Thursday, July 1, 2010

Aussie genius Jarrah White defeats NASA Reps in Moon Hoax Debate with his Moonfaker video series

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The whole Moon Hoax Debate, which I thought had died off long ago, has been revived by this young genius from Australia named Jarrah White who has been kicking butt against NASA representatives such as Phil Plait of, Jay Windley, the Mythbusters program, and other "NASA Propagandists" as he calls them, in his "Moonfaker" video series on YouTube.

Jarrah White, who calls himself "The Grandson of the Apollo Moon Hoax Theory" (taking up the crusade of the late Bill Kaysing) is something you have to see to believe. He's the best Moon Hoax debater I've ever seen. His arguments and reasoning are thorough and scholarly. Everything he says is sourced and documented. He has documents on everything, even stuff from way back into the 60's. And he even performs scientific experiments, when he can, to back up and illustrate his arguments, showing and explaining each step to the viewer. Thus, he doesn't just make arguments, he SHOWS you the scientific facts and results through experiments right in front of you.

In his videos, he has unmasked critical errors and omissions of Phil Plait, the Mythbusters, and others. They are absolutely brilliant. I've never seen a young guy who is so thorough and logical against the establishment. His videos are all very professionally produced and his presentation is very professional as well. They are something you have to see to believe.

Here is his YouTube Channel where you can find his "Moonfaker" video series. He has hundreds of videos on the Moon Hoax and a few other topics.

Here are some episodes of his Moonfaker series. In this 3 part segment, he shows an untouched flag waving on the moon, where there is no air. Then he cites the Lunar Journal's 6 speculative explanations for the moving flag and debunks them all, with simple experiments, precendents and deduction.

MoonFaker: The Flags are Alive

Here he shows you EXACTLY WHY the Lunar Module on the moon must have had a blast crater under it, contrary to NASA defenders' explanations to the contrary. All the math, science and documented experiments by NASA and other organizations is shown to you in full detail, in a five part video series.

MoonFaker - No Crater

In this one, he gets to the bottom of the debate about whether the "C" rock in a moon photo right next to the "C" on the ground, is an original or the same photo with the "C" airbrushed out is, and whether it is a piece of hair or a marker. By simple research and deduction, Jarrah White shows that the NASA defenders are wrong and supporting an obvious cover up.

MoonFaker - Rocks and Crocks

In this funny one, he explains how in theory the astronauts should have been able to jump 14 feet in the air, according to NASA's calculations, yet the Apollo astronauts usually only jumped 20 inches off the ground, and why NASA's defenders' explanations for this do not fit.

MoonFaker - One Giant Leap

Here's another thoroughly researched one. Here he takes some famous photographs with lighting oddities and performs tedious experiments to see if NASA defenders' explanations hold up. In it, he even exposes deceit and factual errors by the Mythbusters program.

MoonFaker - Reflect on this

In this series, he dissects the moon rocks arguments, laser reflector arguments, and ham radio arguments

Exhibit D

There's more at his channel, including many videos dissecting and scrutinizing the recent LRO aerial photos of the moon, which seem to be far less accurate than even Google Earth is.

LRO Series

His Flagging the Gems series are also a must see. They reveal damning info that you have never seen before:

In a recent one, he even boldly confronts NASA representative and Astronomer Phil Plait himself at the annual "Amazing Meeting" (for pseudoskeptics) in Las Vegas and tries to question him on camera. In response, Plait ran away in fear. Logic would tell you that if Plait really believed the truth was on his side, he would have stood up to White and tried to refute him point by point if he really thought that White was wrong. The fact that Plait reacted with fear and retreated is very telling and indicative of someone with something to hide who does not live "in the light". Later, in front of a whole audience crowd of pseudoskeptics, White stood up and asked some critical unanswered questions that NASA had avoided for many years, which took a lot of guts and got him in the news. You gotta admire him for that, as very few people would stand up to a large crowd for the truth like that. Check it out here:

The only folks who won't like such videos are establishment defenders who mistakenly believe that "authority = truth" and worship "status quo and orthodoxy" as their Lord and God, and believe that one should never question authority.

Remember folks, a true skeptic is willing to challenge authority and orthodoxy, and apply his critical thinking and skepticism in that direction. Those who absolutely cannot are not skeptics, they are establishment defenders. Randi, Shermer, CSICOP, the folks, the Mythbusters, Penn and Teller, and the skeptics on my SCEPCOP forum are establishment defenders, not true skeptics.

These establishment defenders were taught in high school that "authority = truth" and therefore is never to be questioned, and that doing and believing what you're told leads to reward, while the opposite leads to punishment. They are unable to free themselves of their programming and conditioning, so in that sense, they are not "freethinkers".