murderer/mentally ill and go to jail

  30. I assume the main reason anybody joins the military is that they see it as an automatic ticket to a middle class salary. You just sign up and go.

    1. Forgot to say this reason is often probably combined with some sort of "macho" sentiment or thrill seeking.

  31. fuck you you motherfucking son of a bitch my dad died in iraq for you. god damn hippie

  32. What a narrow minded SOB! Who says joining the military equates to dying at war??? I'm currently active duty in the Air Force for now 6 years and never been deployed. The military is changing. UAVs and robots do all the dangerous jobs. We just maintain the equipment..... And by the way, there is a lot to gain. I got a 4 year degree fully on TA and have not even touched my GI Bill. The benefits are great!!!

  33. This guy just goes on and on with the same fun facts and skewed way of thinking. Obviously people join the army for many reasons (employement, validation, family, tradition etc) and the army is necessary as well as global prescense for the US to keep its top cool guy spot (other things are needed to be in the cutting edge like better health system, education, progressive laws {old/conservative laws are old which equals obstacle}) but the guy has a point: no war has helped me improve my rights, those wars and treats live at home. And if dudes wanna fuck up their lifes in the army (i personally wouldnt join unless this country faced more palpable threats and things like russia or china: those are fought at diplomatic talks anyways) but then again, i am the dude tht flourishes anywhere anyways.) Then let em do so. If they are jocks and stupid and unskilled then let them natural select themselves to gain access to mineral deposits in afgahanistan and iraq in a decade to build computers or cars or whatever and you enjoy. Or would you rather have them be unemployed here? In conclussion: to the people with power we all are like cattle, except nowadays yhere is the option to not be cattle if you dont want to. And even if all soldiers are killers with dammed souls, well even killers form fraternities and take pride so let them express their pride. It is their right as well

  34. I stopped reading when you quoted David Icke.
    All credit for this author as a free thinking person is lost.

  35. All right. To be quite honest, I'm not for fighting wars for foreign oil, or for supporting corporate lobbyists who get favors from people in office. Nor am I an advocate of joining the military just to 'Shoot guns, defend freedom, and blow s*** up'.

    But before you heavily dis our armed forces, I want you to think of the Al-quada terrorists that are pissed at us, not just because we invaded their unstable countries, but just because of the 'gluttonous American' lifestyles we all lead. They hate us because they see us as sinful bastards who need to be eradicated.

    This is only a small group out of many, though, and I am not an advocate of gunning down any civilian who throws a rock at a HUMVEE, but the more our boys are over there, the less they are over here, bombing our nation.

    Instead, all we have to worry about every day includes what we're going to eat, when we're going to eat it, and whats on TV.

  36. Winston wu. You can go fuck yourself. You do not simply understand anything about the military. Referring them to movies? I have been in the navy seals for 4 years and still currently with them. I have done bad things but they were for my country and you would have any of the things today if it weren't for us. Your just a ungrateful peace of shit. And deserves to have nothing. The military has been the best years of my life and being around my brothers and sisters fighting in combat with me. And we don't fight for the government. We fight for the constitution.

    1. You are wrong on many counts. You do not fight for the US constitution. You may have sworn an allegiance to it. But when you go to Iraq and Vietnam and murder people, it is for the cabal and corporations that want to profit off of US imperialism. Your fantasies about defending freedom and democracy are purely fictitious. No one of logic or reason buys them. It's a religious cult you belong to that makes you think that.

      How is plundering other countries resources and killing people defending the US constitution? Think about it. It makes zero sense. You fight for the interests of a few, not of the American people.

      Moreover, the founding fathers who wrote the US constitution would not approve of the US imperialistic wars today. Nor did they approve of pre-emptive strikes like in Iraq. Look at the quotes above in the article I cited by the founding fathers such as Jefferson, Franklin, etc.

  37. Winston Wu's Article Is SPOT On IMHO! I Served In The US Navy For Several Years & Can Tell U 1st Hand The Rampant Racism,Favoritism,Red Tape & Bureaucracy I Encountered While Serving.One Must Understand That When U Joined The US Armed Forces That U R Serving The Interest Of The Power Elite That Runs amerikkka & The World As Well!! How Else Can U Explain Amerikkka Having 900 Bases/Installations In 153 Countries? Quote" 900 Bases In 153 Countries Is NOT Fighting 4 Your Freedom But It is An Empire!!

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  39. 1. If you haven't had the experience of the military life don't rant about it
    2. We're sworn in to protect the constitution not fight for the country
    3. Don't base shit off movies and keep conspiracies out of it or you'll become a conspiracy
    4. "900 bases in 153 countries" simple grade school shit right here those bases are on our allies land without their consent those bases would not be there
    5. If you have a problem on how America works pack your shit and get out!

  40. 1. You are fucking stupid.
    2. Getting anti-war quotes and using movies doesn't make you sound smart.
    3. You have no military experience.
    4. You write like an anti-war democrat.
    5. If you weren't biased like a dumbass, I wouldn't be saying this.
    6. American bases are in other countries because the USA and the host country have agreed for that land be used as an American base.
    7. You are a conspiracist.
    If want to actually sound smart join the military, then judge
    BTW having friends who are soldiers doesn't mean much.

  41. I'll keep it short.
    You have a lot of really stupid points.
    They aren't "logical" like you keep saying.
    You repeated the same thing over and over.
    Just leave America, pussy.

  42. You make some valid points. Not very many counterpoints were addressed. The main reason people I've spoken to join the military is because it is a "stable" job with benefits. I don't think the moral reasons for joining rank as high as the economic ones.

  43. The best part of this article is how the writer claims that no woman could ever love a disabled man. Because all women are that shallow, and the only standards that apply are that candidates for a suitable mate possess 4 limbs and a pair of eyes

  44. Winston Wu surely is a scumbag of the highest order!! My hat comes off to all American, British, Australian, NZ and other coalition personnel who both have, and have not deployed to operational theatres in the interests of their parent nation. This is a proud and valuable contribution to the society that we all have the pleasure of living in, whether it's appreciated or not.

    "They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
    Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
    At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
    We will remember them"

    Lest we forget.

  45. Alright, where do I start? I'll try to be civil. People who join the military are saving you whether you know it or not. We NEED our military more than you realize. Without it, we'd be squashed by the other superpowers it a matter of months. We are a natural resource rich country with much to lose. Secondly, if the government did not have volunteers (enlisted and officers) who voluntarily join the military, you realize the government would be forced to conscript men and women right? Just as they did in the past wars where there wasn't enough bodies to fight.

    In conclusion, next time you see a veteran, you better thank him. You don't have to thank him for his service if you don't believe in what we're doing, but you better damn well thank him for saving you or your children, or your grandchildren from being FORCED into the military to endure that kind of life and shitty pay.

    Or just keep your trap shut, that always works well.

    1. You really think other countries are just waiting for us to let our guard down to invade us? You must have listened to a lot of propaganda growing up. We are our own worst enemy. Why do we have bases in so many countries? I dont see any other countries set up base in our country. . .

  46. I went into the military at age 18. I was living alone and homeless part of the time since I couldn't find a job. It's really hard in the U.S. when you don't have a family to take care of you. Here's what happened to me: 12 years of school and didn't learn anything of value. Graduated from high school my parents were divorced and split. I was living in LA and could not find a job except at a fast food place working night shift.
    Out of desperation joined the Navy.
    I think this is what happens a lot. Kids spend 12 years in government (public) schools and do not learn any skills or anything of value.
    If they don't have parents for support they end up homeless or working minimum wage job. Basically the middle class jobs have mostly disappeared. Thus many look to the military for financial support and a sense of family. The military is like a big tribe that offers support.
    The risk of getting hurt is really fairly small - probably smaller than living on the street in most big cities.

    1. Your assessment is correct. Its to bad that young people have to turn to the military for the reasons you stated.

  47. As a current member of my beloved Corps, something I have learned is that if you dont like something, work your way up and do something about it to change it! Writing a vague article expressing solely an opinion leads to an uproar of useless times wasting debates.

  48. This is an terribly written article.

    I'm in no way 'for' joining the army but the whole article is written with vague opinions of what YOU don't like about the army.

    You back NONE of you're points up with any evidence what so ever, you just slate everything about the army with nothing to support you're argument.

    You have to have an army in today's world unfortunately and you make not one point that isn't totally biased and basically just your own opinion.

    Instead you constantly say "Don't you think it makes no sense" or "It seemed stupid", but not everyone thinks the same as you, otherwise there would be no army and be total world peace by the sounds of it.

  49. 1) I'm risking life and limb to protect my friends.
    2) You are just moronic to think a disabled vet is “unlovable”. I know more disabled vets in loving relationships than I know civilians who marriages last a year.
    3) You have just as good of a chance of dying driving down the street.
    4) That's just moronic. You make it sound like everyone is out there shooting a weapon. We have people cooking food, running supplies, and lets not forget our intelligence MOSs. Pretty sure they are all getting job experience you can only dream of. Employers love them because they have successfully operated at a continued stress level that the average civilian would break at.
    5) Hm, 3 deployments and I know 0 people with PTSD. I guess you are just using a small sample here to diagnose the entirety of the military.
    6) Yeah I did give up some of my rights, so fucking what? You think you have more rights than me? You don't.
    7) There is this thing called the Rules of Engagement. You break the rules of engagement and you end up going to prison.
    8) I make around $30,000 a year. But I don't have to pay rent, pay for food, pay for medical, pay for dental, or pay for glasses. I have a $400,000.00 life insurance for $25.00 a month. Equal it out to what I would have to make in the civilian world for that and I make more than most Americans. 100 percent of jobless people I know are people who did not serve. Everyone I know who got out of the military either has a job or is going to college to further their education.
    9) That's because Veterans Affairs has had terrible management.
    10) The food isn't bad, but it isn't great. The quality of food shouldn't sway your choice to do anything in life.
    11) Well they are training you for war. Turning you into a soldier.
    12) I have no family, so this means nothing to me.
    13) Not everyone in the Military believes this, and to say they do further confirms my assessment of you.
    14) Name a single leader of a nation in the past 100 years who has served on the front lines during a war. Go ahead, I'll wait. Can't name any? War changes. Stop using example like Alexander the Great. He lived in a time when that was expected.
    15) Ah, now we get to this. You just advocated the assassination of a president. Here's the 10 foot pole I'm not going to touch that with.
    16) Who cares? I don't. The elite mean nothing to me. They aren't going to be the ones signing my paycheck when I'm done with the military. So why do I really care?
    17) Well the fact that there is a National Health Care kinda negates this.
    18) Well, saying that you must not know many people in the Military. There are many that serve that fit the exact opposite of what you describe here.
    19) What? Are you saying that the military is full of bloodthirsty killers? If you are, I must go out and kill some people than. I got to go fill that role now.
    20) What government has not lied to its people? Name one, go ahead. I'll wait.

    You stereotype the military as a bunch of bloodthirsty savages who hardly know left from right and than go kill themselves when it's all said and done. From what I've read your just a pseudo-intellectual who found something easy to bash because those that would retort you are too busy doing something that really matters.

  50. Dude, there are plenty of reasons why you shouldn't join the military that don't involve a bunch of sexist bullshit.

  51. 900 bases in 153 countries?!?!?!?!?? what the heck are we doing?!?!?!

  52. None of the reasons you said really matter unless your afraid or weak; military will either break you or make you stronger. Everything under the sun must be broken down before it can become stronger and/or useful. But no matter how you break things down you cannot change it's core. (Humans can act and think inhumanly yet still be human.)

    It's funny to read your criticism of the military because the only reason you can voice your opinion is because the military protects your freedom. Furthermore, as you pointed out, those in the military have to forsake their freedom so you can be free--you should be thankful and therefore respectful of those who have to give up their freedoms so you can be free!

    And President George W. Bush was one of the most righteous presidents this nation has had in a long time. Most of the demonic activity in this nation is the Democratic party, who is anti-military; they're the ones who want to push their agendas on the nation, then make the rest of the nation pay for it and them!

  53. You raise valid points, Mr. Wu. I do agree with many of your points, but many of them are misguided and ill-informed. I do recommend researching what the military even is before claiming all of us are goons who like killing women and children. Not all of us are in combat positions or even care about what politicians tell us to do, firstly. What we do around the world I object to, but my objections won't stop me from following orders. I don't care about the politics while I am in uniform, that's just how I have to do it. I am very liberal when it comes to social and economic issues, but my job in the Navy is one of the few things I have going for me. I'm in the US Navy as an avionics technician for F/A-18 Super Hornets, and I enlisted in this position because it teaches me valuable skills in electronics, the government pays for my schooling, and I have a guaranteed job doing something I love. I won't delve into the politics of the need for the US military's presence on Earth.

    If the government provided free schooling and healthcare outside of the military, then there's no way I would have joined, but until it changes, I like my job as of right now. Please don't diminish the service of those who had no real other choice.

    Service in the United States is no longer about 'freedom', I get that. It's employment for many, and the benefits granted by the US govt are plentiful (especially the post 9/11 GI Bill). Yes, President Bush was terrible (as is the current POTUS). Yes, the war in Iraq had no real reason behind it.

    In the end, perhaps learn a thing or two about the US military before composing these articles. You think we're all unlovable grunts who enjoy killing women and children then get PTSD after before killing ourselves. Yep... that's us alright. *rolls eyes*

    So until young people are given better options after high school that don't involve going into mass debt or terrible jobs, then you can complain. But I am grateful for the benefits the Navy has provided me with for a few years of my life. I'm almost done with my electrical engineering degree thanks to them.

    Have a good one!

  54. Human lifespan is finite. Time is precious, especially when you're young and healthy. We are biologically wired to compete with others for resources and superior genetic traits of the opposite sex. On the social level, it is status. Telling people that they have spent a precious portion of their time believing in a bunch of bull* tends to produce these defensive knee-jerk reactions, as you are challenging their own sense of self-worth.

    Telling a Muslim radical that their comrades blowing themselves up accomplished nothing except for 3 seconds of screen-time, and that no virgins await them on the other side, would be one example.

    Telling vets who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq (not caring for the big picture, believing in the system,i.e. serving) that their were just disposable pawns send to foreign soil to steal their resources, an act that history 50 years from now might well portray as acts of barbaric imperial aggression of a dying empire, would be another.

    Cold facts - constantly challenged and updated based on environment variables, evaluated inside one's head - will ALWAYS trump beliefs, promises and wishful thinking in the long run.

  55. Oliver Stone didn't direct Full Metal Jacket, Stanley Kubrik did.

  56. Conclusion: Ready for war. We will always need the military and have the bigger stick. Anyone who wants to join the military then more power and respect to them, I am even wanting to join myself. But it is every Americans job to make sure we have a good government. If making a difference is so important to everyone then lets prove it. It all starts with the actions and voice of the people... power in numbers.

    The sheep separated from the flock is eaten by the wolf.
    Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.
    Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean... strength in numbers.

  57. Stop watching movies, shut your trap, get off your ass and get out if you hate it that much. You discredited anything you may have had the first time u said movie, or I think or I heard. Dumbass.

  58. I agree with you sir we do need soldiers and a strong military but not at the disposal of men who put greed before human life.
    Together we are strong but in a world where the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer, thus eliminating the middle class.
    Where most of the younger generation is more interested in celebrities and new music videos.
    Where the govt. and the people have separated.
    Where the govt. has the power to imprison a citizen without jury, trial, or conviction.
    Where the power hungry people in control have the tools and resources to destroy anyone who gets in their way (Nukes, Food and Water Population Control, Ignorant Police Force, Chemical Warfare, Drones, Marshall Law, NDAA)
    Where destroying our freedom due to new laws being passed, camera's being installed on every corner, recording private phone calls, and now police will soon have the use of drones on our soil.
    What Chance do we have?

    I fear one day we won't be worrying about people coming in to our country but perhaps trying to leave. This fear of course is an opinion in which I'm entitled too for now...

  59. This is my view on it:

    Obedience to God. The Bible says that God’s servants would “beat their swords into plowshares” and not “learn war anymore.”—Isaiah 2:4.

    Obedience to Jesus. The apostle Peter was told by Jesus: “Return your sword to its place, for all those who take the sword will perish by the sword.” (Matthew 26:52) Jesus thus showed that his followers would not take up weapons of warfare.

    Jesus’ disciples obey his command to be “no part of the world” by remaining strictly neutral in political matters. (John 17:16) They do not protest against military actions or interfere with those who choose to serve in the armed forces.

    Love for others. Jesus commanded his disciples to “love one another.” (John 13:34, 35) They would thus form an international brotherhood in which no member would ever wage war against his brother or sister.—1 John 3:10-12.

    The example of early Christians. The Encyclopedia of Religion and War states: “The earliest followers of Jesus rejected war and military service,” recognizing those practices as “incompatible with the love ethic of Jesus and the injunction to love one’s enemies.” Likewise, German theologian Peter Meinhold said of those early disciples of Jesus: “Being a Christian and a soldier was considered irreconcilable.”

    It's plain and simple. I am not judging anybody that decides to join, I am just sharing my opinion on what I believe and what the bible is saying.

  60. I disagree with this whole article, the military is not stupid, and joining the military is not stupid. Your history is different from mine (I'm French) though I know pretty well all the American history etc. So looking back for example at the WWII, we realize that BECAUSE we were not prepared military-wise, because we did not have obligatory military service or volunteers, we lost, and drastically : 5 weeks it took the Germans to beat us to the ground.
    It's only in these types of situations that we are grateful to have soldiers, who are actually gonna go out there and fight, FOR US. Sure, in this article you're talking about Iraq and everything, completely different of course, but that doesn't make a soldier "dumb". Your ingratitude is phenomenal.

    Also, your point 2 is drastically false. Love is not about your physique. I know people who got married and have no arms, or no legs SINCE THEY WERE BORN. We're not talking about lust here, we're talking about LOVE. make the difference.

    So when somebody attacks your hometown, I guess no soldiers will need to actually go and save you...

    1. I can't even begin to say how much I love you for this comment. Thank you!

    2. Sorry Ray C,
      But for a Frenchman, you are highly ignorant and narrow minded. French men are usually smarter than you. Perhaps the trash liberal degenerate culture of America has destroyed the French youth too. If so, that's sad. You should not follow the bad ways of America.

      First, the French got easily run over by the Nazis in WWII because they were smart. They did not want to fight and lose millions of lives for nothing again, like they did in WWI. They learned their lesson and they were smart. All they had to do was wait out the war and they'd have their own republic back.

      I am not wrong about women. I am RIGHT. YOU are the one that's WRONG. Women want healthy strong men to raise children with. That's their nature. That's evolutionary biology. Everyone knows this. Therefore, they are not going to choose handicapped men to marry. Maybe French women aren't as shallow, but American women are, for sure.

      Go see the movie "Born on the Fourth of July" directed by Oliver Stone. It's based on a true story. After Tom Cruise's character becomes crippled, he cannot get any love at all and goes down to Mexico to visit prostitutes.

      What does it matter if soldiers invade my home town or not? There is always government and authority, either from your local area or from a foreign power. What's the difference? Very little. In any government, as long as you don't break any laws, they will leave you alone.

      Also, you French people were STUPID for helping America win the Revolutionary War just to get back at England. America would have been better off under British rule. The British are far more sane and civilized. The treat blacks better, were the first to free slaves, and they treated the American Indians better too. Under British rule, blacks and Indians would have been treated better. Nor horribly by the Americans.

      Plus America would have national healthcare, like all other industrialized nations that are saner. Also, British people are more real, down-to-earth and authentic. Not fake, arrogant and toxic like Americans. That's for sure. Under British rule, Americans might be more real and down-to-earth as well. As it is, America is the king of bullshit and fakery. There are more crazies and delusional people in America than anywhere else in the world.

      Now America has become a super arrogant greedy nation that thinks it owns the world. And it is the BIGGEST THREAT to freedom in the world. All because the stupid French helped America win independence from Britain to become the world's biggest bully and empire. Very bad mistake. TERRIBLE MISTAKE.

      The French people were angry about it too. That's why they had their king and queen executed during the French Revolution. They wasted money and resources helping America win independence for no good reason. That was a STUPID MISTAKE by the French.

      Now America is super arrogant and thinks it owns the world and punishes other nations with the CIA if they don't comply. See what you did? You let loose an uncontrollable monster that now thinks it owns the world.

      Is that stupid or what? So you should not be talking.

      You are the most ignorant Frenchman I've ever met.

    3. Also Ray, the US military is not an honorable institution. There is no honor in America anymore. It's a soulless country with no culture, no soul, no human connection, no humility, no authenticity, etc. It's a pure consumerist culture with nothing to live for. Who would want to serve a country like that? The USA is not a real country even, it's a corporation. That's been documented.

      Come to America and you will see how empty and soulless it is compared to France. Why would anyone want to serve such a soulless empty culture like that? Think about it. You will appreciate France more if you come to America and see how insane it is.

      When you serve the US military, you are basically an attack dog for the corporate elite. You are not serving your country. The ruling elite in America also rule in secret behind the shadows. They always LIE to the American people. At least kings and monarchs ruled out in the open and were more honest with their people. Why would you want to serve an elite that hides from you and lies to you about everything? Think about it.

  61. You are an idiot. That is all i can really say. You use movies for validation for christ sake.
    I really just don't know what to say, but I will tell you that there are people in the military that would make a better argument then you.
    FYI you may want to actually know what you are talking about next time. You come of as either some butt hurt moron that spends his time hating the military; someone that has old world views, what you said about females wasn't accurate and was sexist; or you come off as someone you the military rejected and now you are taking your anger out.

    1. You are wrong. Everything I've said is true and logical. And the movies I cited are very good movies that are very realistic too. Watch them and you will see. Also see "Legends of the Fall" with Brad Pitt. In it, his brother just got married and is happy with his family and new wife. Then he goes off to fight in WWI by his own choices and ruins everything. And he causes havoc in his family too. All because of his stupid decision to go fight in WWI.


    1. What are you 12 years old? You are a typical hot headed military moron. Look at him losing his temper. Ah ha ha ha ha ha. I love it. Free health care!!! Yeah well don't get to used to that because have you read the news lately? Your V.A. is corrupt. Why would you want to fight for them? Would you want to work for a co. that does that to their employees. You people just love free health care as long as it's not for people who aren't in the military. By the way. How are these people stopping me from getting bombed and protecting my freedom? We lost Vietanam, Korea etc and we still have freedom.. So explain please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Yeah and you can also get free health care by living abroad. All industrialized nations outside the US provide national healthcare. Everyone is covered. Only insane countries like the US don't. Best idea is to go abroad to live in a SANER country.

  63. I joined because I had no money; I was broke, I couldn't afford college, and nothing else would hire me; im telling you, I cant wait to get out and be a civilian; army is one of the biggest hypocrites I have ever come across; soldiers chant how they are supposed to protect the constitution of the united states, and yet they allow our government to erode the American people's rights day by day lol fuck that hypocrisy; how can we soldiers protect freedom if we don't even practice freedom? it would be like telling a communist to defend freedom lol how can a communist defend freedom? lol he doesn't even practice freedom himself/herself lol

    1. Right on brother. Same reasons I joined (enlisted not commissioned) the military despite having a BA. I can I lead when I myself don't believe in what this evil government does the people of the world? I'm gonna stack this cash and GTFO the US for good. Best of luck to you and your endeavors, stay strong.

  64. Hey check this out.

    When you go to Google and type "reasons not to join the military" my article with 20 reasons comes up at the very top.

    Here are some other hits that come up about reasons not to join the military. They are pretty good.

    9 Reasons Not To Join the US Military

    One Excellent Reason Not to Join the Military: You May be Ordered to Kill Civilians

    Oh and here is a shill webpage from the US military website about why you shouldn't join the military. It's full of BS. I can't believe they put that up there to try to use reverse psychology.


  65. Check this out. The media acknowledges that there is a suicide epidemic among veterans of the Iraq war.



    And check out this suicide note from an Iraq veteran. It's very sad and moving.


  66. Winston, I support you. I am in the military but I joined for economic reasons despite my personal beliefs. I am a very liberal minded person; a xenophile to the max. I feel very isolated in this artificial setting known as military life.
    Just finished a deployment to A-stan and this has caused me despise the US government, US Armed Forces, and NATO even more. It's all a farse, one of the greatest lies fed to the West in the beginning of this century - the War on Terrorism. The world of 1983 is becoming a reality.
    Right after deployment, I said screw you losers and took a flight to Korea, onwards to Mongolia and then Russia. It was one of the most eye opening and fulfilling experiences I had in my life during that month. I connected with so many people and the women (esp. in Russia) were so inviting and kind that I was suspicious at first. My first day in Red Square, I fell in love with a Kalmyk women whom I kissed passionately for the rest of that day.
    The Russian people opened up to me and spoke to at great lengths of the collective Russian soul, their history and culture; our shared disdain of the US government. I communicate at a basic level in Russian and this helped me tremendously in connecting with the Russian people.
    Even in Mongolia, the people were very welcoming although I could not understand much if any of the Mongolian language, but I now determined to learn it. The women were pleasant and the men very welcoming; I felt they were my brothers, as we drank vodka, arm wrestled, talked about family and watched traditional Mongol sports on the TV. The food was REAL; from the land and prepared with pride and soul.
    Now that I am back in America, back into the Matrix, it's hard to cope. I have been back only 5 days now and have been self-medicating with booze because I have shitty coping mechanisms. There is no soul here, no true connection, and military life lives to stomp out the individual in you. I am greatly saddened to be back here. All I can do is put all of my strengths towards preparing for a long life abroad after the military. I will not support this country any more after this. I only pray that these NCO's and Officers don't push me to the edge before I have prepared myself.

    Stay Blessed Winston

    1. KimChee,
      I experienced the same thing in Russia. The people were very authentic, passionate, and allowed me to be myself. There was no fake culture or fakeness that I had to conform to like in the US. I was free and liberated to be me. The biggest freedom is the "freedom to be yourself". That's what I experienced in Russia.

      The women and culture were amazing too. They were friendlier than any I had ever met. So open and authentic. And so feminine too. They were not paranoid and antisocial like in America. There was real soul, culture and connection in Russia. You realize that America was not a free country after all, since you feel freer in Russia.

      When I came back to America, I went into reverse culture shock and became depressed. It's because once you experience an authentic culture, you don't want to go back to a fake culture again. Your authentic self screams NO because it doesn't want to try to go back to being fake again. Fake cultures suppress you. That's why America does not feel like a free country.

      You should join my forum and express your views and experiences.



    2. Pretty sure it's illegal to be in the military and talk shit about the military. Garbage. You signed the papers you worthless baby

  67. Some more anti-military articles.

    How to convince your child not to go to war

    Recruiting Lies vs. Military Reality

  68. Another important point for you all to consider:

    The US military is not an honorable institution. There is no honor in America anymore. It's a soulless country with no culture, no soul, no human connection, no humility, no authenticity, etc. It's a purely fake consumerist culture with nothing to live for. Who would want to serve a country like that? The USA is not a real country even, it's a corporation. That's been documented and proven.

    Why would anyone want to serve such a soulless empty culture like that? Think about it.

    When you serve the US military, you are basically an attack dog for the corporate elite. You are not serving your country.

    The ruling elite in America also rule in secret behind the shadows. They always LIE to the American people. At least kings and monarchs ruled out in the open and were more honest with their people. Why would you want to serve an elite that hides from you and lies to you about everything? Think about it.

    1. You are literally walking talking garbage..

  69. Nobody cares about stupid American liars and we all know after the fall of america china shall rise and together the Chinese Japanese and Russians will rule the world!hahahahahahahahahahahaha

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  75. "What does it matter if soldiers invade my home town or not? There is always government and authority, either from your local area or from a foreign power. What's the difference? Very little. In any government, as long as you don't break any laws, they will leave you alone."

    Are you Fu*king kidding me? Have you seen the savages of non-westernized countries? Lynching people in the street, decapitating people in broad daylight around children. Yeah let's get taken over and the new Govt. will just leave me alone most likely.

    "Go see the movie xxxxx"

    Really? All your facts are based on movies. Oliver Stone's JFK was exciting, but things were stretched to make a better movie. There was never a magic bullet. They did autopsies to test all theories. Oswald never said he was a "Patsy", he was similar to you. He ranted constantly and tried to find solace in like minds. Especially people in Russia since he believed the writings of Karl Marx most likely. He was actually deported from Russia, never able to return.

    Some of your points are valid. Iraq was pointless and unlawful, but our boys had the balls to do what they could. Are there bad apples? There are in any group. The Govt. shouldn't send young kids with minimal training away from home for so long. The bad apples are mostly young infantryman, mostly from the mid-west and the south without a lot of cultural experience.

    You have minor freedoms taken away in any job. If you work in a factory you can't just do what you want whenever you want right? I doubt you understand that. I'd bet a good percentage of my paycheck, (self-employed in a free country) that you are unemployed and living with your parents, watching DVDs and playing video games all day.

    But luckily we haven't been taken over by another country who supposedly will let YOU do what you want as long as you're not breaking the law. Otherwise you could be killed for posting this.

    I know how this all started.................
    Men. I need you to scale Douchebag Mountain, and traverse the Douchebag Valley, no matter what it takes. Upon reaching the Douchebag Mecca, tell them we need Mr. Wu. We need a blog written. Yes Sir, moving out.
    And Men,..... I'm sure he's extremely soft so be gentle. Tell his parents you'll bring him back.

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