Monday, September 22, 2008

Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra: Are they hypocrites?

An interesting critical review I found:

A Critical Perspective on Wayne Dyer

The article above makes some good points. Why do such wonderful and wise New Age gurus who want to transform lives make their teachings only available to the wealthy? Why not make them affordable to the poor too? Gee, I'm sure there's no ulterior motive in that. (sarcastic)

The same goes for Deepak Chopra. What's hypocritical is that both Dyer and Chopra teach the abandonment of one's ego and promote non-materialist values, yet they both charge thousands of dollars to appear in public seminars, and their books sell for an average of around $30 each! Definitely not for the poor or those on a tight budget. Anyone can see in their PBS seminars that the studio audience members appear to be upper middle class and above.

Isn't that ironic?

Could it also be that their "thought creates reality" teaching sells to the upper class because it allows them to take credit for their riches and status, whereas such concepts do not sell to the poor who have a more practical view of reality?

Fascinating. (as Spock would say)

Perhaps what they teach only works in making the rich feel better about themselves, but doesn't offer anything of use for the poor or struggling class who deal with harsh everyday realities. After all, it's easy to those with sheltered lives to sit, meditate and try to "manifest abundance" when they already have it. And it's easier for the rich to "create reality" with their "thoughts" than it is for the poor, because they already have the resources to "manifest their reality" of course.

Nevertheless, many poor people believe in the "thought creates reality" concept as well (e.g. pot smoking hippies, alternative/holistic-oriented youngsters, etc.)

But what I can't figure out is why Deepak Chopra is successful. With Wayne Dyer, it's understandable, because he's charming, personable, charismatic, and has a likable endearing persona as well as a gentle tender father figure image. And he's easy to follow, his voice captivates you and his personality is engaging. But Chopra's voice is dry, dull and monotone. And his personality is not engaging, captivating or charismatic. In fact, there are millions of well read spiritualists in India just like him with the exact same knowledge. So there is no logical reason why Chopra should be successful or famous in his field.

Nevertheless, neither of them seem to be good at logic or common sense. For instance, they can't answer these simple 15 questions of mine about the "thought creates reality" teaching, which are never addressed in their books and seminars. Using simple everyday examples, I show in these questions why their core teaching falls flat on its head.

Perhaps they aren't as interested in "truth" as they would have you think. Perhaps they too are only interested in what "sells". Thus they are prone to the same human frailties as you and I. So perhaps we should not put them up too high on the pedestal.